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Moms Panel Monday: Traveling With Multiple Generation Families to Walt Disney World Resort

Traveling to Disney Parks with multiple generations is a magical experience for everyone in the family. One of our resident grandparents on the Disney Parks Moms Panel regularly visits with her large family including her children, grandchild and her mother, so we asked for her recommendations on how to make the most of a trip with extended family. She offers some great tips like booking bigger resort villas and suites that allow everyone to sleep in the same room, memorable experiences like character dining that everyone can enjoy as a group, and even taking some time to split up into smaller groups (hello, date night for mom and dad)! Check out Anne’s video below for all six tips for having a grand adventure at Walt Disney World Resort.


  • All great points!! We travel with usually 15 people and adhere to all of those. In 2016 it will be extra special as we will have 5 generations represented! My Grandma down to my Great Niece who will be 2!!! Add to that my wife’s family and more friends! One that I will add to the list, for those traveling with little ones that Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents will want to do stuff with, pick out what you want tod do with them for their first time and let it be known! Especially when you have more than one set of Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles going to be there!

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