Shopper’s Guide to Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Releases in July

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

On July 13-17, be prepared to add more sparkle to your Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise collection. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know before you go shopping at the Disneyland Resort.

July 13

Dooney & Bourke, HARVEYS


Limited Edition Aurora Doll


Disney Dream Collection (Diamond Castle Pendant, Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Castle Necklace)

  • Disneyland park – New Century Jewelry
  • Downtown Disney District – World of Disney Store


July 16

Birthday Collection

  • Disneyland park – Emporium, Star Trader
  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co.
  • Downtown Disney District – World of Disney Store

Limited Edition Pins

July 17

Vinylmation (Crystal Limited Edition, Blind Box, Signs Eachez)

  • Downtown Disney District – D Street (opens at 8 a.m.)

Have you added the Tinker Bell – Disneyland Park Map limited edition cel to your collection yet? This newly released cel is limited to an edition size of 1000 and is available at Disneyana on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland park. Learn more.


Here are a few other things to know before you go: Purchasing limits will apply to Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration and Birthday Collection Merchandise. If you’re curious as to what that entails, items considered limited edition will be limited to two (2) per guest, per day, per item. Open edition items, will be limited to five (5) per guest, per day, per item.

Let us know which shops you plan to visit in the comments below!


  • I am looking for the Minnie Mouse Crystal Headband that retailed for approx $250 (Diamond Collection/black and silver line). I’ve heard that it currently sold out. If so, will more be released and can I order over the phone? I’m going to the park on Oct. 12th but I know they went fast last time and I don’t want to miss out again! Thanks so much!

  • Hello, I have just a general question I hope you can answer or point me in the right direction. The Disney D23 Expo back in 2013 had a fiber optic leather jacket for sale, is this jacket still available somehow someway?
    Thank you

  • Hi, this is more of a general question. My family and I will be at Disneyland the last week of Sept. and we are hoping to see the new fireworks. Any idea if they are doing them everyday for the 60th celebration?

  • Are any of the 60th Anniversary pins going to be available to be purchase on line thru the official pin trading website or only at the park?

  • Could you please provide a link to the Jungle Cruise, StoryBookland and other pins being released today? I found them once, but now lost them!

  • How much are the 2 necklaces? I would love to have a necklace & erring set. Of course in a price range for the ordinary shopper. Not the ones who can pay in the thousands for such things. I think this would have been a big seller. Pins are great but a pair of earrings & a small necklace would have been great. Also a tie tack or tie bar for men, again at a affordable price.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Are there any plans to release a new set of Disney Dollars for 2015?

    Thank you for any information.


  • Hi Michelle! I understand there will be an email to all annual passholders to be sent sometime today, July 16, for the Annual Passholders merchandise where there will be a link and passcode to purchase these items….would you happen to know about when this email will be sent out? Just patiently waiting for it to purchase AP items…thx!

  • Hello, I will not be able to join in the fun at Disneyland’s 60th. Can we order any of the 60th merchandise by phone? I have the WDW Mail Order phone number but not Disneyland. 🙁

  • is there anything happening on july 17. I was at the 50th. special pin and shirt to buy. was in line at 200am is there anything like that going to be happening this friday.

    thank you for any information


  • Is there an update on the replenishment of the crystal Minnie headband that’s $195? (SKU# 400009047837)

    • HI Kaitlyn! The headband is not scheduled to return until the Fall. Most likely October. I’ll try to keep you posted as I hear more.

  • Is there any way to get the Dooney & Bourke Wallet other than Disney Vault. Can I purchase online or call the store. Thank You

    • Hi Justin! As of right now the only places to get it will be here at the Resort. There are no plans to offer it online at this time. I would inquire with Merchandise Guest Services regarding possible availability, but it may be restricted from being offered through them as well, until a later date.

  • Michelle, I love the Disneyland park map cel, but I was wondering if the merchandise team has any plans to offer paper Disneyland park maps any time soon. We haven’t seen a new map since the 50th anniversary, and I know there are a lot of people that would love to add an updated map to their collections.

    • Hi Paul! That’s a great question! As of right now, there are no plans to release a new map.

  • Can you give any information on the Minnie Mouse ears with the SILVER bow covered in crystals? I believe it’s around $250? Is this still available? Thanks!

    • Hi Dara! The Minnie Mouse Crystal Headband is currently out of stock, but is likely to return this fall, most likely in October. I would certainly check back and/or inquire with Disney Merchandise Guest Services then.

  • Any details on the release date for the July Dooney and Bourke?

    • Hi Lyndsay! The Dooney & Bourke dark blue embossed collection actually debuts today at Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District.

  • As far as 60th Jewlery, will there be any special earrings coming out?

    • Craig, we had a release of some sapphire Mickey Mouse head-shaped earrings from our Disney Dream Collection in May. I believe they are still available.

  • If your a grand jester bust collector or couture statue collector. There are new items for the 60th anniversary.

  • Seconding Andrew’s request for Diamond Mad T Party merchandise.

    A new hoodie or shirt with the new Diamond T logo would be great, but I’d be happy for even an open edition rack pin of the Diamond T logo!

    And I wish they had finished the Mad T Party vinylmation series. They did Mad Hatter & White Rabbit DJ. Then Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. But we never got Alice & Cheshire Cat or Dormouse & March Hare! Or Caterpillar either.

  • Is there any way to buy the special merch without going to the parks? I was there in June and got a few items (that I LOVE) but I’m craving the all blue Dooney collection and may not make it back any time soon. Can they be ordered over the phone or anything? I haven’t seen any 60th items available on the Disney Store site. Thanks!

    • Hi Jodie!! There are several items that can be purchased via Disney Merchandise Guest Services. You can always inquire with them regarding availability.

  • Hello, what is the likelihood of obtaining a limited aurora doll when I go on the 17th?

    • Hi Michael! It seems to be that the Aurora doll will be very popular. I would hope there would still be some left on the 17th, but should I hear that we sell out prior I will try to update you.

  • Thanks Michelle. I’ll stay posted.

  • Is there a annual passholder or cast member discount on the limited Aurora doll?

    • Hi Daniel! Yes, the discounts will apply.

  • Hello, can you give more of an idea of what the crystal limited edition vinlymation is? and maybe the cost of it? Thank you

    • Janice, the Crystal Vinylmation is similar to the ones that released back in May. One is blue, while the other is white crystal. One is considered the variant, but you don’t know what you get until you open it. The quality of the crystals vary from what previously released. I believe they are $250 each.

  • The same thing happened with the Donald darth maul grand jester bust. There was no mention of it in any merchandise update during the Star Wars weekends.

  • I have a suggestion. I am a statue collector and it seems the blog never focuses on them. I have to find out about merchandise through eBay or Facebook. For example there are 60th anv Mickey/Minnie disney showcase statues I didn’t even know existed. I’m a huge Enesco collector and it use to be Disney would announce when a park only piece was going to be released. But that doesn’t happen anymore. The same with. Many Jim shore exclusives. It very frustrating.

    • Thanks Brian! I appreciate your feedback and will certainly continue to look for opportunities to showcase our figural items on the blog. I know there were a couple of great pieces for the Diamond Celebration that recently released including a Mickey Statue with the “D” and Diamond-Shaped base, as well as a Sleeping Beauty Castle figurine. Jim Shore of course, will be here on July 25 to sign his newest piece inspired by Aurora.

  • Can you please announce Mickey’s Halloween Party date for 2015?

  • Can we get prices on the Harveys? Will there be other styles released, or are these the only styles? 🙂 Love my Harveys!

    • Hi Noreen! I love Harveys bags too! As of now, these are the only styles that will be released, but if that changes I will let you know. As for the prices, the Classic Wallet is $94, the Cross-body Hip Pack is $98, and the boyfriend wallet is $58.

  • What is he Limited Edition number for the Aurora doll?

    • Hey April! The edition size for the doll is 3000.

    • Hey April! The edition size for the doll is 3000. I have a feeling she’s going to be quite popular, so if you are thinking of getting one, I would.

  • Can you tell us if the Harvey’s large wallets are limited or do they plan to have them in the parks for awhile? I am going in September and would love one!

    • Hi Haley! The Harveys wallets and hip pack bags are of course limited in availability, however the current plan is to continue to carry them during the celebration or while supplies last. So should we run out of a particular style, keep an eye out for its return.

  • Hi,
    What is the Aurora doll edition size? price?

    • Hi Melissa! Great question. The doll is limited to an edition size of 3000 and will retail for $119.95, plus tax. I’ve seen the doll in person and it’s quite beautiful.

  • Are the Harveys limited, or will they be around for a while? Releasing on a Monday makes it difficult!

    • Julianna, we totally understand! Currently the plan is to continue carrying this new attraction themed collection as part of the Diamond Celebration. The availability of styles will depend on the demand, however you should continue to find them after their initial release.

  • Thank You!

  • Since they brought back the Mad T Party for the Diamond Celebration, are there plans for new merchandise or bringing back old merch for them?

    • Hi Andrew! No details on any new merchandise for the Mad Tea Party, but should I hear about it, it will be posted on the Disney Parks Blog first.

  • What is the cost of the sleeping beauty doll and will other princesses be released as well in the future?

    • Hi Karina! As of right now Aurora is the only princess planned for the Diamond Celebration, but you never know. The limited edition 17″ doll will retail for $119.95, plus tax.

  • Quick question about the pin releases. Do you know if all of the pins will require wristbands (including the $80 jumbo pin)? If so, what time would you recommend coming to get in line for a wristband?

    • Hi Clay! Based on the popularity of the previous releases, I would venture to guess that wristbands will definitely be issued.

  • Can you please tell us the prices of the items debuting on the 13th? I would love to know how much Aurora is and the Harvey’s and the Jewelry!! PLEASE

    • Hi Marie, I hope this will help.

      Harveys – Cross-body Hip Pack is $98; the classic wallet is $94;and the Boyfriend Wallet is $58.

      The limited edition Aurora doll, it is $119.95.

      As for the jewelry, the 3CT Platinum Diamond Sleeping Beauty Castle necklace (shown on the left) is $9,500, and the Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Castle necklace (shown on the right) is $200.

  • Do you have the prices on the harvey’s yet?

    • Hi Kristina, I sure do.

      For Harveys, the Cross-body Hip Pack is $98; the classic wallet will be $94;and the Boyfriend Wallet is $58.

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