Mickey’s Halloween Party Expands to 17 Nights with Return of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, September 11 – November 1

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration continues into Halloween Time when the season begins again September 11, with the addition of the new “Paint the Night” parade during the expanded 17 nights of Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland park!

In addition to the popular Halloween Time seasonal attractions, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, Mickey Mouse and his friends in Halloween costumes, the Dia de los Muertos celebration and the special after-hours Mickey’s Halloween Party (a separate, ticketed event), guests will also be able to enjoy the new nighttime spectaculars that are the signature of our 60th anniversary celebration – “Disneyland Forever” fireworks, “Paint the Night” parade and “World of Color – Celebrate!” as well as special sparkling Halloween decor in honor of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration.

Please note: This year, Mickey’s Halloween Party will include “Paint the Night” parade and “Halloween Screams” fireworks. Mickey’s Costume Party cavalcade will not be featured this year; “Disneyland Forever” fireworks will be presented on non-party nights.

You can purchase your Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets early – and on your mobile device – here. Be sure to mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • July 22: Tickets on sale to Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders, Disney Rewards Visa card holders and Disney Vacation Club members
  • July 29: Tickets on sale to general public
  • Mickey’s Halloween Party 2015 dates: Friday, Sept. 25; Monday, Sept. 28; Wednesday, Sept. 30; Friday, Oct. 2; Monday, Oct. 5; Wednesday, Oct. 7; Friday, Oct. 9; Monday, Oct. 12; Wednesday, Oct. 14; Friday, Oct. 16; Monday, Oct. 19; Thursday, Oct. 22; Friday, Oct. 23; Sunday, Oct. 25; Tuesday, Oct. 27; Thursday, Oct. 29; and Saturday, Oct. 31

Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog and Disneyland.com/Halloween for more updates on Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort and Mickey’s Halloween Party, and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #HalloweenTime.


  • Hi Erin,
    I had purchased our Halloween ticket on July 28, and I was wondering how do we get our tickets? Do we get an e-mail or do they send it to our home address? I had called Disneyland ticket and purchased it through them.

  • Hi! so I’m planning to visit Disneyland on October 15th-21th my concern is that if there will be the show Fantasmic during Halloween season.

  • I am an AP holder and purchased Mickey’s Halloween tix for me and my son. We have family/friends joining us. If they do not purchase Halloween party tix will they have to leave the park? Does the park close early and all guests must leave and then re-enter? How does it work?

  • Hi, I have a question, does Space Mountain stay decorated as Ghost Galaxy during the whole Halloween time event(9/11-11/1) or only during the after hours Mickey trick or treat party? We will be there for the weekend so we may have to ride it during the day since parts of our costumes may make it difficult to ride during the after hours party.

  • Hello. Will they have the pirate makeover for the kids this year? My son is finally old enough and really wants to do it. He’s obsessed with POTC!

  • Will Fantasmic be showing during the week on non-party nights? We are making a once in a lifetime trip to DL in October and want to avoid the weekends, as all the tips say the weekends are much more crowded. There are parties on all the Friday evenings. Two nights a week to show Fantasmic doesn’t seem like enough.

  • Hi Erin!
    This is our first Halloween visit and it is 9/14-9/18. I’m curious as to whether we will see Villains and if the characters will be in costume even though the parties haven’t started yet?

  • How does this event affect Premium Pass Holders? I’m planning a trip wed-sat with my family, two of us have Premium Passes and two do not. Would we all have to purchase event passes on both Wednesday and Friday in order to experience the full hours of the park or would general tickets be discounted since the park would be closing early?

  • Today is July 28, I am a Disney Visa Card member, I’d called the Disneyland ticket phone number and it took me only 5 minutes..I’m so glad that I didn’t try to purchase it on July 22 or July 29 and be on hold for almost an hour. This is going to be my first year attending Mickey’s Halloween Party and I was starting to panic and wonder how fast the tickets were going to be sold out. Glad I was being patience and waited. Now, I’m so excited to bring my kids. Can’t wait until October..

  • With nights that Disneyland will close to the general public, will DCA still be open?

  • Is there a printable event map for Mickey’s Halloween Party 2015, yet? If there IS, I would love the link! I NEED TO GET PLANNING!!! 🙂

  • On non party days will the Diamond Mad T Party still be going on during Sept. 14-18?

  • Erin-will the Halloween Carnival be returning? And if not will the Villians have a meet somewhere else?
    -Will the Toontown preparty be running this year?

  • This is great news! We’ll be there in October, and we are part of the very few that aren’t really interested in attending the Halloween Party. However, we really wanted to have a chance to see Paint the Night and the Disneyland Forever Fireworks.

    Thank you for making these attractions available on more dates to celebrate the 60th Anniversary!

  • Erin Glover…
    Im seeing in the first few days of Sept that Fireworks and Paint the night are showing nightly during weekdays,although a full schedule is not showing yet.
    Is that why you said “not including Sept 10th” in your posts as both shows are going to be showing nightly for all of Sept, and possibly throughout this year?

  • Anissa – they are not sold out yet, but you have to call they don’t sell them online for the 31st Halloween.

  • We as pass holders went online yesterday to purchase our tickets and Noticed that Halloween day says not available! Are they already sold out or do they go on sale when general public can purchase as well?

  • Just got Disney Visa cardholder tickets for October 19. Waited 35 minutes on hold, but transaction only took 3 minutes once my call was answered. Had a very friendly sales agent and was pleased to get the date I needed. So excited!

  • Sarah – They’re calling 714-781-4400. The reason you’re getting the tones and disconnections is because the phone lines are being flooded with too many calls at the same time. The best thing to do is to just wait until later — or even tomorrow — and try again. The tickets won’t sell out that quickly. 🙂

  • @Sarah, (714) 781-4400. That’s effectively the same number as (714) 781-4565. Or, if calling say the Walt Disney Travel Company and navigating the menus for ticketing, you end up at the same ticketing department. All these will land you into the same department.

    The first number is what is shown on the Chase web site regarding Disney’s current limited-time offers. The latter number is what is shown on Disneyland’s own web site for ticketing.

  • What phone number are people using to get through? I keep trying, but every single time the line gives me four “busy” tones and then disconnects.

  • My wife spent 75 minutes waiting on the phone to get the tickets for 10/31 this morning. I got on chat around 9:45 and they said if we wanted to get the 10/31 tickets, we needed to call. Fortunately, she was already on hold. She dialed about 85 times before she got through. The purchase took less than 5 minutes once she got on the line with someone. Frustrating!

  • Finally got threw hold time was less then an Hr. Hope everyone gets their tickets

  • Rachel — It happens every year! Lol. I don’t know if Chat is offline every year on this date, but there is always a flurry of activity, delays and confusion when the tickets first go on sale. It is simply just because so many people are trying to order at the same time (either online or on the phone), and a lot of people are also calling Disneyland just to ask questions about details they’re not clear on, even if they’re not yet ordering tickets.

  • 1hr 15 min hold time, and also got our tickets via the Visa card pre-order. Phew!

  • I guess I will try to order Halloween tickets tomorrow. I don’t think they will sell out today. I feel bad for the people that need other assistance. I can’t even get though the other numbers and chat is offline as well. Disney is working overtime. LOL Did this happen last year?

  • Does anyone have an ETA of when the website will be showing tickets for 10/31 or are they already sold out?

  • Hold time for me was 1hr 20min, got my tickets! Cast member was very nice and quick. Can’t imagine what their day has been like today. =) As someone else posted there is a $5 processing fee for purchasing on the phone but you do get your discount today when using your Disney Visa. That was a nice surprise for me. Can’t wait for Oct! Hot Diggity Dog!

  • People complaining about the long wait times. Yes there’s over a million season passholders, fans like you! Sometimes it takes a while 😉 Patience it’ll happen!

  • I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes so far, and after reading these comments I’m feeling quite discouraged. For a company that has raised prices yet again you would think they could adequately staff their phone lines on days like today when there is a guarantee for a high volume of calls!

  • I am located in Los Angeles and called right at 8am and was able to get through. I guess I was lucky. The CM told me that I was her first call of the day. She did put me on hold to make sure that the tickets were in the system. They were. I ordered 4 tickets and was told they would be sent to me in an unmarked envelope in September. I’m kind of bummed there was an additional charge for processing and shipping. The tickets were expensive enough. But oh well, my daughter will have the time of her life.

  • Finally got through after being on hold 1 hour & 40 minutes for the AP line. Told rep I couldn’t purchase tickets for 10-31. She had to put me on hold and check with IT. Apparently they are going to fix the website so AP’s can purchase online. She allowed me to purchase on the phone BUT I had to pay a $5 handling fee. Not exactly fair. So it cost me $5 for almost 2 hours of my time because of their error??? Not magical at all. Yes I could wait until the website is fixed but after being on hold for that long I wasn’t getting off the phone without tickets!

  • For the future, Disney really should allow anyone with the ability to pre-order, to do so online. Now getting solid busy signals over the past 10 minutes.

  • I’ve been on hold for 25 mins…still waiting. The 31st is not available to me as Premier Passport holder.

  • Guys — As I posted last night, the phone lines may jam up, or you may be on hold for a long time. There may be some glitches on the website for AP holders trying to order. Something like this happens every year — because so many people are frantically trying to get tickets at the same time, thinking that the tickets are going to sell out in minutes if they don’t. It’s probably a bit better if you wait a few hours and then try to get tickets. They’re not going to sell out that quickly.

    Give it time, and don’t panic or fret if you can’t get through right away — you’ll be able to get your tickets, but you may encounter some glitches on the road to getting them. 🙂

  • Yesterday when I called the representative told me to call after 10 or 1030 so by then the tickets sell would be in the computer. Hope this helps

  • I can’t even get through to be put on hold. =(

  • I have been trying to get through for about an hour and the line is busy. What am I doing wrong!!

  • On the website it states that passholders need to show a valid pass with the ticket since it is discounted price. The night I am going there is no discount…everyone pays the same amount. What if I want to buy a ticket for a family member that is not a passholder. Does it really make a difference when the ticket is bought since the only advantage is buying it one week early.

  • I got through after an hour for Disney Visa Card holders and ordered 2 tickets, they did not ask who they were for, even though my and the wife are going. They took me off hold 2 minutes before the Visa Card program opened up at 8am Pacific Time and hung on the phone with me till 8. Super excited

  • Been on hold on the AP line for 58 minutes! Has anybody found out why 10-31 isn’t showing available for purchase to Premium AP’s? I know there isn’t an AP discount for that night, but we should still be able to purchase before it’s open to everyone.

  • Has anyone been able to get through and talk to a customer service representative? I’ve been calling for the past 45 minutes and can’t get through.

  • So I also logged into my Chase account and went to the limited offers. There is no where to purchase tickets. Still on hold, it has almost been an hour. Very disappointed with this service right now. This wait time is horrible.

  • I believe AP holders need to log in to the web site and order there. This is verbiage on the special events page of the Disneyland tickets section: “General admission tickets go on sale July 29, 2015, while signed-in Annual Passholders can purchase special pre-sale tickets now!”

    I wouldn’t think you can purchase tickets for others. The benefit of the pre-order is reverved for AP holders, Disney Vacation Club members, and Disney Visa cardholders.

    FYI… A cast member finally answered my call (hold for 50 minutes)… but the tickets are not yet in their system. I was told to call back in an hour.

  • 48 minutes – This is worse than the IRS

  • I was on hold for 45 min and was just told to call back in an hour because they do not have the disney visa cardholder tickets loaded yet. Seriously??!!

  • I’ve been on hold for 44 minutes.
    @Ricky…I just mean that it continues to change my time to east coast time so someone should be able to respond to us officially!

  • @iilene: you are limited to up to 8 tickets. They didn’t ask me who I was buying them for.

  • Has anybody gotten any tickets. I am still on hold it has been over 40 minutes now.

  • I’ve been on hold for 36 minutes. Super fun. Does anyone know if I am allowed to purchase Halloween party tickets for family members who are not passholders?

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