A Unique Point of View: Monstro Looms Over Fantasyland at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

One of my favorite features of Fantasyland at Disneyland park is Monstro the whale. Looming over Storybook Land Canal Boats, Monstro can also appear to be chomping down on other parts of Fantasyland, depending on your point of view.

Here he is, huge teeth reflected in the canal as you begin your voyage into Storybook Land.


Seen from Mad Tea Party, Monstro looks like he is munching on some of the oversized foliage surrounding his neighboring attraction.


Back at Storybook Land Canal Boats, he appears to be taking a bite out of the manicured hedges at the beginning of the attraction.

What is your favorite feature in Fantasyland?


  • The first time I rode the Storybook Land, I was likely about three years-old. Apparently seeing that we were heading straight into the mouth of this huge whale I freaked out. Only when we exited the backside into the villages did I calm down.

  • Our daughter is 5 and every visit we have to tell Monstro goodnight

  • While I love all pats of Fantasyland, my favorite is turning the corner (after exiting the Castle) and heading to Small World. That moment my eyes lock with Small World and it is ahead of me, brings me to tears. You see, I was there when they began construction of the ride. It has always been the first ride I ride during the first day at DL. It is my sentimental favorite.

    My second favorite is Peter Pan’s Flight and the Storybook Canals.

    There is true magic in Fantasyland.

  • Clayton, when you ride Storybook Land, look for Walt’s tree!

  • Giving Monstro some love! I love all the magical details in the parks and this is no exception, thanks for pointing out another vantage point I will have to look out for on my next visit.

  • I haven’t ridden this since I was a kid! I may have to hit it up when I’m there next Thursday. The flight from Minnesota can’t come soon enough!

  • Like every land at Disneyland Resort, Fantasyland is rich with hidden gems and intricate details. It seems that around every corner, in every little nook, there is some sort of special surprise, whether it’s a sign, or a hidden Mickey, or a theme-specific flower bed.

    Personally, I love the topiaries and the parterres in Fantasyland. I am also partial to the themed weathervanes. I should not neglect to mention — though this is a weird thing to like — that Fantasyland has one of the most whimsical, interesting bathrooms at DLR (with an “Alice in Wonderland” concept)!! Lol.

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