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Star Wars Enhancements, New Experiences Coming Soon to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

From a new Star Tours adventure to Star Wars Launch Bay and Season of the Force, guests at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts will soon be able to step into the Star Wars galaxy like never before!

Star Wars Launch Bay Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park

Star Wars Launch Bay will take guests into the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with special exhibits and peeks behind-the-scenes, including opportunities to visit with favorite Star Wars characters and special merchandise. Star Wars Launch Bay will be located in the Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park. Also at Disneyland park, Star Wars Launch Bay will share the space with the reimagined Super Hero HQ, featuring opportunities to meet and take photos with Super Heroes like Captain America and Thor, as well as experience the returning Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries. Both experiences will be available for guests later this year.

Hyperspace Mountain Coming for Season of the Force at Disneyland Park

Season of the Force, a new seasonal event beginning early 2016, brings new experiences to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. In Tomorrowland at Disneyland park, guests will explore the Star Wars galaxy with special entertainment throughout the land, themed food locations and more. Guests also will also climb aboard Hyperspace Mountain, a reimagining of the classic Space Mountain attraction, in which guests will join an X-wing Starfighter battle. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests will close out weekend nights with a new fireworks spectacular set to the iconic score of the Star Wars movies.

Later this year, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue will include a new adventure featuring locations and characters from the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, giving guests a new adventure in the Star Wars galaxy.

Finally, Jedi Training Academy – a favorite of younger fans – will be reimagined with a new experience that includes new characters and a new villain to battle from the popular Disney XD series, “Star Wars Rebels.”


  • Could you please update with dates for the Seasons of the Force at WDW HS? We are very excited and hoping that it coincides with our trip.

  • Hi there. I will be in Hollywood Studios for Christmas Day 2015 with my three sons. I had planned to do the Jedi Academy. In fact it was the reason for booking all of our plans. Will the Jedi Academy or the new attractions be open by then?

  • I hear Fantasmic will be closed during construction, is there a date that they are closing this and the other attractions? Planning a mid-November Disneyland trip. Thanks!

  • how long is this show tryn to figure out times for our fast passes lo

  • So no one “Official” has answered that SWW will be continuing. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • “Guests also will also” PLEASE FIX!

  • What are the dates that Space Mountain will be closed while prepping for Hyperspace?

  • how long will season of the force run? will it be a big event like halloween or christmas so that it wont be booked six months in advance? with as many fans as will be coming, i hope disney releases a date soon so we can make our reservations. our only hints so far…”early 2016″ “during the slow season” makes me think jan-feb.

  • We have a planned trip to Disney World in the last week of October and are planning to do the Jedi Training Academy, as we did not get a chance to do it on our last trip in 2013. This will likely be the highlight of the trip for our Star Wars loving kids. I heard that this attraction will not be available this fall??
    When will Disney publicize more information about this? This has a huge impact on our trip and I am sure many others as well. We would actually consider postponing our trip and going at a time when the Jedi training Academy is available.
    Will it still be running Sunday, October 26th and the rest of that week? Please, please provide more information about the potential closure.

  • What is the deal with the Jedi Training at WDW in Florida? We will be there Oct. 22nd, 2015 on my son’s birthday and this was going to be his BIG SURPRISE!

    Will the Jedi Training still be happening on that day?

  • Will Season of the Force start January 1st? I’ll like to plan a Star Wars trip to Disney Land over my Christmas/new years break. Thanks.

  • Hello. We are coming to Hollywood Studios on Tuesday, September 29th. Is the Jedi Training not available then? Is another Star Wars interactive experience replacing it? Thank you!

  • I have heard that Jedi Training Academy will not be available this fall? We are going 11/15-11/21 and didn’t do it in 2013. Is this true?

  • This is quite confusing as there is no clarification about what’s happening with SWW. I’m a FL local but have several friends from out of state and out of country who all coordinate their travel plans for SWW so we can all meet up for a few days during SWW. That’s LOTS of coordination with numerous hotel reservations, flights, meals, etc. Any idea when more information will be available? Thanks!!! We really love SWW!!!!

  • I’ve been told that Star Wars Land is going to be replacing Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. Is that really true?

  • Hi! We are doing a Mother-Son Star Wars Weekend! We have our resort booked and would love to purchase airfare, take off work, etc.. How soon will event details come out? I am hoping the weekend of May 13-15 will still be when SWWeekends takes place. Can you let me know if the Weekends will remain on the same timeframes?
    Thank you! So excited for all the added Force!

  • So are we beginning to construct yet?!?!?!?! I”ll be going next week, but any date when construction starts?

  • I was at the announcement of Season of the Force at the D23 convention and they said it will not replace Star Wars Weekends. They will have both.

  • Erin,

    I saw in an earlier post that you said Star Wars land would be located in the Big Thunder Ranch area. Do you happen to know where all the cute/cuddly livestock like Bolt are moving to?

  • I also want to know if Seasons of the Force is replacing Star Wars Weekends and if so, will it be during the same time period? Thanks!

  • Don’t understand the delay in confirming if Seasons of the Force is replacing Star Wars Weekends. We travel down every year for opening weekend, but want to adjust plans if we’re off by a week or two. It really does sound like Seasons is replacing SWW – so be it, just don’t mess around with those of us who plan (or have to plan) a long time in advance. Shouldn’t be THAT hard…

  • I am also looking for some clarification too… Is “Seasons of the Force” replacing “Star Wars Weekends”? Our family has tentatively booked our trip assuming it will be at the same time of Star Wars weekends. Disney trips really need to be carefully planned and planned far in advance. I am disappointed there has been no firm dates for any of these events “just early next year.”

  • I also have to ask: Is “Seasons of the Force” going to replace “Star Wars Weekends”?

  • @Kimberly the first season of Star Wars Rebels was put up for free on starwars after the season ended, so people can watch it even if they don’t get Disney XD, they will just see it delayed.

  • I should of referred that to Kimberly…lol Kimberly if u may respond when u get a chance!!! I’m new to this blog stuffs…lol

  • I’m excited for the new Themeland of SW, and I know we all want to know when, where, how, the space available, can we get at least or pointed direction of Disney CA, where it will be, lol, the anticipation and waiting is just UUUGGGHH!!! lol!!

  • Kimberly– I don’t think that will be an issue. Even if some people don’t get Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels can also be seen on Amazon prime, google play, and itunes.

  • What about the Star Wars themed fireworks show? When is that coming? This fall?

  • What about Star Wars Weekends at DHS? Will it be at the same time and still have the autograph sessions, shows, parade, and character meals?

  • Will Star Wars replace Toontown or Big Thunder Ranch?

    • At Disneyland park, the land will be located in the Big Thunder Ranch area, inclusive of some backstage locations.

  • Will Star Wars replace ToonTown?

  • Where is the expansion going? I heard Star Wars land will be replacing ToonTown, is this correct?

    • At Disneyland park, the land will be located in the Big Thunder Ranch area, inclusive of some backstage locations.

  • Will this replace star wars weekend?

  • Is it true they are replacing Tooontown with parts of Star Wars Land and will this be similar to California Adventures requiring an additional ticket?

    • At Disneyland park, the land will be located in the Big Thunder Ranch area, inclusive of some backstage locations. Access will be included with Disneyland park admission.

  • Can someone at Disney please confirm that Star Wars weekends are still going ahead ? If not I may have to change my travel plans for next year!! The sooner I know the better!!

  • The new enhancements sound awesome. I will say I’m sad to hear that the Jedi Training Academy will not feature Darth Vader. There are a lot of people who still don’t get Disney XD, and will have no idea who the villains are.

  • Will it be at the same time as Star Wars Weekend?

  • How can I get a job in Star Wars Land? I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and also a part-time college student.

    Please tell me I can get a job in Star Wars Land! If so, how? Is there a special website?

  • More Star Wars is great, though not at the cost of removing more current attractions from Hollywood or discontinuing/significantly changing SWW! Also hope Toontown is not razed at Disneyland.

  • As a die hard Star Wars geek this is the best news ever! It will be a day long remembered!

  • I’m pretty sure season of the force will not replace Star Wars Weekends, from my understanding it will be something to raise park attendance during one of the typically slow parts of the year.

  • These sound like extra “premium” events not included with park admission.

    • Irene – Actually, all of these experiences will be included with regular park admission. No special ticket required.

  • The 13-year-old in me is ecstatic. Will Disney Vacation Club members have any special discounts available?

  • This all sounds great! But Seasons of the Force isn’t going to replace Star Wars Weekends is it?!

  • Will Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios continue or is the new Season of the Force a replacement?

  • Will Season of the Force be replacing Star Wars Weekends at DHS?

  • “Both experiences will be available for guests later this year.”

    This is ambiguous – “both” WDW and DLR or “both” Star Wars Launch Bay & Super Hero HQ in Disneyland Park”?

    • Sorry, Gregory – I was referring to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, including Super Hero HQ.

      EDIT – Super Hero HQ will only be at Disneyland park. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Is “Seasons of the Force” replacing Star Wars weekends?

  • Can we please get a time frame for Season of the Force over at Disneyland?

    • We’ll share that information as soon as we have it, Victoria.

  • Will hyperspace mountain also be at magic kingdom?

    • No, Michael – Hyperspace Mountain will only be at Disneyland park during Season of the Force.

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