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New Frozen Ever After, Royal Sommerhus Details & Renderings Released

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

New details were released at the D23 Expo on the Frozen Ever After attraction and neighboring Royal Sommerhus that are currently being constructed at Epcot.

The Frozen Ever After attraction will transport guests to Arendelle just in time for the “Winter in Summer” celebration. According to Portfolio Creative Executive Kathy Mangum, the attraction’s project team is currently partnering with many of the talented individuals at Walt Disney Animation who helped bring the original “Frozen” film to life, as well as award-winning composers Bobby and Kristen-Anderson Lopez.


“We’re also expanding the Norway pavilion with the addition of the Royal Sommerhus – a charming cabin where guests will be able to meet Anna and Elsa,” Kathy said. “This cabin is based on an actual historic log cabin in Norway. In fact, in order to make sure we get the character and detailing right, we just sent our project team to Norway on a research trip to study the country and its cultural arts and crafts in person, just as the film team did.

“We’re confident that this attraction will bring more guests to the Norway pavilion and increase their interest and knowledge of Norwegian culture, just as the World Showcase was intended to do.”


  • So does anyone know when this attraction is supposed to open? We are using Birnbaum’s 2016 WDW guide book to help us plan our 5-day visit with our granddaughters in the first week of March 2016 and it is mentioned in the section on the Norway pavilion. FP+ was also mentioned as a must. I see Disney hasn’t posted anything on this since August.

  • Sorry, I am asking this question in several places on the blog. Is there a specific opening date for this attraction? We will visit March 13th, 2016. I feel like we will be so close to the attraction opening, but most likely will just miss it. Would love to know before it is time for me to plan my fastpasses in January. Right around the corner! I have a sneaking feeling a lot of new things will open just after our time there. Making me wonder if I should shift my whole trip to summer 2016. The weather is so much nicer in the spring though!! Hoping that March is Early Spring 2016!!! That would just make our trip!! My daughter is a huge Frozen fan. I have finally warmed up to it.

  • I’m planning a visit in Aug 2016 maybe around the second week or so, do you know if this new frozen attraction will be up and running? My whole trip is based around this attraction, my 3 year old is a frozen freak and I would love for her to get a chance to experience it.

    Thank you

  • @Fred – It is true that the images of FEA we see are Disney’s, and legally designed and owned by Imagineers, but the IDEA of doing one was beaten to death on the Internet fan circuit for years before any Imagineer drew up the concept art. The so-called “Armchair Imagineer” fans who like up to think up better rides than the professional people have a notorious bad-fan habit of either coming up with roller coasters, or movie-based dark rides, and insist that the latest hit movie be “rewarded” with an attraction for its success whether it fits with the overall theme of the park or not.
    Like Star Wars Land and Stitch’s Great Escape, Norway’s Frozen was one of those attractions, quote, “everyone knew” they were going to build before even Disney knew it. 🙂 In which case it WAS built by the fans, and again, the in-house designers who do this every day for a living tend to come up with much better concepts.

  • “Its clear that even though Frozen will be a more dominating part of the pavilion, Disney has not forgotten that its in Norway.”

    Alexander– I agree! Thank you so much for your positive comments.

  • Eric–
    That is not true. It is a fact that WDI designed and came up with the land concept, not the fans. You cannot blame the fans. Legally, WDI cannot even read any ideas that the fans have.
    It’s just like you said in the Star Wars Land discussion; “Don’t punish the movies for their fans.”

  • “What a lovely Danish village.”

    The original Snow Queen story originated in Denmark, but the kingdom of Arendelle was in fact, inspired by Norway.

    That is also confirmed with this sentence;

    “This cabin is based on an actual historic log cabin in Norway. In fact, in order to make sure we get the character and detailing right, we just sent our project team to Norway on a research trip to study the country and its cultural arts and crafts in person, just as the film team did”

  • Thanks for the updates! Any word on if Anna and Elsa will be going Akershus for the Princess dining as well?

  • @Mark – Again, like Star Wars Land, it’s the fans: The fans thought “If Disney based Frozen on Norway, they should put it in Norway! How about a Frozen ride instead of Maelstrom?” Several hundred fans all came up with the one same “brilliant” idea on the fan circuit, and when that happens, they think it becomes a movement. (Although their idea for also pushing for an Inside Out makeover of Imagination isn’t a bad idea at that…)
    I know there may have been some problem with Norway’s international sponsors, but that’s why I wasn’t happy about Frozen Ever After, since it seems like it was designed by the one-idea fans, and not by Disney’s own idea-men. The “real Norway” rest of the pavilion, though, looks like classic detailed Imagineer work. 🙂

  • Hopefully the correct name will be Royal Sommerhus! (Kongelig Sommerhus)
    Summerhus is not any Scandinavian language… Its closer to Swedish “summar”(summer).

    To mix the english summer with Norwegian house will not be correct in any writing form.

    Loooove the new expansion rendering though!
    Its clear that even though Frozen will be a more dominating part of the pavilion, Disney has not forgotten that its in Norway. I hope Disney will find a Norwegian name for the ride as well instead of Frozen Ever After…

  • My eight-year-old daughter just said this does not belong in Epcot but should be in Hollywood Studios. If she gets it, why doesn’t Disney get it?

  • FastPass+ warped wait times for the Maelstrom ride to the point that what used to be a pleasant walk-on became a 30+ minute wait. I can’t imagine what the wait time for the new Frozen ride will be (not that the ride didn’t need an update), It’s just become impossible to do anything in EPCOT with all the good rides being listed in the “pick one” group, to which I’m sure this will be added. What you needed was to rebuild body wars, open back up Innovations West and drive interest in other activities. Some day EPCOT will receive the attention it deserves.

  • I personally cannot wait for this. I never waited more than ten minutes for Maelstrom and I think this will really spark interest in the area. Although Arendelle is made up i’m sure the culture is still accurate and I’m sure there will be “real” culture outside of the ride. I’m sure there will still be a store and restaurant which is all some countries have to begin with. Nobody complains about the other pavilions that don’t have a ride but still provide culture…

  • Awesome. While I enjoyed the Norway boat ride this is a BIG reason to come back again. I love how the Disney Imagineers are always thinking of ways to improve and provide fresh attractions. Thank you.

  • I’m so excited about the Frozen Ever After Attraction! Is there any word on whether the attraction will have a wheelchair accessible boat?

  • what exactly is going to be left that is about or showcasing Norway? Just some architecture and thats it?

  • @Michael while I’m sure the Frozen addition will be spectacular I totally agree… I don’t like the fact that they are turning Norway into Arendale and wish instead that they make a permanent Frozen area at Studios (they’ve already done a Summer layover two years running) That’s just my opinion

  • This is a shame. I have nothing against adding a Frozen attraction, but not by taking away the traditional ride and film of Norway. World Showcase is supposed to be about cultures around the world. Character attractions can be put anywhere.

  • Now that top photo looks so much like a “real” Norway pavilion in the World Showcase area (without the trolls and Viking ships), that the Frozen marketing almost seems like it’s….ruining it in a way.
    I guess I can deal with a Frozen ride or A&E, just so long as they’re well camouflaged–In the same way that Aladdin & Jasmine have a nice hidden spot in Morocco, and don’t clash with that area’s amazing scenery.

  • Looks really nice! 🙂

    I’d love to see a Frozen attraction come to Disneyland sometime.

  • What a lovely Danish village.

  • It’s so nice to hear that the additions to the Norway pavilion will be authentic and the Norway pavilion will continue to be treated with the respect that all counties in World Showcase deserve.

  • Very cool! 🙂

    I’m still hoping that Disneyland in California will receive a Frozen ride someday. There are plenty of Frozen fans in California that would love to see one in Disneyland Resort.

  • I think the “Maelstrom” being removed is a tragedy, along with the Norway movie. Frozen is not Norway, and the World Showcase is supposed to be about countries and cultures.

    My family really enjoyed the old Norway Pavilion, and are very sad to see it changed – especially to a movie that is not in the “Real” Norway. I am NOT against “Frozen”, and am not a Frozen hater, but I just don’t want to see EPCOT World Showcase stay to its roots, and there are plenty of places in the Magic Kingdom to put Frozen attractions, instead of EPCOT.

  • I think everyone wants to know if this will be an interactive style meet, similar to Enchanted Tales, or if it will be a regular meet? Also, will Olaf be meeting guests here?

    • As soon as we know more, we’ll post it here!

  • So happy to see that the boats from Maelstrom will remain in this new attraction. I’m very much looking forward to this new addition to the Norway Pavillion.

  • I’m looking forward to the changes at the pavilion and can’t wait to see them. When will they be completed?

    • No word on this yet – we’ll share more when we know.

  • Will Anna and Elsa only be in the Royal Sammerhus when it opens, or will they be staying in MK as well?

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