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Disney Parks Attraction Poster Deluxe Calendar Returns for 2016

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


I’m excited to announce that the popular Disney Parks Attraction poster deluxe calendar is returning to select merchandise locations.


The oversized calendar for 2016 will include posters from Disney Theme Parks around the world including Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Each poster is suitable for display in a standard 12-inch by 18-inch frame, with perforations above and below each poster for easy removal after its calendar month. The posters were printed on acid-free and lignin-free paper.

You may recall we first introduced attraction poster calendars at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts in fall 2013. That calendar was inspired by the highly recommended “Poster Art of Disney Parks” by Walt Disney Imagineers Vanessa Hunt and Danny Handke as seen in this article. It also paved the way for several apparel items and home goods released in 2014. I’m beyond thrilled to see a new version complete with some of my favorite attractions including the WEDWay PeopleMover, Mickey Mouse Musical Revue and the festive Jingle Cruise in Adventureland.

This calendar (item number is 400009684599) will be found in select merchandise locations at Disney Parks, and will have a retail of $21.95. The calendar may be offered on our Disney Parks online store at a future date.

Which Disney Parks attraction poster is your favorite? Please share in the comments below.


  • Will there be a Vinylmation calendar for 2016?

  • I can confirm, these are already at Walt Disney World. I purchased mine on Saturday night (9/19). Though I’m not sure everyone knows that the calendars hit the shelves. The CM that rang it up was as surprised as I was.

  • Thank you so much for releasing a calendar with these new attraction posters! Love these! I have two 12×18 frames in my office and I rotate the posters through them each month so looking forward to having some new ones to display. Glad I was able to pick this up (as well as the Disneyland Attraction Poster Art Set) at Disneyland shortly after the Expo! Was also great running into you at the Walt Disney Archives Disneyland exhibit and meeting you in person, Steven!

  • The calendar is now available for order at Disney Parks Merchandise Services, (877) 560-6477

  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the sky buckets, and Mickey’s Musical Revue. You’ve made me feel like it’s 1975 again. Thanks! I will definitely be buying one…

  • I can also confirm I saw it in Elias & Company at Disney California Adventure this past weekend.

  • Seeing this has made my day. Love the Skyway poster. For anyone looking, as far as locations, I found the set of posters from the 2014 attractions calendar in Off The Page in DCA. Might be worth checking there.

  • I was just at DL Sat/Sun and didn’t see it. If it recently arrived in stores why don’t we find out about it when it goes on sale rather than after the fact? If I had known it was there I would have made a more concerted effort to find it.

    • @Richard – I was at Disneyland Resort on Sunday as well. I saw it in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District. Our system shows the calendar is in multiple locations throughout the resort. I’m sorry that you were unable to find it.

      Currently, there is not a system in place to notify guests when new items arrive (even I’m sometimes surprised). As you can imagine, that would be a lot of notifications as we carry many items at Disney Parks. 🙂

  • I am currently in WDW and leaving Thursday , any chance of 2016 calendar being on sale before then ?

    • @John – I spoke with the souvenirs team. It looks like the calendar may arrive in the Walt Disney World Resort warehouse next week. It may take another week for it to be in locations. I’m sorry I don’t have better news. Safe travels.

  • Oh this is so exciting! The 2014 artwork is what we framed for my son’s nursery – looks like we’ll be adding some more! I think we NEED the people mover poster. 🙂

  • Will this be available in Paris as well? Such a shame I just left Disneyland yesterday but didn’t see it anywhere.

  • Since Mark brought up the Shop Disney Parks app, do you know if/when Disneyland shops will be added to the app?

    • @Jonathan – There are no immediate plans during this initial launch. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to the Disney Parks Blog for additional details about the app.

  • Huzzah! I still have the 2014 calendar on my wall (on the 2015 page, of course) because I just couldn’t bear to part with it. Can’t wait to grab the 2016 version!

  • I can’t wait to buy this! Also hope, like the 2014 calendars, there are accompanying t-shirts for each month.

  • Steven, since this will be available in parks first, will it also be available at the same time for order using the new Shop Disney Parks app? Meaning there really wouldn’t be a need to wait for it to hit the Disney Store online?

    • @Mark – Yes to using the Disney Parks Shop app once the calendar arrives at Walt Disney World Resort. That will happen in the coming weeks.

  • When will this be available?

    • @Chris – The calendar recently arrived in multiple locations at Disneyland Resort. It will be arriving at Walt Disney World Resort in the coming weeks.

  • I’m going to Walt Disney World at the end of September! I hope I can find it then. I had the previous calendar and love these designs.

  • I was able to pick up the 2014 Disneyland calendar, and love it — the posters are framed on my wall. Hopefully I can get my hands on this one as well, and add to my poster collection!

  • Gotta love Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! May have to take a trip to Walt Disney World Resort solely to buy my 2016 calendar!

  • I know what calendar is going to grace my office wall starting January 1! I love the font choice and layout. Very vintage.

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