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My fondest memory of my maternal grandfather is watching him whip-up a delicious dinner over a sizzling smoky wok along with dramatic exclamations of each step. It was like watching a cooking show. And my paternal grandmother – she taught me how to transform yarn, felt, and wiggly eyes into pom-pom animals.


For these reasons and many more, I think they’re the best. And we bet you have some great reasons why your grandparents are the best, too. So, reward them with a chance at a family vacation here to Walt Disney World Resort.

We’ve launched the Walt Disney World’s Best Grandparent Contest. Share your funny, happy, or heartwarming story. They could win a Grand Adventure, an eight-day family vacation to Walt Disney World Resort for up to six people. Hopefully, you’ll be one of the lucky six.

You have until August 28th. The winner will be announced on Grandparent’s Day, September 15.

So let’s celebrate Grandmom and Granddad, Granny, Nana, Grampy, Gramps, Mom Mom and Pop Pop – whatever their moniker. If you call them the “best,” submit your story today.


  • When we were blessed with our Sam through the wondrous gift of adoption, Sam’s Gigi instantaneously became his third caregiver and would often prove to be his favorite family member. Sam’s Gigi has a disabling spine condition and advanced osteoarthritis but she jumps at the chance to do whatever she can for her grandchild. She was there holding him and rocking him throughout the afternoon every day his first few months while his mother snuck in naps and folded laundry. She bathed him and read to him and fed him almost daily–always anxious for a chance to step in and help so that she could bond with her little angel. She planned and executed the most elaborate birthday parties in her home. She has shared his pictures and his stories with anyone who will listen since the day he came home to us. Sam has developed a fascination with all things Disney and at age three he talks about the “Pixar movies” all of the time. He is especially taken with the Cars movies and he is often seen parading around the neighborhood in his lightning mcqueen costume, driving his Cozy Coupe that with custom paint and trim recreates number 95 just for our little guy. Sam has a charmed little life with all of the love and affection that is poured down on him, but in the wake of his Papa’s job loss and the financial and emotional strain that has put on Sam’s Gigi, we would love to lift her spirits by providing she and her little prince with a dream vacation to the most magical place in the world!! Thanks for reading.

  • My parents, Grandma and Grandpa for our kids, are always up for anything. They are the best grandparents because they have flown to evacuate us from hurricanes, babysat, dogsat, helped with projects big (building decks) and small (hanging shelves) around the house for all 5 of us children. Grandma has MS and Grandpa takes care of her without extra help and never asks one of us to help either. Every year they plant things in their garden they know the children like to harvest, they create special projects for the grandkids to do when they visit and love to take them to feed the goats near their house. Grandma still quilts and makes individual ones for each of the grandkids when they are born and also for their first birthdays. They are special people who like to share their time and give back to their family and really view family and togetherness and memory-making as an important part of their roles as grandparents and really something to be cherished.

  • My mom and dad (who passed away years ago), took my daughter and I to Disney world. We had a wonderful time. My funniest memory was when my dad and my daughter were about to ride the race car ride in tomorrow land. Even though it ran on a track, he was instructing my daughter as to how to drive. It brought back memories of his driving lessons with me before I got my drivers license. Some things never change!!
    I’ d like to create similar memories for my granddaughters and me!!!

  • I wanted to be a Mom more than anything in the world. My Mother and Grandmother were amazing and thru example taught me the power of a mothers love, I tried for years to have a baby and after much heartbreak finally accepted that I would never be a Mommy. Years passed and I lost my Mom, more heartbreak. I never stopped longing to be a Mom, and one day I heard the words “your son will be born”. And his due date was my Moms birthday, more amazingly his adoption was finalized on the anniversary date of her death. A date I hated turned into a day of celebration. Matthew is my miracle. We celebrated Matthews 2nd birthday in Disney, Mom was with us in spirit. We visited Disney again a few years later. As we were boarding the flying elephants Matthew asked ” Mommy did you and Grandma Shirley ride the elephants back in the olden days when you were little”. Lol. I said ” yes we did, side by side, just like me and you”. My eyes filled with tears and he wrapped his little arms around my neck and said ” she is smushed in the middle of us and she is having a fun time”.” I’m glad she’s here”. All I I can say is ” Dreams do come true”.

  • I can’t list just one thing my grandparents have done for me. They are the definition of the BEST. When I was born my parents were living in Arizona and my grandparents were living in Florida. They flew out and visited me. They spent time with me and they loved me with everything in their being. We moved to Georgia 5 years later and my grandparents still lived in Florida. They moved to Georgia just so they could see me everyday and spend time with me. They moved from a town they had lived in since the 70’s for me. They have spoiled me rotten. They have encouraged me and supported me since the day I was born. Me and my Nana would bake cookies and watch “I LOVE LUCY” reruns. She would come up to my elementary school and eat lunch with me almost everyday. My Grandpa loves teaching me about the world and history. They have taken me on trips to Florida, on a cruise for my birthday and just last week they took me down to Helen. My grandparents text me at least once a week to congratulate me on how far I have come in my life. They are the kindest, sweetest, coolest, awesomest, and most importantly BEST grandparents a girl could have. If I had the time to list everything they have done for me the book would be bigger than a dictionary.

  • Grandma,Great Grandma has been the foundation for all she meets loves, and cares for. She is 82 years old still takes care of us after school. She is the mom of 5 girls 13 grandchildren 13 great grandchildren.
    She as sure many people have had much tragedy in there life’s go on to conquer them and has taught us all how it is to pick yourself wipe off the dust and move forward.
    She would treasure nothing more than a chance to share a vacation with as many children as she could on a trip. She is healthy and wonderful however as time passes her memory is failing her.What a lasting memory it would be for her to share a trip to Disney World.
    She never turned a person away that needed help or just a word of encouragement.
    As many I can’t explain as it would take a novel to share all her kindness, helping hand ,friend to all.\,hard working lady she is.

  • In November of 2011 we took our grandson Jude on a Disney Dream cruise when he was 5 years old. We were joined by my son and his family. My son lives several states away. His children and Jude had never met. The Disney Dream cruise brought them together. Our grandson’s Jude and Cameron became good friends on that cruise. We all had a wonderful time.
    Two years later Jude contracted Encephelitis and died. We miss him, but cherish our memories. Our Disney experience is one that we love to share.
    Jude had a brother and sister (twins) who are now 5 years old. We would like to take the twins for a Disney experience. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I remember many fond memories of my Grandmother, or Grandma Shattner, as we called her. We would visit her almost every weekend because she lived in the Country and it was a nice get away from the Suburbs.
    Grandma Shattner had a great sense of humor. She had to because I was really a handful. I suppose I was around 10 years old or so and Grandma Shattner was watching me, my older sister and a couple of cousins.
    Being the prankster I was, during dinner I kept dropping my fork on the floor under the kitchen table. Finally my sister caught on, and before you knew it, my sister, my cousins and myself were all dropping our silverware under the table and laughing while we congregated under the table.
    While I was under the table, Grandma Shattner finally got annoyed and placed my plate on the seat of my chair and said “If you are going to continue going under the table, you may as well eat down there!” I didn’t hear her and proceeded to come out from under the table and sat on my chair. I wondered where my plate was, but only for a minute because the mashed potatoes and gravy were beginning to leak through my pants! Boy did I stand up quickly! Grandma Shattner (and everyone else) laughed so hard they could barely finish dinner! And yes, I had to eat my dinner even though the food was very squashed!

  • Would live to be able to spend more time with my grandchildren, the way I spent with my grandparents every year for the summer! With all their different sports and academic activities, it’s hard to even get to see them all together under one roof. What a joy it would be to spend time with them in the greatest palyground in the world!

  • My wife and I inherited the role from my Father and Mother. They were the original ‘Best’ and they delighted in taking their grandkids (our kids) to Disney World.

    Now my parents are gone and it’s me and my wife taking my grandkids to Disney World. But over my shoulder, I know my father is watching and smiling.

    Love ya Dad.


  • My 3 year old and his grandma are best friends! “Ma” as he calls her is the first person he calls with good news and last person he calls to say good night! My son never minds sharing with “Ma” weather it’s his trains or his French fries “Ma” can have whatever! Besides sharing such a special bond they also share August birthdays, his the 1st and hers the 3rd.Now being this close you would never thing something could come between them right? Wrong! we had a birthday party with all our family and friends and surprised him with an ice cream cake that everyone ate and enjoyed very much we thought it was a blast but after that my son would not talk to my mom for a week, you have to understand in best friend time that’s like forever! my husband in I sat him down and asked what was going on and he told us he was mad at her because she ate his cake. we tried to explain it was a party and everyone ate his cake but he wasn’t having it. I called my mom and told her what he said,she laughed and told me not to worry she had an idea. A couple days later Joshua received a card with money in it telling him to buy a cake on her and she was sorry! Well it worked, he called her and said thank u but told her she had to sing happy birthday to him again. we bought it, she sang, and Joshua and “Ma” are best friends again! To us she’s already the best grand”Ma” in the world!!

  • I have been trully blessed to have an awesome grandma she is not only my grandma but almost like my best friend someone whom I can talk to about anything and she will just listen or give you advice.. she is someone who loves unconditionally and gives and gives expecting nothing in return.. the love she has shown me and now my two children is something that I cherish very much…she is one of a kind and thank God for giving her to me..

  • My grandfather is one of the most amazing people I know. He kind loving caring and gives back to his community in many ways. He is a great role model to every single one of his grandchildren. He proved to us that it is never too late for education by getting bachelor’s degree from Barry University at 50 years old. He has giving hot meals to the elderly and foster children for thanksgiving, gathered school supplies for the less fortunate much more. He cares for over a dozen grandchildren. He takes us on numerous vacations to Legoland, Universal Studios, Jamaica, Cayman islands, Coca-Colafactory , Disney world and so much more. Every Christmas he all his children and grandchildren together to celebrate together. My grandfather is not only a great grandfather but a great man. He is always smiling and putting his self ahead of others

  • When I was little we didn’t have a lot of money, we never got to Disney World. But every Sunday night we would watch the Wonderful World of Walt Disney. I loved every single second of those shows. Nature, animation, you name it I watched it. I finally got the trip of a lifetime to go to Disney World with my son and daughter-in-law. It was the best vacation ever and if I could I would go ever single year. My ultimate goal is to retire and work at Disney World. Now that I have a grandson, Colten, the most amazing child ever, I want to take him to Disney World and when I retire and work there I will be the Cool Grandma that works at Disney World. I think it is the most Magical Place on Earth, in the Universe! I want Colten and any future grandchildren I have to know how much I love Disney World. I want them to know and understand Walt Disney and his visions. I want to do what my parents could not do for their grandchildren.

  • In 2007 my dad, grandpa to my 4 wonderful chidren, had been very sick and hospitalized for a while. Before he got sick,I had already planned, payed most of and scheduled our very first Disney trip. He always wanted me to take the kids of course- he had planned to be there because it was his all time want to go place. The week before we were to leave, he had to have surgery and I didn’t want to leave him. He ordered me to go. Told me to get him a mug and a fantasia mickey. And most of all have a great time as he put 500 in my hand. So Friday I hugged his neck for what I didn’t know would be my last time and packed my kids up to drive to Florida from Texas. Its a long drive. We got there early Sunday morning and I spoke to dad at 830 telling him all about what it looked like and he was so excited. Said I would call him later tonight or tomorrow. On one of the bus/trams heading home from dinner Sunday night my sister called me, our dad had passed away. He was gone. Yet I could feel him right next to me on that bus. It was a hard week and I cried most of it. We didn’t tell the kids until Thursday night because we were leaving on Friday. I didn’t want to mess their vacation up. My sisters, mom, aunt all said don’t cut short because he was gone and me dragging everyone home wouldn’t change that. It was the most bitter sweet vacation. I don’t remember much being in a cloud. The kids had a good enough time. But now those kids are parents. I have three beautiful grandkids. I really would love to give the experience of Disney to if just for their great grand pa in heaven. I know he would if he was still here with us.

  • My parents have 6 grandchildren and they have worked hard, sometimes 3 jobs, to make ends meet, when my sister and I were growing up. My parents have sacrificed raises, inheritences and retirement funds to take my sister and I to Disney World twice while we were growing up, and all 12 of us to Disney World 3 times (4th and their final trip planned for December). I can’t financially repay them or treat them to anything special, but I would love to surprise them with a Disney World trip that they didn’t have to pay for!

  • Being one of 14 children, I never had the opportunity to have a vacation while growing up. When I married my husband in 1973, I was introduced to a magical world. We went down to FL to surprise my sister when she graduated boot camp. When we had children, we took them to Disney World every couple years, and once to Disney Land. Even more magical was when we saw Disney through the eyes of our children. Now, we are the grandparents of 6 beautiful grandchildren. One of the reasons Granddad cannot retire is because he loves his trips to Disney with our grands. Our little princesses have been to the character breakfasts & the Cinderella dinner. Granddad loves all of his grands and would do anything for them. Trips to Disney are a big part of our family memories. We enjoy looking at the pictures. Each one has a special memory included. Granddad is the biggest kid you will ever meet and one of Disney’s biggest fans.

  • My twin grandsons were born on August 3, 2015 at 26 weeks of gestation. They are still in the NICU and will be for quite a while. When I whispered to Asher that I would take him to WDW some day he opened his eyes!!

  • As a kid we did not see our Grandparents on either side very often. My first trip to Disney was with my sister and her son and my son. Both who were just out of high school. Disney stole my heart and we made beautiful memories! We closed the park riding Splash Mountain,several times. We kept running around and getting back on the ride. Soaking wet at 10:30pm walking through Disneyland. I will never forget it. And it is still one of my favorite rides. So.. My memories are for the future. We have a 1 1/2 year old granddaughter that we totally adore. Our plan is to take her to Disneyland and/or Disney World when she is a little older. I am so excited to share Mickey and all the Disney wonders with her and create the wonderful memories every kid should have with their grandparents!Thank you Walt!!

  • My grandfather surprised us all by taking us to Walt Disney world more than once and bought us more surprises and took us to character breakfast. He never expects anything in return he just does these things because he loves us all

  • My family used to take trips to Disneyworld every five years. Now that all the children are more grown up we don’t go as often, but when we did go my gradfather who we call Gaga would always be there making sure the kiddies where all in line and more importantly I had a buddy to whatch out for me and play with me while I was to scared to ride the rides or meet the characters. Every picture I have of myself with us in Disney world Gaga is always with me in the pictures. My mom, my aunt, my cousin, and I all recently went to Disney world and had to leave early due to the fact that Gaga passed away due to a major stroke. My foundest memories are still with him.

  • We go on vacation with my grandma, my papa(grandpa), my cousins ,my brother, and I. During the daytime we go to the Sand dunes and my grandma and Papa walk with us on the dunes. At night when my cousins are sleeping me and my papa and my brother ride bikes to get ice cream then ride go karts. Once when we were racing my papa was in 1st and I was in 2nd my papa took a wide turn and I passed him. When I passed him I looked over and smiled. When we got off my papa said to me ” when you passed me and smiled I was like oh boy.” And that made me laugh. I love vacation with my grandma and Papa.

  • Right in the feels Brian. Great story. Morgan and Cherie too. Thanks for sharing all. My Granny came with us to our trip as kids to Disneyland in the 80s, she was (and is) old, but she kept right up with us every step of the way. She even bought a nice Mickey top that she still wears from time to time to this day!

  • Grandma didn’t travel much, but when she heard her granddaughter would be marching in the band in a Disney parade she didn’t want to miss it! A forever memory was made that day,she enjoyed Disneyland with the same excite as her grandkids!

  • We have three kids (9, 5, 1.5) and their grandma (my mom) died from pancreatic cancer two years ago. It was really hard on their grandpa (my dad) and for a year and half, he had emotionally checked out. This is a man who loved his grandchildren but simply couldn’t reconnect after she died. In desperation to find happiness, grandpa said, “Do you guys want to go on a Disney cruise with me? I think we all need it.” We sailed as a family, along with my sister and her kiddos, this past New Years. As if it was scripted from Disney storybook, something Magical happened to all of us. We got our dad back, the kids got their grandpa back, we all healed, a lot. Thank you Disney for helping my dad, a great grandpa, find his way again. If Grandpa’s know how important Disney is for the soul.

  • When I was 5 years old, my grandpa was sitting on a bench across from the Winnie the Pooh ride, and I ran over and asked him if I could get a stuffed animal of Winnie the Pooh, and he gave me a 50 dollar bill and my 5 year old little self ran across to my mom with a 50 dollar bill in my hand to go and but my own Winnie the Pooh doll.

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