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Shop For Authentic Walt Disney World Resort Merchandise with New Shop Disney Parks Mobile App

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One of the most popular questions I’ve received during my time with Disney Theme Park Merchandise is, “Can I buy this item online?” I’m delighted to answer that question with the launch of the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.


Shop Disney Parks lets you shop your way, making it easy and convenient to find favorite Walt Disney World Resort authentic products. The app offers access to thousands of products, including some of the newest arrivals created especially for Disney Parks. New products will be added weekly.

The app also provides delivery options which let you ship directly to your home.


The coolest part of Shop Disney Parks is the online map that can be used to locate products in theme parks and resorts. I searched for my favorite Orange Bird figurine and found it located in several shops as seen in the images above. You can also scan a barcode in a shop, purchase the item through the app and have that item sent directly to your home.

Look for additional enhancements in the coming weeks including delivery to the front of theme parks and delivery to your Disney resort hotel. At this time, products from Disneyland Resort and Disney Cruise Line are not available via Shop Disney Parks.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and smartphones for Android. Visit this page for more details how to download the app.*

*Message, data and roaming rates may apply. Availability subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage and app stores not available everywhere. If you’re under 18, get your parents’ permission first.


  • Hi, can I use a Disney Gift card to make purchases on the Shop Disney Parks app? Thank you

  • I’m curious about the use of a gift card also on the app. Any new news about an update for it?

  • Can you use a Disney gift card to pay for a purchase through the app?

  • I purchased a magic band through shop disney parks app. It does not work. Say not valid. Have left messages this morning. No return call. Can someone help?

  • How an i use a gift card?

  • I know that it is already going to be an update, but do you happen to have an ETA as to when we will be able to use Disney Gift cards as a payment option? Thanks!

  • Perhaps a version for international shoppers that allows you the same merch locating options as well as buy online and ship to resort options only.

  • I love the app but the # 1 item i am looking for is the pocahontas shoe ornament and was wondering is it going to be available on the app and when is it coming in?

  • Hello – great app! I’m at WDW and the item I want isn’t in stock at my location in the size I need, but the app says it’s available. How do I use the app to order the item and have it delivered to my resort hotel while I’m here?

  • Hello, do you know if this app is going to be release for outside United States?
    I´m travelling there in December and will be really helpfull to use it because i´m travelling with little kids and the shopping will be easier.

  • HI,
    I am searching for a Minnie Mouse Nautical bag that I saw at Fittings and Fairing Notions At the Yacht Club the other day while there. I can’t find it anywhere within this new app. I even emailed Disney to see if they can help, still waiting an answer. Why is it not there? I am obviously kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it and I am now home in NJ.


  • First package for items found only because of the app is on the truck for delivery today (still ordered over the phone though, but LOVED being able to find items I would have had no knowledge about otherwise)!!!!

    Looking forward to future updates and hope it expands to include not only Disneyland, but also Disney Cruise, Aulani, Vero Beach, Hilton Head, etc. 🙂

    Happy SEVENTEEN!

    • @Jonathan – Thank you 🙂

  • Will an iPad version of the app be released?

    • @Andrew – There are no immediate plans for an iPad version. You can, however, use the iPhone app on an iPad.

  • @Steven – Thanks for your ongoing responses!

    I look forward to the possibility of getting Lunar New Year items with Disney characters in 2016!

  • Love the new app and the ability to buy figment merchandise which I have never seen in the store! Would love this to be rolled out to Aulani – as others have mentioned, as well as the international parks! Would also love to see the Starbucks I am here mugs on here too!!!

  • This app sounds fantastic. Hopefully it will be available in the UK by the time I can next visit. Will make souvenir shopping much easier I can go back for items rather than picking them up when I see them.

  • I don’t know if you’re still reading this thread, Steven, but please pass along to the developers that a Wish List function would be great! It’d be nice to pick out my park purchases in advance for quick shopping when I’m there, instead of having to run new searches each time while in the park.

    Also, for those concerned about item limits, I did find at least one item that was listed as “in-store purchase only.” Depending on how the developers use that feature, it could cut down on poaching.

    Already made two purchases! Very excited about this app.

    • @Trinna – I’m still reading. 🙂 Like other apps, there will be additional enhancements and updates. I don’t have a confirmed timeframe that will happen but look for things in the coming months.

  • It’s call Shop Disney Parks, not shop Disney World, so all of the parks should be available, right?

    • @Christopher – By calling it Shop Disney Parks, it allows for future expansion. There are additional updates planned for the app.

  • I hope that you will expand service to Canada soon!

  • Thank you for the quick follow up Steven. The items we were looking for from the Haunted Mansion merch released last year became available on the Disney Store app again (I live in Canada) but have to still hold off as we need to pay duty, etc which drives up the price. We reaaaaaly hope we come across the items we wanted when we are at DL/DCA in October! Fingers crossed!

  • Are there any plans to make this app available on the Windows Phone?

    • @Elizabeth – I am unaware of any such plans.

  • Unable to get “Shop Disney Parks” in the App Store for my iPad, comes up as “No Results found”. Tried iTunes but no results there either. No problem with my Android phone, just with iPad and the App Store.

    • @Steve – There is not a dedicated iPad app. You can, however, use the iPhone app on an iPad.

  • Hi there, Is it possible to checkout with a Disney gift card as opposed to a credit card?

    • @Matt – Disney Gifts Cards as payment is a future update but I don’t have an ETA as to when that will happen.

  • Thanks for following up on my inquiry about a Canadian app, Steven – I appreciate it. Cheers.

  • Here are my questions (you knew I’d have some, right?!) 🙂

    Will there be a way to see only newly-added items (similar to how Disney Store lists a New Arrivals section)???

    Will the app offer the purchase-with-purchase items?

    Will Food/Wine and Flower/Garden items be added when available?

    If an item is currently sold out but on order, will the app be updated to say it’s on order and/or give an estimated ETA on when it might be back in stock?

    • @Jonathan – Here are a few answers:

      – We are working on a new arrivals feature tile and hope to have that available with future updates. Frequency is still to be determined.
      – No current plans at this time for promotions yet you may seem something in future updates.
      – Select event items may be available but not typically at the start of the event. I don’t have confirmed timing as to when or if things will be added. Event items are created for guests who are attending the events first.
      – There are no immediate plans for that option.

  • Please make this app available to Canadian residents. I checked my Android today and it is not available in the Google Play Store. I am coming in late October and want to be able to find certain items including some Pandora items in the Disney parks.

  • I have been looking for a way to find which MagicBands were still available and where to pick them up when we arrive in October. This app is a God-send.

  • I second what Steve has said. That was my only and immediate fear with this great new app – that unscrupulous people would use it to purchase popular items to resell. I don’t know how that can be prevented. But I do love that I now have the opportunity to purchase some special items from WDW when I have long gaps between visits. I already have the Haunted Mansion Tarot scarf in my on=line bag! I’ve wanted that item ever since our dear Steven Miller previewed it last summer! (Memento Mori was not yet open on my last trip.) Thank you, Disney and Steven for making our shopping experiences so much fun!

    • @Jennifer – Please see my response to Steve above. The team is aware of the importance of purchase limits for select items. I’m happy to hear you like the Shop Disney Parks app. 🙂

  • James’ wife here again – thanks for your speedy response!!
    Just like #20, it has been difficult to get the Haunted Mansion purse, I was at WDW in May and visited DTD and Morimoto with no luck (and other stores), after three years of trying to get any version of the HM purse by D&B, (to add it to my growing Disney D&B collection or obsession) I had to buy from that “auction” site.
    I am hoping this app will help with those extra special and high demand items when they come available, because Disney just makes all things more fun even purses!
    Thanks again!!!


  • Is there a limit on the purchase of any one item?

    I ask only because there are a lot of people out there who buy a lot of the same item that is popular just to resell them online at a marked up price.

    This has happened to us with the Haunted Mansion merch that was released last year. We didn’t have a chance in purchasing the items we really wanted while we were at WDW because they were all sold out.

    • @Steve – The same purchase limits found in Disney Parks would apply to the Shop Disney Parks app. There may be additional limits implemented for select items. Additionally, some items may be “in store purchase” only.

  • Steven, Im torn on the app. Somehow, it makes parks exclusive merchandise less special. On the other hand, it does make shopping more convenient.

    With that said, any chance Aulani exclusive items may make their way here?


    • @George – There are no immediate plans for Aulani merchandise. It is my hope that the app will make the shopping experience even better, especially with the map option showing where products are available.

  • James’ wife here – (not#12’s)
    Hi Steve,
    So I am not sure, does this mean if I get the app and search for say a Dooney purse that may not be online at your regular online site, but may actually be at say TrenD (Downtown Disney included?) or any Disney Park store in any of the theme parks, I could then order that and have it shipped to my home? I know, kind of wordy, sorry, hope my question makes sense. I’m just trying to expand my Disney shopping “power”!!


    • That is correct. Select items via the Shop Disney Parks mobile app may not be available to ship home. Yet many items are including Dooney & Bourke handbags I believe. Basically, guests now have access to even more items than they ever have before.

  • Will a version become available for Android tablets? I can get it on my phone, but would greatly prefer the ease of viewing on my Galaxy tablets. Both of them say it is not available to download on them (for whatever reason). The software on both is up to date, so that isn’t the problem.

  • This could be dangerous for my bank account, but I am in love with this app. It’s really nice to be able to see where an item is in the parks, especially when I want to find a particular pin. I can’t wait for Disneyland to become available on this app.

  • Hello! I have a Premium Pass to Disneyland (and Gold D23 membership), which is linked to me Disney account. I just went to the app and placed a shirt in my shopping cart and noticed a discount. It only appeared to be a 10% discount, do you happen to know if this discount is tied to my pass or membership? Thank you in advance!

    • @Liz – I asked the team and most likely it’s linked to your annual pass. D23 Gold Membership isn’t something the app recognizes at this time. That may change with a future enhancement.

  • I am also hoping that the app will made available in the UK App Store soon so that I can download it ready for our trip to Walt Disney World!
    Please release the app in other countries!

  • will cast members be able to apply their discount on this app?

    • @Gerald – Cast Members discounts are not available at this time. That may change with future updates.

  • Is there a plan to add Aulani merchandise in the future? I am going there this winter and I’d like this resource when I get back in case I get home and kick myself for letting an item go!

    • @James – Unfortunately, Aulani merchandise is not available at this time. I am unaware of any confirmed plans to add those items. And please take me with you. 🙂

  • Why can’t we order magic bands? Any idea how til we can?

  • What a great idea! No more sneaking around trying to buy a gift without being seen by the giftee! Scan & ship!

    Also great for those wish-I’d-bought-that-while-I-was-there moments. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • App is not available for my phone, even though it is above v4.0. hmmm

  • What is the cost for the App?

    • @Hannah – There is no cost to download the app.

  • This is sooooo dangerous for my bank accounts 😉 I LOVE it!!! Thank you Disney for always thinking of how to improve the guest experience :):)

  • This will make shopping for park items easier, especially when I only get to visit the parks on occasion. Will the app be available on Canadian app stores anytime soon?

    • @Patrick – The Shop Disney Parks app will only be available for app stores in the United States for now. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

  • Love the app! It would be nice to go shopping by location and individual store just like when your there. I would like to browse by store!

  • I love this app! Saw someone mention it in a comment downloaded and already purchased items, it’s so easy to use.

    Is there a timeframe to when Disneyland items have be available?

    • @Sara – I do not have a timeframe at this time.

  • Please, PLEASE make this app and the Disney Store app available worldwide!

  • I love the idea of this app and would be using it a lot, however I just tried getting on my iPad and it is not showing up at all. When I look for it on my sister’s iPod, it shows up and is available to download. Do you know when it will be available to download for the iPad? Thanks in advance.

    • @Katie – I confirmed with the team. You can download the iPhone app for your iPad. There is not a dedicated iPad version at this time.

  • Can or will Disney Visa card holders be able to get the Disney Visa discount using the app?

    • @Heather – At this time, the Disney Rewards Visa cardholder discount is not available. There will be additional enhancements in the future which should include that discount. I don’t have a confirmed date as to when that will happen.

      Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club discounts are currently available. For those discounts, guests need to link their My Disney Experience accounts to see benefits.

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