New ‘Decades’ (1965-1974) Merchandise Debuts at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for the next release in the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration “Decades” collection! Not too long ago, I shared the art that would appear during the celebration, but here’s your first look at some of the merchandise featuring the 1965–1974 artwork. Be sure to check out the new collection starting July 30 at select locations throughout the Disneyland Resort. Tip: If you haven’t had a chance to collect the first set of items in the “Decades” program, there’s still time. But don’t wait – items are in limited supply.


Before I go, I have a few other reminders for you. If you have been collecting the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration pressed coins, be sure to pick up the newest ones featuring the “Decades” art at World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District!

I know that many of you were hoping to participate in the Looking for Mickey Quest. So, I wanted to make sure to tell you that the Looking for Mickey Quest has been extended. Be sure to join in the fun today!

And because I’m on a roll, how about a sneak peek? Here’s a look at one of the final pieces of art in the “Decades” series. Is it the last one? You’re going to have to watch and see. Tip: If you are attending D23 EXPO 2015, look for a tee featuring similar art before it debuts in summer 2016.


Which “Decades” collection are you most excited for?


  • Hi Michelle… I remember reading the same thing that Jeffrey just posted where Mr. Granito made a statement that sounded like the only way to get the opening day decade merch and holiday decade piece was at D23 expo… I may go hunting there but I’m collecting the pin, mug, plate and print for each piece and I’ve heard obtaining special release merchandise can be quite tricky at the expo… Is it possible to confirm if the pin, litho, mug, and plate for the opening day and holiday decade pieces will be available in the park or only at the expo? That would put my mind at ease… However I may still try to get the prints at the expo if I can make it to the artist signing. Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to obtain.

  • Hello. Thanks for the pic of the opening day artwork! I came across an interview online with the artist, Jeff Granito, in which he made the following comment:”The opening day print is the going to be pretty much exclusive to D23 and the only way to get the merchandise in the parks is in a set with other items. They won’t be releasing that as its own collection in the parks.”
    So does this mean that we will not be able to purchase the opening day dessert plate in the parks? Only at D23? Or is he saying it will be available in the parks but only as part of a set with other themed merchandise. I’m so confused and I must have all eight plates!!! Lol.

  • Hi there,
    I am having a heck of a time at DCA and Disneyland finding 60th Anniversary shirts and hats. I was able to find a few shirts at Downtown Disney on a previous trip, but didnt buy them because I thought the parks would have a better selection. I am looking for a 60th shirt in a womans style that looks vintage inspired. Help!

  • Hi Michelle! Do you think they will keep the Quest for Mickey through Labor Day weekend? I really wanted to go at the end of July, but I had already promised my work that I would come in some extra days. And I will be down then for the runDisney weekend. Like Janet, I also would like to know when the Mr. Toad plushie comes out.


  • Michelle, Would you happen to know if the penny press machine that was to be installed in Anna & Elsa’s Boutique been put in place? Thank you.

  • Hi Michelle, two things:

    1) Mary says HI!

    2) When will the next collectible plush be available (and where)? Pinocchio was #1….

  • Regretfully, I won’t be getting to Disneyland this year. Will these Diamond Celebration items be available for sale online orr through D23?

  • How can we make sure to know which 60th Diamond Celebration pennies are new/still current/going away, etc. I remember from a previous post there was a statement of limited time pennies. Will the penny informational maps be updated?

    • Hello Oleg! The only pressed coins related to the 60th that will switch out will be the Decades art pressed coins. These particular pressed coins are only available to get at the machine in World of Disney. The Decades coins change out about every 60 days or so. As for the other 60th related images, coins, etc… they’re all still available and will be throughout the celebration.

  • Michelle, thank you for helping to decide to extend the Mickey Quest. I love finding hidden Mickeys and I look forward to these quests.

  • @suzanna,

    The Anniversary T-shirt is the only thing that has already been offered was offered online only from 7/17 – 7/23.

    Michelle, I know I’m out of questions for the month/year/decade, but, if you have time, would you be able to tell me if the DCA park throw (400007961586) will be re-ordered? I can check with Merch. Guest Services again, but I’ve checked with them before and received two different answers: one yes and one no!

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Jonathan! It looks like that particular park throw is no longer available. Hope that helps.

  • Oh lord!! The artwork for the opening day!!!! This is such an awesome sneak peak. I collect mugs and out of the Decades collection I only liked the artwork for 55-64, so I ran to Disneyland and bought the mug the same day it came out.
    Now I plan on getting the opening day one.

  • Hi Michelle!
    Will you be creating a post for artist signings and similar events for Walt Disney World in August? Is there any other existing resource (calendar?) available that lists this type of information?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hey Kevin! I ran a little bit behind this month, but I have a feeling the Walt Disney World event post will be out in the next day or so. There are quite a few fun releases happening at Walt Disney World Resort in August, so be sure to keep an eye out. You can always double check too.

  • Hi Michelle, when we were at the park on July 17th&18th,so many of the 60th anniversary items released that week sold out the same day.We were told by numerous cast members not to worry because all the items would be available online. This happened at the Emporium, Elias B.& the World of Disney store. From your response to Johnathan, this seems inaccurate. Can you provide correct info? It was disappointing to be there & not even be able to buy an anniv.tshirt and now see items already being resold on eBay, but nothing online thru Disney

    • Hi Suzanna! I’m so sorry for all of the confusion that you experienced in the store locations. We did offer for a very limited time the opportunity to purchase the Birthday Collection t-shirt and Annual Passholder t-shirt. We are still anticipating that certain Diamond Celebration items will be offered online via however there is no specific date set and /or list of items at this time that I know of. I will certainly keep you updated as I learn more.

  • Hi Michelle, Just wanted to say THANK YOU! for all your help and tips for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary merchandise I was reading your posts daily when I was in California I had a wonderful time on July 16th & 17th and best of all I came home with all of the collectibles I wanted your tips for the birthday celebration pins came in very useful! It truly was an amazing day to be in Disneyland on July 17, 2015 and yes I was one of the diehards in line at 2:45 am but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! once again THANK you for your posts on all of the great merchandise I always look forward to that new must have collectible! next trip off to Disney World in Oct. for Food & Wine! Anthony

    • Hi Anthony! I’m really so glad to hear that all of the Merchandise tips and tricks for the 60th helped you out! I still can’t believe that you were here at 2:45a.m. What were you thinking? We have a lot of new and exciting things for Food & Wine, so definitely keep watching! Have fun!

  • Hi Michelle! I was wondering if the 1955-64 Diamond Decades Mug will still be available on Friday as well as the black and white Pinnochio plushie? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Arielle! I think you’ll be in good shape. No need to worry.

  • So, in other words, or rather pictures, 65-74 was clearly the best decade.

    • It has Country Bear Jamboree, Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, what’s not to love?

  • YAAAY! a tee shirt. I wasn’t happy with the ’55-64 shirt(though the artwork was lovely)I’ll have to pop over to Disneyland and buy one when I go to the D23 expo.

    • Hi Deborah! I think you’ll like. It’s a great fit!

  • How long will this merchandise be available? We will be coming May 2016.

    • The Decades collections are available while supplies last. Approximately every 60 days or so a new line debuts themed to a different time span. If you arrive in May 2016, you’ll definitely find something from the Decades Line. The Walt Disney /Opening Day image however, won’t release until probably July.

  • Michelle, I have tons of questions:

    Are they reordering the SHAG 50th deluxe prints?

    Have they resolved the Dumbo manufacturing issue with the $44.95 Disneyland 60th snowglobe, so that I may order it yet?

    Will there be any more men’s clothing being released for the 60th that would have the Disneyland 60 Diamond Celebration logo instead of just the D60?

    Do you know the August date yet for when items will be posted online?

    For placing an order Monday, do you know the SKU for the B. Robinson Enchanted Tiki Room deluxe print?

    Last question: do you HAVE to be a DVC member to purchase ALL items DVC related, or are there some DVC items that everyone can purchase??

    • Hi Jonathan! I’m pretty sure you used up all your questions for the month. HA! Let’s see how well I do! I don’t have answers for everything but will certainly try to update you if I do.

      1. There are no plans to bring in any additional SHAG 50th Anniversary deluxe prints, those were created for his recent appearance at WonderGround Gallery.

      2. In regards to your question about the snow globe featuring Dumbo, if you have already contacted Merchandise Guest Services I’m sure they will let you know when it’s available. If not, it doesn’t hurt to check.

      3. At this time there are no additional Diamond Celebration items from a men’s collection perspective that will debut to my knowledge.

      4. No specific date as to online sales for Diamond Celebration items, as I’m sure you are aware, restrictions on some items were recently lifted so hopefully everyone can obtain items they were looking for.

      5. I’m working on getting you a sku for the Bill Robinson Enchanted Tiki Room deluxe print and will update this accordingly. The deluxe print sku will be as follows: 400009684674. Please remember that you will not be able any items until after the event has taken place.

      In regards to Disney Vacation Club merchandise. Generally a valid DVC membership etc… is required at time of purchase.

      I hope that helped to answer a few of the questions anyway.

  • Do you know how long the Quest has been extended? I’ll be there for the D23 Expo in a few weeks and would love to play!

    • Hey Brittany! As of right now, there is no end date to the Looking for Mickey Quest. We received quite a bit of feedback regarding Guests hoping to play in August, that we hope quantities will still be available for everyone to enjoy!

  • Will there still be a print of it, as well?

    • Hi Christopher! Currently, a deluxe print of it will be available when it debuts, along with other items in the collection.

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