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Disney Parks Online Store Releasing New Shirts in August 2015

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

This month, the Disney Parks online store will continue its series of specially designed limited release shirts. Guests can order these items during the timeframes listed below by visiting Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of shirts.


August 7-13
Being a long time fan of all things related to Epcot, I adore these 1980s-inspired, pixelated Mickey and Minnie Mouse T-shirts designed by Disney Design Group artist Maria Clapsis. These Hanes Nano-T shirts are part of our monthly series of companion shirts that was first introduced last month. The shirts will also have a small pixelated Epcot logo on the back.

For the companion tees coming in September, you may want to make room for one more (or should I say two?) shirts.


August 10-16
Speaking of Haunted Mansion, Disney Design Group artist Richard Terpstra created these Hanes Nano-T shirts that contain a nod to the Hatbox Ghost at Disneyland park.


We will also offer a long sleeve option in black. Each of these shirts will contain glow-in-the-dark ink and a small graveyard graphic on the back.


August 17-23
The third shirt in our series of original Disneyland park attraction T-shirt features the Tomorrowland attraction, Autopia. In addition to a shirt, we will also release a print and a canvas wrap based on this design. Please note that artwork will ship in 12-14 days.


August 28-September 3
Finally, we will have a special online store release of Twenty Eight & Main items from August 28 to September 3. If you are going to the D23 EXPO 2015, August 14–16 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, make plans to attend the Disney Parks Merchandise presentation on Friday from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Stage 28. During the presentation, we will share some additional details about this upcoming men’s apparel and accessories collection along with a host of other sneak previews. I hope to see you there!


  • I remember a character breakfast at EPCOT with Mickey and Minnie in their space suits. Great memories.

  • Thank you for offering ladies cuts!

  • The shirts are adorable. But any chance these will be offered in Plus Sizes for those of us who are, ahem, more well endowed?

  • Hey Steven! My boyfriend’s favorite attraction is Carousel of Progress and we are both VERY EXCITED about the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow shirt! We will most definitely be ordering 2 of those as soon as they become available on August 28th. Thanks for this exciting post! 🙂

  • Will the shirts be available for purchase at Disneyland? Or only available by ordering online? My son absolutely *must* have a Hatbox Ghost shirt!

  • Steven, do you have any idea when these will be able to be shipped internationally? Living in Canada its so hard to see these amazing shirts and not be able to purchase one.

    • @Grega – I’d have to check with our Disney Parks online store team. I am not aware of any plans for international shipping at this time. I’m sorry I don’t have better information for you.

  • James’ wife here – Love love love the Minnie Pixelated Tee! We just recently received our Wedway People Mover tee and I suspect I will need to compliment it with the Carousel of Progress tee – waiting on your go ahead when it’s produced!


  • Hi Steven! I just ordered the EPCOT companion shirts…LOVE THEM! I just wanted to let you know that it is important to state if the shirts are Hanes brand. The Hanes brand runs a size larger than the regular Disney Parks shirts in the women’s tees. Thank you so much for offering these shirts in women’s sizes! I have quite a collection starting…

    • @Camille – The Epcot shirts will be printed on a Hanes Nano-T. My girlfriend and I got the Main Street Electrical Parade shirts last month and they feel great!

  • Will the Carousel of Progress shirt shown in the last picture be offered beginning on August 28th? It is not clear from the description if this shirt is being offered that week. This is the one I feel most excited to grab for my husband.


  • Leslie on August 7th is right, the quality of the Disney tee shirts has gone down, while the prices have gone up. I won’t be buying any shirts online. Because they’re limited editions, a lot of people buy them and then sell them at double the price on ebay.

  • Wow, great looking designs! I’ve got my eye on some of them (*cough* Haunted Mansion *cough*0! BTW, nice modeling job, Steven! A second career, maybe?

    • @Bob – Thank you! Maybe I should hire an agent? Ha! 🙂

  • I bought several of these limited edition shirts last year, they were all very nice, This year, however, the quality of the shirts is not as good. Price has gone up and quality has gone done, not a good combo. I will be returning the one recently received, not sure if I will buy again in the future.

    • @Leslie – Thank you for your feedback. I will share it with the team. I purchased the Main Street Electrical Parade companion tees last month and loved them. I’m sorry to hear you had a challenge.

  • These shirts are great – but it would be wonderful if you could carry them in larger sizes as well. People of all sizes like Disney.

  • Is there a reason that the Wonders of life Symbol is not represented on the EPCOT tee, but Horizons is. Just Wondering

  • Love the Autopia shirt! Will it be offered in a ladies cut?

    • @Amanda – The Autopia shirt will be offered in adult and youth cuts.

  • I am curious the shirt right above with “its a great big beautiful tomorrow” when will that one be available? The dates above are a bit confusing. Thanks!

    • @James – The “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” shirt I’m wearing in the images will be part of a special online store release of Twenty Eight & Main items from August 28 to September 3. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Hello Steven,
    I love the new t-shirts especially the Autopia one. Could you please tell me how long will Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary celebration last? Thank you in advance.

  • Will there be any with Pluto on? I loooooove Pluto but there’s hardly any Pluto merchandise 🙁 He’s Mickey’s dog, he deserves some respect!!!!!

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