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Force Friday Merchandise Event Details Released

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

There’s been an “awakening” in the force, have you felt it?


New Star Wars™ themed merchandise and more will land in our galaxy at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts on September 4, 2015 at 12:01 AM (Midnight). Set your hyperspace coordinates and come to this merchandise ticketed event to gather supplies and other acquisitions in preparation of the highly anticipated film release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December.

Tickets to the Force Friday merchandise event include:

  • The opportunity to be among the first to purchase new Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed merchandise, including Disney Theme Park Merchandise exclusives and licensed products. Purchase limits will apply.
  • Amenity gift

Which “side” will you choose? No matter where your alliances fall, here are the details on where the events will take place.

Tickets for the Force Friday merchandise release are $50 per person and are limited to availability. No discounts apply.

Reservations for the Force Friday merchandise ticketed event will be accepted only via beginning August 26, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)/ 2 p.m. (Eastern Time).


  • Hi Michelle quick question the event went off fairly well but why are prices different the next day? I bought 200 item to find it for 150 the next day when visiting the park?

  • Online registration is no longer available for this event. Guests can purchase tickets onsite for the event when registration opens at 4 p.m. Tickets can be charged to a major credit card; the team is not able to accept cash or gift cards.where do u go for this

    • There is no onsite registration Kevin, purely a check-in for those who previously registered.

  • If you did not register in time and don’t have a ticket will you still get to shop midnight at World of Disney? Will they have a line for non-ticketed shoppers?

    • Hi Amanda! World of Disney at the Disneyland Resort and Once Upon A Toy at the Walt Disney World Resort will both open at Midnight (based on time zone). If you are attending the Disneyland Resort release, the queue for the release will be in the Simba Parking lot, close to the Disney’s Paradise Pier Parking Structure. If you are visiting Walt Disney World it will be near Once Upon A Toy.

  • Hey Michelle, thanks for all of your help. For those of us who do not have tickets, what time will Once Upon a Toy be open? Regular morning time (9 i think)? Also, will Once Upon a Toy have different exclusives than standard Disney stores? Thanks!

    • Ryan, Once Upon A Toy will remain open throughout the night and through tomorrow.

  • question? for disneyland where do we line up? how will they be doing all this dtd?
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    thank you

  • one place says regiatration is at 9pm another says 4pm which is it

    • Registration begins at 9p.m. on each respective coast.

  • So since they are not selling tickets online anymore , what does a wait list mean? Who would cancel after paying $50? So is event officially sold out ?

  • Since this is at only two exclusive locations is it possible Disney will surprise us with some special character appearances from the up coming movies?

  • Has there been any updates to what “exclusives” will be available , really would like more info as to what the $50 per ticket is getting me

  • I will be at Disneyland at the Disneyland Half Marathon Anniversary Party that is in the park from 9-midnight and staying at the Grand Californian so I could attend Force Friday afterwards. But I don’t think I could make it to the event check-in beforehand because it’s the same time as the party. With a ticket could I just show up after midnight to get in or is check-in mandatory for a shopping time?

  • Your doing a wonderful Job!

  • Thanks Michelle!!!

  • Thank you for all the info Michelle!

    I just want to get clarification on something…

    So once all the stores open for their regular hours on Friday, we should be able to purchase the new Magic Bands there at the Downtown Disney Marketplace?

  • Michelle, great info!!! Wish I could be there! keep the tidbits coming as you can : )

  • OK Just to comment: I’m taking a leap of faith and signed me and my daughter (big star wars fans) for this event. I owe her something for missing out on summer vacations because of a new baby in the family. I understand that because of licensing agreements with Lucas Films and the distribution and other logistics to this event and the others around the country there isn’t anything you can do or say about this event. that being said we where going to attend the Super Target event and or TRU event. But! like I said I think this could make her weekend if we head to Disney also. I know this is a !!leap of faith!! and I am crossing my fingers Disney doesn’t let me down. I know everyone is pulling for info but their is non I know this because I know that Lukas Films warned about pulling licensing rights from retailers if they leaked anything. yet knowing Disney owns the rights I thought they might give a little more and although the bag is nice please don’t let that be it!

  • Im inclining to agree with comment number 23 John – $50 bucks per person to shop for roughly 1 hour is a lot to ask when you have no idea what will be available. We did the Galactic Gathering Event prior to Star Wars Weekends and to tell the truth it was very disappointing/ unpleasant. A lot of hurry up to wait in long lines for everything the hole shopping experience was borderline violent with some peoples behavior including the event teams attitudes and that is not the general cast member I’m talking higher up the food chain, and faith in Disney towards Star Wars is really loosing ground fast …. Show the merchandise like any other event in a prior catalog because we have no interest otherwise and its less then a week now to even work it out

  • Lisa is wrong to comment that “Like every Disney event before, you know Disney S L O W L Y releases info. and updates on merchandise.” Many or most of the Disney pin events I’ve gone to over the years as well as other Disney merchandise events have indicated before registration opens what much or most of the available merchandise will be (with edition sizes and prices). Of course Lisa is right that everyone could always just choose not to buy a ticket to this purchasing event. It would just be nicer to guests if in the future (if not for this event) Disney would at least give us (and of course Michelle) some specifics on what we’re shelling out non-trivial money for (more detail than some limited some open or general merchandise categories). Perhaps Disney doesn’t feel it needs to do this because the “excitement” about the forthcoming film and attendant merchandising Michelle keeps mentioning will let them sell out the event anyway. That prediction may be accurate, but it’s not a very magical attitude to take toward us loyal fans. I hope that everyone who does choose to pay Disney the $50 on faith has a wonderful time and gets a shot at some items with low enough LEs that will be sold out before the general public gets a shot.

  • DCA closes at 8 pm, DL closes at 9 pm, and the DTD shops at 10 pm. What are FF attendees to do for the three hours after registering at 9 pm?

  • Did you say there WILL be MagicBands? Oh man… I hope these are new graphic bands… maybe Limited Edition? Even if they aren’t, I’ll be there now FOR SURE. Thanks for that bit of info Michelle.

  • So many questions with a negative tone. Just buy a ticket or don’t. Like every Disney event before, you know Disney S L O W L Y releases info. and updates on merchandise. I just wish I could be there to pre-purchase some of the goods, but I’ll be running the 5K that morning (1st time in a DisneyRun) and already have to be there before 5:30! Have fun to those attending!!

    • Thanks Lisa! Good luck with the race that morning! runDisney events are quite amazing and I know you’ll have a great time! If you feel like checking out World of Disney Store later in the day for any of the merchandise, you definitely should. Have a great run!

  • Michelle, first you are doing a great job here! Thanks!

    IF there are limited edition Magic Bands offered, will they be offered in Disneyland as well as WDW?

    • Thank you Jana! There are going to be Magic Bands, I’m happy to announce, but the Magic Bands will only be offered at Walt Disney World.

  • Thank you Michelle, for having the patience to answer our questions.

  • When will we be allowed to line up for the 21:00 registration?

    Where should we park? Will Mickey & Friends trams and the toy story busses be running the entire time?

    • Anna, there is no need to queue up early for registration, as for details regarding parking, etc… the information, if you have already signed up for the event, will be sent to you prior to the event.

  • At DLR the shopping number will be randomly assigned, prior to the event at upon check-in. I’m not sure I like this idea. Someone could register at 23:00 and get assigned #1. Someone who checked-in first might get #300. It would be different if your registration time was assigned randomly. Then you could arrive accordingly.

    How can I judge what time my number represents? Will you let 100 in the store at 12:01 and then let in more as they exit or will you let in a specific number of people every 15 minutes? or…?

    If I miss my number being called, will I be able to go into the store as soon as I complete check-in?

    • Everyone attending will receive a number that designates their place in the queue for the shopping experience. The number is pre-assigned and is not determined the evening of the event.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for trying to answer the amount of ?’s you are getting here. I know how difficult it is to have to repeat yourself over and over. Thanks Michelle

    • Thanks Fil, that means a lot!

  • Will all the LE merchandise only be in these two stores?

    It wouldn’t be kosher to have something “sold out” at World of Disney, but still in stock at Star Traders when it opens later in the morning.

  • Will there be some merchandise exclusive to WDW and some to DLR? I’m thinking MagicBands, theme park logos…

    • Hi Anna, the Disney Theme Park Merchandise developed items for the most part should be found on both coasts.

      Update: Hey Anna, quick update for you. The Magic Bands that will debut will only be available at Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Paying an extra $50 for what?? So just because people are on Disney property means Disney has to charge people an extra $50, what if there’s nothing i would really want and i just basically wasted $50! Why would i pay an extra 50 bucks to buy new Star Wars The Force Awakens stuff when i can just save that $50 and go to Target, Wal*Mart and Toys R Us. Come on Disney you need more info then this if you want people to go!

  • For those of us going to the Disneyland event, I wonder where the parking is going to be. Both Downtown Disney and Mickey & Friends lots are closed overnight!

    • Michael, I’m hearing for the Disneyland event parking will most likely be in the Simba Lot, but I can almost guarantee you will get an e-mail letting you know all the things you need to know before you go.

  • Sept 4th is my birthday. Can I order online as I’m from Canada and still 4 wks from my trip to WDW

    • Robert, there are no plans to offer any of the new items online and/or through Merchandise Guest Services at this time. Be sure to visit Watto’s Grotto at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and other locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort on your next visit though.

  • @Michelle – Thanks for providing as much info as you could! It’s nice to hear there will be limited edition items there, and that did it for me. Bought 2 tickets to the Disneyland event.This will be my first time going to a merchandise event like this, so I hope it will be as fun as it sounds.

    • Thanks for your understanding Tam! I am only able to share what I can at this time.

  • Can you please provide pictures or descriptions of the items that will be available?

    • David, we can’t provide any photos or descriptions, but I can tell you several of the categories of new items that will debut include, apparel, toys, pins, Vinylmation and more.

  • To everyone on this message board. Some of the things they want to keep as a surprise so for now it’s a leap of faith in Disney to expect something extraordinary for paying a fee for the experience

    • Hi Billy! I saw your additional comment above as well. I do appreciate your understanding of the vagueness in the responses. In regards to the overall event. For $50, you are getting the opportunity to participate in the shopping opportunity. It is a very limited number of Guests on both coasts who will be allowed to enter the locations. It’s truly the opportunity to be the first to view and purchase the new offerings. Certainly Disney Theme Park Merchandise has developed a special line of items that will debut that evening that will not be available at outside retailers. We understand that this is different than other experiences being offered at national retailer stores. The amenity gift has only been developed for the number of attendees. The product that will debut, or the remaining quantities will continue to be offered at locations throughout the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, as supplies last. If you are unsure, I would recommend possibly just checking out the product on your next visit. I wish I could share more details on product offerings, but at this time, I am not able to.

      Update: Billy, I can tell you now that you can expect to find new apparel, pins, toys, Vinylmation, Magic Bands and more. I’ve also just been able to release an image of the Amenity Gift, which can be seen on the following page:

  • Is it only Star Wars themed merchandise being released, or are there other new parks merchandise at the release, too? Thank you

    • Hi Nora, it is only going to be new Star Wars and Stars Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise that will debut.

  • Hello ,

    May I ask why I am going to be paying 50 dollars? I don’t know of any other outlet doing this’. If it’s worth it I’ll be getting on a greyhound and heading down there next week. Can you please be more clear as to why I’m paying 50 dollars. All the other answers are very “skirted” replies .

  • Trying to determine if I want to do this can you say if new magicbands limited or otherwise will be available.

    • Hi Michael! I have an update for you! Magic Bands will definitely be included in the release at the Walt Disney World Resort only.

  • Can you tell us soon what will be park exclusive?

  • Just got off the phone with an events castmember. They currently have no idea what’s going to be available to purchase for the event. AP discounts do apply when purchasing items.

    • Hi Nicholas! Yes, just to clarify, while no discounts apply to the price of the event ticket, it will certainly apply to the purchase of merchandise.

  • I agree with Stephen. There is so little information listed about this event. What is going to happen beside shopping? So you get a messenger bag and the option to BUY merch early for $50? Why? Please add more info.

  • What is the benefit to paying $50 to buy here? Will there be any exclusives? I’m just trying to see if I’m better off going to the parks as originally intended on Friday morning.

    • Hi Michael! It’s definitely up to you. We know there is a lot of excitement about the merchandise and the new film. As I’m sure you are aware other retailers often do similar events and experiences. This is just another opportunity to know that you have a specific time frame of shopping vs. queuing up for hours prior to a specific store opening. There will be items that will only be available at Disney Parks available that evening as well.

  • Is the Messenger Bag exclusive to those who attend or will it be available to everyone? Also, to clarify, the sign in for registration would then be on September 3rd at 9pm correct? But then we aren’t allowed into the store til midnight? Thanks for any and all help.

    • Hi Janelle! The amenity gift (messenger bag) will only be available to the ticketed event attendees at World of Disney Store at the Disneyland Resort and Once Upon A Toy at the Walt Disney World Resort. As for your question regarding registration. It will begin the evening of the 3rd, so as long as you check-in prior to your shopping experience you will be fine. The store will open at 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 4. So this is the night of Sept 3rd, into the 4th.

  • Are tickets still available?

  • Are there going to be any exclusives being released on Force Friday at the parks?

    • Hey Berent! Yes, tickets are still available for both coasts. To my understanding there will be items that will be found outside Disney Parks stores, there will be limited edition items, open edition items, a variety of items across many platforms and of course, some that were developed strictly for Disney Parks. Hope that helps.

  • Will the entire merchandise be available? (books, comics, clothes, etc.) or will they only sell toys?

    • From what I’m hearing Mariana it will be a mixture.

  • Are you going to post a catalog of what is going to be available? This was done for the Star Wars Weekend merchandise event and for D23. What are you asking us to pay $50 for the chance to buy? Are they the same items that will be available at Toysrus and other retailers? Are there limited edition and exclusive items? A little more information other than just we are having an event to sell stuff and you need to pay money to attend would be nice.

    • Hi Stephen! The events you mention are definitely different than this and generally have additional offerings and fees that apply, along with a list of items or as you mentioned catalog. Unfortunately we are not able to share information regarding any of the new items that will be available to purchase. This is purely an opportunity /experience that the Parks are offering for our Guests, as we know there is a great excitement for all of it. Items will be available (obviously based on availability) at select locations on both coasts on the September 4th itself. Some of the items may sell that evening, which I guess in some cases allows the Guests to avoid any risk of not getting it. There will be limited edition and open items, product that is available in the national market, and merchandise that is strictly developed for Disney Parks.

  • Are there going to be more “droid factory” droids this year?

    • I think we’re all crossing our fingers for that Collin.

  • I would also like to know… Any exclusive items specifically for the event? or Limited Edition items for sale?

    • As I mentioned to George, above. There will be items that are limited edition and/or limited in quantity, there are also merchandise pieces developed only for Disney Parks.

  • Will the items be available the next day?
    Also is there anything exclusive to this event?

    • Hi George! Remaining quantities of merchandise will be available the next day. As for exclusives, there will be limited items, there will also be Disney Theme Park exclusive items, so definitely something to consider.

  • Will the LEGO Store at WDW be open as part of Force Friday’s midnight event? I know it’s not a Disney operated shop, but curious if there was any info available.

    • Hi Adam! The only location we know that will be partaking in any midnight experience regarding Force Friday will be Once Upon A Toy at the Walt Disney World Resort.

  • When does it go on sale to the public? Sept 5th?

    • Hi Chad! The merchandise will be available at select locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort at store opening (based on respective locations) on Sept. 4th, if you are not planning to attend the event.

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