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Add Some Fa La La to Your Holidays with a Sleigh Ride at Walt Disney World Resort

Russ J. Stacey

by , Writer, Yellow Shoes Creative Group

It may still be on the warm side here in Central Florida, but it’s never too early to be thinking about the holidays! So when you make your seasonal to-do list, check it twice. And make sure a horse-drawn holiday sleigh ride at Disney’s Fort Wilderness & Campground is on it.

Sleigh Ride2

The sleighs—festively festooned with lights, garland and bows, and brimming with cheerful holiday music—take you on a 25-minute trek that glides you through the woodsy landscape and past the campsites of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground all decked out in their holiday finery. Well, you don’t exactly “glide,” as Jay Sanderson, Assistant Animal Operations Manager, Tri-Circle-D Ranch, explains. But that doesn’t make it any less magical.

“Our sleighs are different from our horse-drawn carriages. They are specifically designed to cut through the thick layers of ice and snow that hit Central Florida in December. Okay, scratch the ice and snow part. But they are indeed sleighs that are retrofitted with wheels for our guests’ and horses’ comfort and convenience.”

Brought to you by the same folks who provide the horse-drawn carriage rides the rest of the year, these memorable outings are perfect for a snuggle-up-close romantic rendezvous or an adventure for the whole family. Each sleigh fits four adults or two adults and three children. Larger parties can book more than one sleigh. This fun, distinctive experience replaces carriage rides at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground for the month of December.

According to Jay, it’s not at all unusual to hear, “Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh … Hey! Jingle bells! Jingle bells!” coming from the sleighs as they wind their way through Mother Nature’s own holiday green. These rides have become a popular annual tradition for couples and families alike.

And you’ll be presented with a special limited-edition pin created specifically for this event at the conclusion of your ride. Then you can stroll through the barn to check out where the horses live and get up close and personal with these gentle giants that can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Discover what they eat, how they travel from place to place throughout Walt Disney World Resort and other fun facts. Just keep in mind that the sleighs do go out in a light rain, but your ride may be canceled during inclement weather.

So why not make it a season of joy and memories with a horse-drawn holiday sleigh ride? These magical encounters tend to sell out quickly, so an early reservation is highly recommended.

Holiday sleigh rides run from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and are open to all (in other words, you don’t have to be a registered guest of a Disney Resort hotel), with no minimum age requirement. Call 407-WDW-PLAY (939-7529) to book today.


  • It is $79 a sleigh. Only 4 people allowed in a sleigh. My family did this for our christmas vacation Dec 2015. The drivers and staff were wonderful. It’s the carriage ride you can do the rest of the year. You go around the streets where the RV’s are parked and see their christmas decorations. Some are very good. This would be good for younger children. You only get one pin per sleigh, not one per person. I’ve been to Disney many times. This was a bit disappointing for the price. Not quite the “magic” of Disney. Once was okay fun.

  • Any plans for a haunted Halloween hayride this year? Our family did this several years ago and had a close encounter with the headless horseman and his horse. It was by far one of the best experiences at WDW. We have another Fall trip planned this year and would love to do this again!

  • I just booked this for December and the cost was $79. I wasn’t sure if it was each or for the both of us, but it was $79 total for us both. Looking for some neat things to do that we have never done and this looks great.

  • It is $69/sleigh. It meets up at the marina by Hoop De Doo. If you had a full sleigh, it’s very affordable as it virtually pays for itself with the pins. Looking forward to this!!

  • What date do they start?

    • Susanne, the rides start November 27.

  • This is an absolutely wonderful experience!!! The decorated campsites are incredible. Just a fantastic time!!

  • When do the holiday decorations come up at Disney’s Fort wilderness?

    • The holiday decorations typically go up around the first week of November. Guests, of course, often decorate their campsites as well.

  • Any pricing info?

    • Hi Kathy. The price is $79 per sleigh. Rides run November 27 through December 30. Hope you get to enjoy one!

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