Take Part in the ‘Looking for Mickey Quest’ at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

This July, take part in the “Looking for Mickey Quest”! Beginning July 16, while Quest Guide supplies last, search for hidden Mickeys throughout the Disneyland Resort.


Two Ways to Play and How it Works!
There will be a “Looking for Mickey Quest” themed to both Disneyland park and to Disney California Adventure park. The locations, clues, hidden Mickeys and surprises for each Quest will vary. Purchase a Quest Guide from one of the parks and follow the clues that will direct you to the location where each hidden Mickey can be found. Once you arrive at the location, scratch off the answer to reveal if you have found the hidden Mickey. Whether your answers are right or wrong, return with your Quest Guide to the redemption location to pick up a surprise.

Disneyland Park
The Disneyland park “Looking for Mickey Quest” Guide has twenty (20) questions and can be purchased for $19.95, plus tax, at the following locations: Disneyana, Gag Factory, Pieces of Eight and Star Trader. Quest Guide comes with a specially themed lanyard. Available while supplies last. No discounts apply. Limit TWO (2) per guest.

Disney California Adventure Park
The Disney California Adventure park “Looking for Mickey Quest” Guide has ten (10) questions and can be purchased for $12.95, plus tax at the following locations: Elias & Co., Off the Page, Oswald’s, Radiator Springs Curios and Tees, Hats and Tattoos. Quest Guide comes with a specially themed lanyard. Available while supplies last. No discounts apply. Limit TWO (2) per Guest.

Whether you choose to search for the hidden Mickeys or not, return with your “Looking for Mickey Quest” Guide to the respective redemption location before July 31, 2015, to pick up your surprise. Note: The Quest Guide must be redeemed at the redemption location within that specific park. The surprise will vary based on which quest and which park you decide to conquer.

  • Disneyana in Disneyland park
  • Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure park

Theme park admission is not included, however is required to participate in this event. Event is not subject to discounts. Event information subject to restrictions and change without notice.


  • Just wanted to give an update, I went to both Disneyland and California Adventure yesterday (8/9) with an out of state friend and we stumbled upon the Quest Guides in both parks. We were already on a time schedule and had to get back to Disneyland, so we passed on the CA quest, but found the maps readily available inside Disneyland. We bought ours at Star Trader. It was only while waiting for the train did we notice the “redemption valid thru July 31 or while supplies last” wording on the maps and lanyard. Thinking we just spent $20 for nothing, we still did the quest, had a LOT of fun with it and at the end of our now very long day, turned it in and claimed our prize, no problem at all! So good news for those who still want to participate, you probably still can! The CM in California Adventure showed us the prize you get with them, but the CM is Disneyland wasn’t sure what it looked it there, meaning we had to wait until we got to Disneyana to see it. We checked out the map for CA inside the gift shop right outside The Little Mermaid, so it’s possible they’ve expanded the visibility of the maps and prize claim locations. Good luck everyone & have fun!

  • Hi. I heard the Quest was extended. When will it end?

  • As of 7/27 there were some still available.

  • The quest listed “as supplies last” Are there games still available?

  • I am taking my wife for our 5th anniversary, and it will be her first time ever at Disneyland. We will not be there till July 31, our actual anniversary. Will there still be any games available then?

  • Where do we pick these guides up at in each park to participate?

  • Do we have to turn in the Quest guide to get our surprise? I want to do the HM search but won’t be able to until after the 26th and don’t want to miss out on the surprise.
    Thanks for all your hard work Michelle! =]

    • Thanks May! I appreciate that! No you don’t have to turn it in. As long as you are able to buy one and can return to the location prior to July 31st you will be able to get the prize. I would recommend getting the quest guides sooner than later, as we anticipate there will be a lot of Guests playing over the next couple days.

  • I am so excited about this new DLR activity!! How many quests are they going have? Are the surprises the same for Disneyland and California Adventure? Any hint as to what the surprises will be?

  • Why does this event end so promptly. We have always enjoyed finding Hidden Mickeys, with a surprise or not, but our visit does not start until September 16th. Can you extend the end date at least until the Halloween activities start so that we can participate.

    • Hi George, it was planned as an exciting addition to the Diamond Celebration, however we are anticipating that a lot of our Disney Fans will want to play, hence the shorter time frame, based on availability.

  • Is there any reason I can’t do both?

    • Al, you can absolutely do both quests!

  • Such a bummer that this isn’t going to last through the end of D23 Expo 2015 when we have a few days of free time. Any HM’s on the Castle? But I guess I could read a crime novel instead.

    • Brian and Karen, you are too funny! I guess you’ll have to do some detective work and see what’s out there.

  • Could this be the first time Disney has every officially acknowledged that hidden Micky’s do exist?

  • Will these hidden mickeys be new for the event or ones that have always been there?

    • Hi Tyler, these are existing Hidden Mickey’s which you may or may not have found in the past. I hope you have fun looking for them!

  • Will there be enough maps so that people coming on Disney’s Birthday proper won’t have to worry about if they’ll be able to get a map or not? I’m worrying right now because I know how many ‘collectors’ will be there on the 16th due to the last Diamond pin.

    • We’re hoping so, but it’s hard to say what the demand will be on the first day of release.

  • I look forward to doing this on Friday! The Egg-stravaganza was so much fun… and I do love hidden Mickeys! 🙂

  • I would love to participate in this…please extend until august! Last year we really enjoyed the collecting Juju for the Adventureland Trading Company. I hope they bring back that game too!

    • Hi Amy! I wish we could, but unfortunately its for a limited time. I appreciate the feedback and will certainly share it with the teams so that they can look at offering longer experiential events such as this.

  • I read about this event over the weekend (on the Disney Parks Authentic page), and what instantly jumped out at me is that it sounds similar to how the Egg-stravaganza is done in the spring. How fun! I love hunting for things around the parks!

    Now if only the heat would let up — I might pass out while searching for hidden Mickeys! I guess it’s an excuse to enjoy lots of Dole Whips and pineapple spears.

    • Hi Sherry! I think you’ll love it! I think a dole whip sounds like the perfect way to beat the heat.

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