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10 Things Not to Do on a Disney Cruise

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

The recipe for a great Disney cruise is pretty simple: show up, relax and have fun! But there are some other things you’ll want to make sure you do right so your family can have the ultimate Disney vacation. Take it from me, someone who has cruised many, many times with Disney, here are ten things not to do on a Disney cruise …


  1. Carry your own luggage onboard. We’ll do it for you! Whether you arrive to the cruise terminal on Disney Cruise Line transportation or in your own vehicle, we offer services that keep you from having to lug your suitcases onto the ship. Just bring aboard a day bag with your personal items, and we’ll deliver your luggage to your stateroom in the afternoon.
  2. Live out of your suitcase. Our staterooms are designed with families in mind and offer lots of storage space, including a place to tuck away your suitcases. One of the perks of cruising is visiting multiple destinations and only unpacking once, so make yourselves at home on the first day by assigning closet space and drawers to each member of the family.
  3. Clean your stateroom. As difficult as it may be to break your daily habits, now’s the time to try! Forget about making the bed each morning, and don’t worry about washing your towels and taking out the trash. Our stateroom hosts are there to make your stay as pleasant as possible, and if there’s anything you need, just ask.

Royal Court

  1. Introduce yourself to your dining servers each night. Your serving team stays with you as you visit different restaurants and enjoy new menus each night. That means only one round of introductions are needed. And chances are their personalized service and hospitality will make your servers unforgettable.
  2. Miss out on time for yourself. It’s your vacation, too! Activities for families to do together are endless on a Disney cruise, but there’s also no shortage of fun just for adults. The kids clubs are supervised by trained counselors and have the longest operating hours at sea, so there’s no excuse for parents to not take advantage of adult-only dining and other experiences.


  1. Worry about your kids in the youth spaces. See number five. We have the most extensive youth activity spaces of any cruise line, with age-specific areas and interactive programs to entertain children up to 17 years old. Getting your kids to leave the kids clubs may be the one challenge of your cruise.
  2. Throw away the Navigator. Your only excuse for tossing this daily activity guide is if you already downloaded the Navigator app on your smart phone. With so many activities happening throughout your cruise, you’ll want Navigator info handy at all times. It gives you the scoop on what’s happening every minute of every day and even categorizes the fun for kids, adults and families.


  1. Watch our fireworks at sea through your camera lens. This show is so spectacular that it’s completely understandable you’ll want to capture every moment on your camera. Resist the urge and just enjoy the moment! If you take your eyes off the fireworks, it should only be to glance over at the smiles on your family’s faces.
  2. Head back to the ship for lunch while at Castaway Cay. We’re the only cruise line that docks at its own private island, so it’s easy to go back on the ship throughout your day at Castaway Cay. But if you want to maximize beach time, head to one of three all-you-care-to-eat lunch buffets served under the shade of the island’s covered pavilions.
  3. Explore destinations on your own. Port Adventures are the best way for your family to have an unforgettable experience ashore. Along with the peace of mind that comes with having all the planning done for you, we offer one-of-a-kind activities that you can only experience through Disney. Many excursions even offer just-for-kids components, so parents have a little time alone.


  • Leslie is so right. Until you experience a Disney cruise you will never understand. Going on our second in December and we are so excited to be cruising during Christmas at Sea. So many people, when they hear that we – two adults- are going on DCL think we are crazy to go on a ship “with so many kids running around”. Well our answer is this, “We have been on quite a few other cruise ships that have many more kids running around.” The truth is that on Disney ships they are kept so entertained and busy that you almost never see them. LOL Is Disney a bit more expensive than most other lines? Yes it is. Do they give you every bit of your money’s worth? ABSOLUTELY…and then some!

  • We are headed on our 3rd Disney Cruise in October. Trust me…the things listed are the least of your concern. My husband and I agreed that even if we did not have children we will never cruise anyone else but Disney. The quality of food, service, shows far surpasses any other crews lined out there… And we have tried a lot of them. there is just something truly magical about Disney and unless you experience it there’s no describing it.

  • The Castaway Cay buffets are included. I was under the impression that was the only lunch option that day. I definitely wouldn’t want to make the trek back to the ship just to eat lunch. Also, a good portion of the crew are working the various places you visit there.

  • Stephanie- yes, the lunch buffet is included on Castaway Cay. Cocktails are extra.

  • Is the lunch buffet at Castaway Cay included in the cruise price, or do you have to pay extra?

  • When I first started reading this, based on the title, I thought all the things listed were things to DO on the cruise, but then after reading each one, I realized it was things NOT to do on the cruise! By the time I got to #3, I was thinking to myself, “I’ve never had to clean my own stateroom on a Disney Cruise!!!” Now I get it; these are things NOT to do- it takes me a while sometimes haha! Also- Disney Cruise Line is the BEST!!!

  • Cruising with Disney is incredible. The ships, the service, the food, the shows, the crew – outstanding. Clayton is the BEST cruise director – he will keep you ‘On vacation!” If you have never cruised with Disney, what are you waiting for?! : ) Such wonderful memories from our cruises with DCL.

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