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Reservations Open August 17 for New Happy HalloWishes Dessert Party for 2015

This year’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom Park debuts September 15 (on select dates through November 1), and a new Happy HalloWishes Premium Dessert Package is part of the fun.

Enjoy Ghost Meringues During the New Happy HalloWishes Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom Park Enjoy Halloween-Inspired Treats During the New Happy HalloWishes Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom Park

This premium offering includes viewing a Mickey’s “Boo-To-You” Halloween Parade from the reserved location in the center flag pole area of Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A., followed by sweet treats at festively decorated Tomorrowland Terrace where you have a cool view of Cinderella Castle during the Happy HalloWishes Nighttime Spectacular.

Enjoy Mummy Cupcakes During the New Happy HalloWishes Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom Park Enjoy Candy Corn Cupcakes During the New Happy HalloWishes Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom Park

Tables are laden with goodies such as Halloween-themed chocolate-dipped strawberries, adorable ghost meringues, candy corn panna cotta, peanut butter-chocolate pretzel “witch fingers,” spiced pumpkin cheesecake brownies, peanut butter “spider” whoopie pies, seasonal fruits and cheeses, hot chocolate, signature lemonades and Halloween specialties, and coffee and tea. Little ones will love mummy cupcakes, candy corn cupcakes and “worm and dirt pots.”

Have a toast with family and friends with sparkling cider! And a skull mug filled with candy is your very own trick-or-treat takeaway.

Cost is $69, $39 ages 3 to 11. For reservations visit DisneyWorld.com/DINE or by calling 407-WDW-DINE. The standard Wishes Dessert Party will not take place on nights the premium HalloWishes package is offered.


  • Booked for October 13th…can’t wait!!!! I agree with a previous poster. We have a young one (3 yo) and having seats for the parade & fireworks is worth paying for. We’ve done MNSSHP 5-6 times and it is our families favorite. Looking forward to this new experience!!!

  • Searching for info on Paint the Night parade. Will it run during Christmas at Disneyland????Trying to plan a trip for our family. Thank-you

  • Apparently sold out for Oct. 1…there are 4 of us. This is where WDW Table Finder may come in handy! 😀

  • Why is this not at Disneyland? It looks so fun & yummy. Please do it in California, please, please.

  • Sorry – I failed to put the date we will be at the MNSS – Tuesday, September 15…

  • Hey, we are only a party of two that would like to join 2 or 4 others that would like to make up a table or 4 or 6 that might be available.

    contact us if you would like to share…..

  • has anyone noticed they opened up a block of reservations for be our guest during the party from 7-8 pm? I booked it for my September trip. Ill gladly go there over the dessert party. I know they also serve Halloween themed desserts.

  • Are we for certain that another Soiree won’t be offered a bit further down the line? It was more expensive than this offering and, in my opinion, a really awesome event if you were lucky enough to be part of it. Has anyone from Disney, Like Pam Brandon, actually confirmed no more Villians Soiree?

  • Why the need to meet at 7:30 for the parade? If the viewing area is reserved, it seems you should be able to show up right before the parade starts. If you still have to wait over an hour to see the parade I don’t see how this is a benefit.

  • Had the same problem everyone else did trying to get a reservation for 2 people. I was able to get a reservation for 3. We decided to buy the extra ticket so we could attend the party.

  • How many tickets are sold for this event because I tried to get a reservation for 2 and it said there was none available and they just went on sale today??

  • October 27th booked for us too !! Excited !!

  • I don’t know how many tickets they sell, though when I go it’s never felt overly crowded.

    You don’t NEED preferred seating for the parade or Hallowishes. If you know the parade route you can find a seat. They have two runs of the parade. Just go to the later one, find your seat early. The fireworks can be seen most anywhere around the castle area. I like to watch by Tiana’s gazebo.

    Quite frankly, you don’t need to buy the park pass and then MNSSHP. You can get in the park at 4 with the MNSSHP pass. A lot of ride during the party are walk-on. If you hold off on the parade and special characters until later in the night it’s not very crowded. I guess it depends on when you’re going but I’ve never felt rushed or been forced to stand on really long lines except for Haunted Mansion. There are so many candy lines you can always find one out of the way that’s not very busy. Last year I even got to see the Seven Dwarfs, and that’s the longest character line you wait for.

    I don’t know why you paid $89 each for the ticket because it isn’t that expensive on the site.

    The preferred seating events are for people who truly wanted it. Disney always does the dessert party for Wishes, they are just adding one for Hallowishes. The parade area is a bonus.

    I liked the soiree last year! I just thought it was a bit overpriced, but it was a great event. Sad they’re not keeping it.

  • So we are paying to get into the park that day then another $89.00 each for the the Mickeys not so scary Halloween party (even for the 4 year old and now 69.00 for preferred seating for the parade. That is just to much you shouldn’t need preferred seating they shouldn’t sale that many tickets for trick or treating party. I’m wondering how many tickets they sale for Halloween party anyone know?

  • for some reason the 15th of Sept only has availability for any party size above 2, yet all I want is a booking for a party of 2 🙁

  • In the past, Dining CM’s have let me reserve for three and then they have immediately refunded the extra person. Try that!

  • Every date (bar 1) is sold out for 2 tops? Including the early September dates? Or maybe they aren’t catering to those of us who are just two.

  • Except they are already sold out of two toppers on our day. I wonder how many they even have available per day. You know they want to fill the bigger ones.

    She actually asked me if I wanted to book it for a different day? Um no because this is when I have my other tickets that I paid extra for.

  • Hope there will be one for the Christmas party, *hint hint* 🙂

  • Just booked our reservation!!! So excited!

  • We were able to get in on Oct 16. While some may complain about the $69 price tag, for a family of 5 with kiddos a guaranteed spot to watch fireworks without fighting a crowd is worth it alone. Throw in a spot to watch the parade PLUS dessert? Done and Done!

    Thank you for offering this Disney! We are VERY excited.

  • Just bought ours for Oct 27th! Happy Anniversary and Birthday to me 🙂 And helloooo sugar coma!!!

  • Looking at the timeframe, it seems like adding the Dessert Party will eat up a lot of time, which is impractical since you’re already paying for the Not So Scary event separately. You have to be at the flagpole at 7:30pm, wait an hour for the 8:35pm parade, then you go to TLT for the party and HalloWishes starts at 10:00pm. That only leaves you 90 minutes to actually DO anything. Yes, you’ve seen the parade and the fireworks, but you’ve met no characters, seen no stage shows and done nothing else. I realize NSS allows you entrance to MK at 4pm, but the special characters and events don’t happen that early. While I enjoy the regular dessert party, this doesn’t really seem like a good use of time while at NSS.

  • Since there will be no soiree this year, is there a way to meet and greet the villains???

  • The Soiree was our favorite WDW event, ever. This feels like we are regressing. If I understand the replacement event, there will be no characters, no view of the pre-parade stage show, and a potentially restricted view of the fireworks. Sounds perfect.

  • Sold out for 10/23 already 🙁

  • Yes it is. No Soiree this year.

  • I love these extra events but I really wish you could add more savory foods to the list. My youngest and I prefer savory over sugar and it always feels like a waste when we spend so much money for us to each have one cookie.

  • Is Disneyland going to be having a special Halloween dessert party like this??

  • Sounds good. Is this replacing last years Villains Soiree in the castle?

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