New Pins Debut for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

It’s the summer of sparkle as part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration! So what else do I have to dazzle you with? How about pins? Each month through September new limited edition pins from the Diamond Decades series honoring favorite attractions, characters and icons from past and present will debut. I asked Merchandiser Erin Catalano how the series of twenty-three Diamond Decades pins came about, here’s what she had to say.

“Our Disney Parks see constant change and evolution; we referred to a quote from Walt Disney stating, ‘Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world’ — that single quote sparked the idea for the entire collection.”

Available July 9 will be pins themed to Jungle Cruise, “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” Sleeping Beauty Castle and Storybook Land Canal Boats. Note: Edition sizes on the Diamond Decades pins vary.


Releasing the same day will be the bi-monthly Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder pin themed to “Alice in Wonderland.” Check it out!


On July 16, the Diamond Decades collection continues to grow with limited edition pins themed to King Arthur Carrousel, Main Street, U.S.A., and the Mad Tea Party.


Also being offered on July 16 is the final pin in the Countdown series – a limited release birthday collection logo pin, and a jumbo pin (edition size 1000).*


Pins will be available to purchase on their release dates at the following locations:

*Tip: The Jumbo Pin will only be available to purchase at Little Green Men Store Command and Disney’s Pin Traders. The limited release birthday collection logo pin will also be available to purchase at additional locations other than those listed above, including Emporium and The Star Trader in Disneyland Park; Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure park and World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District.

Please keep in mind wristband distribution guidelines will apply to these releases. Wristbands are distributed near Rainforest Café in the Downtown Disney District around 7 a.m. unless otherwise determined.


  • Hey Michelle – I just came back from the Disneyland resort and purchased a pin that is a Big D with Peter Pan and a diamond on it. Can you tell me how many of that design have been released and when? Also is this design exclusive only Disneyland resort or are different characters being released at different parks around the world? I was online and saw someone selling Belle and Ariel with the same design but I didn’t see it on the Disney Trader pin site. I didn’t think it was real since I could not find it anywhere else online .So far I have purchased Dumbo, Snow White, Jiminey Cricket, Peter Pan and my sister is getting the Alice pin..are those all the ones released so far? Thank you in advance.

  • Will the Pirates of the Caribbean piece of Disney history pin be released at Pin Traders in DowntownDisney on July 23?

  • What is the “bi-monthly Annual Passholder Pin” and how does an Annual Passholder get it?

  • I love your pins. The colors brilliant, designs awesone. One issue. When outlining, the gold is a nice thought, but doesn’t work. There is no distinguishing eyes from face, clothes from background. Everything seems to jumble together. Especially from a short distance you can’t tell one thing from another. Maybe keep with an outlibe that is a little darker. It will help the pin’s character stand out a lot more. I hope to visit before the celebration is over. I gotta work hard, many hours and save so I can visit.

  • Hey Michelle – Hope all is well during this exciting times for Disneyland!! Do you know if I will need a wristband for the Diamond Decades collection limited edition pins themed to King Arthur Carrousel, Main Street, U.S.A., and the Mad Tea Party and for the Birthday Logo Pin? Thanks again for your help in this matter…

  • For the final pin in the Countdown series, how early can we line up? and where?

  • Will regular people be able to purchase the LE pins after the buying period for the people who waited?

    • Yes, they will, however I’m pretty sure a lot of the pins will sell through.

  • I am not interested in the last Countdown Diamond Pin. Do I still need a wristband if going inside Disneyland to get the other pins that will be released that day? Only interested in the decades pin and 60th pins. Will these pins have wristbands issued?

    • Lynda, wristbands are being issued for all of the releases, however as noted above, you will find the birthday collection logo pin (featured in the bottom, middle picture) at other select locations if that’s the only pin you desire.

  • When I went to the 50th anniversary, there were special “I was there..” pins on July 17th. Will there be any special pins for that will debut on July 17th 2015 for the 60th?

    Thank you

    • Bonnie, all of our pins will debut tomorrow, July 16. The birthday collection pin featured in the bottom picture (middle) will most likely be the one pin you will find on the 17th as well.

  • Hi! I will be headed to the park on Thursday and would like to purchase the LE pins. I assume I won’t be able to obtain a wristband because I won’t be there until later in the morning. With that being said, can I buy the pins without the wristband? Or do I have to wait until after 1:00 when the wristband time has ended? Or by then will they most likely be sold out? TIA!

    • Hi Olivia!! Since you won’t be able to make it down for a wristband, I would recommend checking the locations later that morning regarding availability and any potential stand-by queue for pins that remain at 1p.m.

  • If going into Disneyland to get the pins at Little Green Men on July 16th do we have to stop at Rainforest for wristbands first?

    • Yes you do, unless you plan to inquire after 1p.m. as to whether any pins are still available.

  • For the 60th Anniversary June pin release, I arrived at Downtown Disney (near Rainforest Cafe) at 5:30am to wait for a wristband, but I was too late for this. Apparently, in order to wait for a wristband, one had to get a special Little Mermaid character card. These character cards were passed out by cast members the evening/early morning before. I was bummed out by this because there was no information about this posted previously, yet many people were “in the know” about it. How? I’m unsure. A cast member told me that, per the website, “Guidelines are subject to change without notice”. How can I be “in the know”? How do I find out if I need to arrive to Downtown Disney the evening before the pin release (July 15th) to get this character card for the wristband? Any guidance on this front is welcome…I would really like to get the LE diamond pin for July. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    • Hi Christina! I would say you should probably plan to arrive earlier to obtain a placeholder card. As for what time, it’s hard to tell.

  • The Snow White D pin released on 7/9 says its 2 of 12, can u tell me which was th first pin?

    • Hi Veronica! I’m trying to find out for you. I thought that was the first in the series. I’ll update you as soon as I can.

      Update: As it turns out, Jiminy Cricket will be available next month, but in actuality is the first pin in the series. It looks like the releases had to switch. The rest of the pins will be released in order.

  • For Heather (#17), in my experience, any pin requiring a wristband sells out on the day of release. It’s very likely that all of these limited edition (LE) pins will be sold out by 7/25 but it never hurts to ask at the pin shops anyway. I have found a few LE pins that way in the past.

  • Hi ! Will these be available online to buy by any chance ? Thanks !

    • Hi Dillon!
      As of now, the pins will only be available at the Disneyland Resort.

  • Hi there

    I’ve never heard about the wristbands for pins, can someone please explain what it’s all about and what do I need to do.

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Gwen!
      Wristbands are only issued on specific release dates that we typically note on a Disney Parks Blog and/or via the website. Wristbands are generally distributed behind Rainforest Café in the Downtown Disney District around 7a.m. on the day of release. The wristbands issued may vary in color based on the edition sizes of the pins, and/or the location you determine you wish to purchase the items at. Typically if there are several pins being released on one day, the wristband would be valid for the opportunity to purchase the pins until 1p.m. at the designated location that you choose to visit. Does this help?

  • Do you know if there will be additional magnets issued for the 60th anniversary celebration? I like the pins, but I would really like to have some magnets and I don’t care for the magnets I’ve see so far.

    • Hi Linda! We are offering a magnet with the Birthday Collection, debuting on July 16. If I should hear of any other magnets headed your way, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

  • I am new to pin collecting and am very confused by this whole wristband thing. I am will be at Disneyland the weekend of July 25th but now am worried that all the pins will be sold out by then. Can someone please answer these questions:
    1. Will they still be distributing wristbands for pins the weekend of 7/25?
    2. Where and when do I go to get a wristband?
    3. Can I use one wristband to buy several different pins?
    4. Can I use the wristband to buy pins at more than one location?
    5. Are all the Diamond Celebration/Limited Edition pins likely to be completely sold out before I even get to Disneyland?

    • Hi Heather!

      Wristbands are only issued on specific release dates that we typically note on a Disney Parks Blog and/or via the website. Wristbands are generally distributed behind Rainforest Café in the Downtown Disney District around 7a.m. on the day of release. The wristbands issued may vary in color based on the edition sizes of the pins, and/or the location you determine you wish to purchase the items at. Typically if there are several pins being released on one day, the wristband would be valid for the opportunity to purchase the pins until 1p.m. at the designated location that you choose to visit. If you are heading to the resort on July 25, Deborah (#21) is correct, many of the releases for next Thursday, may be gone. But please don’t hesitate to check on the availability of any remaining quantities at the locations (i.e. Little Green Men Store Command, Julius Katz & Sons or Disney’s Pin Traders, among others.

  • Any additional information about the Snow White D pin that came out today? Will this be a monthly release? How many months will it be for? Any word as to which other characters might appear on them? Thanks so much! Really excited about all of the anniversary pins, especially this new series!

    • Hi Stephanie, I’m so sorry about having shown the wrong pin. The actual pin of the month design includes the Gothic Disney “D” with a character and diamond accent. This is a pin of the month series, so a new pin featuring a different character will be released each month. I believe there are twelve in the series and they will released through next July. Look for other releases in the series to feature characters such Jiminy Cricket, Dumbo, Alice, Ariel, and more.

  • If I am planning on buying the pins in the park, will I still need to go to downtown Disney to get a wristband first?

  • I am a newbie to collecting pins and have never been to one of these pin release days! I just wanted to clarify— 1. All of these pins will be sold in the parks (at Little Green Men and Julius Katz)? 2. Do I still need to get a wristband in Downtown Disney if I am planning on buying them in the parks on those days… or will there be a line/wristband process inside the parks?
    Thank you for the info!

    • Hello Jacqueline! Purchasing of pins can vary. Typically when there are limited edition pins that are split to only a few locations, wristbands will be issued and you will be able to select at that point which location you wish to purchase the specific pins at. The wristband at that point allows you the opportunity to purchase the pin until 1p.m. on the day of release. Does that help?

  • Michelle, since Disneyland brought back the Mad T Party for the Diamond Celebration, are there any plans to release Mad T Party merchandise?

  • Can you tell me who is responsible for restricting the Disneyland 60th items for mail orders? Is it Merchandise Guest Services or the Product Developers implementing the restrictions? There are some items that I know have sufficient quantities, but still remain restricted…. When are these restrictions going to be lifted? It’s very frustrating.

    • Charles that is a decision that is made at a higher level. Often it can be because while the items may appear in locations there is limited quantity available and no additional stock available to replenish if it sells out. We’re hoping that on several of the items, restrictions will be lifted soon.

  • Any news yet on the Mickey’s Halloween Party dates? It is getting pretty short notice for those of us that need to travel to LA for it and are waiting on confirmation of dates.

  • That Snow White pin doesn’t look anything like the one shown on the flyer.

    • Hey Melanie!! You are absolutely right! Apparently I gave you a sneak peek for a pin in September (a.k.a. the Snow White above). As it turns out there was a Snow White pin released this morning for the Pin of the Month but it wasn’t this one. I apologize for any confusion. We hope to have the site updated shortly.

  • Michelle, will the silver 60th diamond (the last in the countdown series) be an LE of 3000 as the July release flyer indicates or LE 5000 as it was originally posted when the Countdown series information first debuted? There seems to be conflicting information. Thank you!

    • Hi Julie!
      The last Countdown pin is actually an edition size of 5000. The flyer is incorrect and the teams are working to get it updated.

  • Do you know when Disney will announce Mickey’s Halloween Party dates for 2015?

    • Hey Paul! I think we’re all hoping they will be announcing shortly. I will certainly keep you posted should I hear anything.

  • Arrgh, again with the 16th as opposed to the 17th. Wish we would have known that 16th was more of a “key” date for all this unique and collectible merchandise than the actual anniversary of the 17th, would have planned our time out there differently! For people visiting, just how does this wristband process work for the 16th at downtown Disney? Each family member need one to get a pin or how? NOT shooting the messenger, just venting frustration in finding out all this after trip has been mapped out. Thank you!

  • Thanks! Will it be one wristband for all the pin designs released on the 16th as well?

    • Hey Stacy! The edition sizes for the 16th are slightly different so you might find one or two in that case.

  • Don’t bother following the wristband guidelines. I drove all the way down from Oakland, followed the rules to not line up early. When I arrived it turns out the wristbands were distributed at 2 am. The pin trader manager told me that’s how it goes since they don’t want to disturb the neighbors and there is a disclaimer that everything is subject to change. Customer service isn’t really a Disney value these days 🙁

  • I’m sure there will be an early line of people for that July 17th pin, mostly people planning on reselling it for profit 🙁

  • What time are guest allowed to line up for wristband distribution for the 60th countdown pins?

  • I really wish I was going back to the park soon. I love the Storybook Land and Mad Tea Party pins. I hope I can trade with someone next time I get to the park.

  • How many wristbands (approximately) are distributed for each pin?

    • Stacy, it will actually depend on the edition sizes. However, it’s likely that one wristband will be utilized for all pins being sold tomorrow.

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