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Summertime Update About Retail MagicBands and Accessories at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


As the “Coolest Summer Ever” continues at Walt Disney World Resort, I wanted to give you an update about several new retail MagicBands and accessories. These items are a great way to show your Disney Side during your vacation. Here is a look at some of my favorites.


The open edition retail MagicBands featuring Steamboat Willie and characters from Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” are currently available in select merchandise locations.

On August 14, we will release two additional open edition retail MagicBands. One will have Winnie the Pooh while the other will feature Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Open edition retail MagicBands have a retail of $22.99 each. Like all other retail MagicBands, these open edition items can be linked later making them great gifts.


At the beginning of the year, we released a retail MagicBand with an image of Cinderella Castle from Magic Kingdom Park. Later this month, we will have three additional open edition retail MagicBands for Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I’m thrilled to see Figment on the Epcot-themed MagicBand!


Some of the coolest MagicBand accessories I’ve seen are the attraction-themed MagicSliders. These small rectangular images easily slide onto the side of a MagicBand. They are a great way to either showcase your favorite Disney attractions or to keep track of which ones you’ve experienced.

Attraction-Themed MagicSliders Available at Walt Disney World Resort Attraction-Themed MagicSliders Available at Walt Disney World Resort

There are three attraction sliders per MagicSlider pack. Look for three different packs of Magic Kingdom Park attractions, and two packs each for attractions at Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each pack has a retail of $6.95.

Finally, we are now offering some of the Disney character MagicBands including Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck on our Disney Parks online store. You can find them along with select MagicBand accessories by visiting this page.


  • We want some villains magic bands!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

  • How can I purchase the Figment MagicBand? I haven’t been to Walt Disney World since before this system rolled out as my trips have mostly been Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney, and visits to Disneyland. My next trip to Walt Disney World isn’t until October 2016, for a day in conjunction with a Disney Cruise from New York City, but I LOVE Figment and MUST HAVE this MagicBand. I just don’t want to buy something that I don’t know how to/fear I cannot use in the future. I’m not very familiar with purchasing & using the bands, but a Figment collectable… this I need!

  • Sweet! My daughter is freaking out about the Pooh band. I love seeing the park-themed ones as well.

  • Is that the Dreamcatcher I see in the background of the Figment Slider?!? Any chance it (and its driver) will return to the park any time soon?

  • When will the figment band come out??

  • When will the Theme park bands come out? I am going in less than 2 weeks would hope to get the Hollywood Studios one when I go

    • @Christie and Jason – Look for the Disney Theme Park MagicBands to be released in select locations starting August 21.

  • Hi Steven, I had a question about the sliders. I saw them in stores recently but since then they are gone and the cast members have said they have been pulled. Was this because they were released was early?

    • @Michael – I believe they were released early. There may be some released in mid-to-late August. Additional orders will arrive toward the end of September.

  • Hi Steven. I’m glad to see that Figgie is finally getting his own MagicBand and Slider:) I’ve been waiting for that! Since it’s open edition, I’ll plan on picking up one (or two) when we visit WDW in October:) Thanks for keeping us up to date on new merchandise, especially new Figment items!! Hope to see you in October:)

    • @Stephen – I’m glad to hear you liked the Figment MagicBand. Thank you for reading these articles. I hope you have a safe trip in October. 🙂

  • When will a Dumbo magic band be released?!

    • @Ryan – I’m not aware of any such plans at this time.

  • Any thoughts on grandfathering in the older special edition bands? I bought a Darth Vader/Star Wars band last year but my son wasn’t able to use it because I purchased it under my name. (I think I talked to every tech person employed by Disney, but no dice. Basically, he could wear it but not “use” it.)

    • @Angela – There has not been discussion about reissuing previously released limited edition MagicBands. Once the edition size is gone, we don’t produce more. I’m sorry to hear of your challenge.

  • Figment 2 #1 appears to be scheduled for release on Wednesday, September 9 at your local comic shop! Previews of the issue have been released so just do a quick search to enjoy (and it has awesome Epcot overtones!).

  • @Steven – I’ll be at Disney World August 16 – 24… think the Figment band will be out during that time? Figment is my favourite character.

    P.S. Last year for Christmas, I bought all of my nephews the 6 Marvel Comic series of Figment, and I plan to do the same this year with the new series. I personally own the Hardcover collection of the series.

    • @Kyle – The Disney Theme Park MagicBands will be released on August 21. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the first Figment series. I got them for my son and he loved them. Can’t wait for “Figment 2!”

  • I guess it’s an in park only purchase. Are they saying they will a few at a time be released? I have to get Figment for my grandson!

    • @Dianne – The Disney Theme Park-inspired MagicBands (including Figment) will be released on August 21 in select merchandise locations at Walt Disney World Resort. We will continue to offer select graphic MagicBands online so Figment may appear at a future date on this page: http://www.disneystore.com/magicband/mn/1024701

  • I get lots of requests from my clients who wish to be able to select these bands when they are signing in to MyDisneyExperience for the first time. They would like to be able to opt out of the free ones that are a solid color and go ahead and purchase the customized ones. Is this every something that could become available?

  • How long will figment be available? Huge figment fan and going to disney end of september

    • @Lisa – The Figment MagicBand will be offered for awhile. Hope you have a great trip in September.

  • It says “select merchandise locations.” Can we have a hint to where they will be in the parks? 😉

    I have been waiting for a Jack Skellington magic band from day one and have held out buying any of the others because I knew they would have to release one eventually.

    • @Tommy – Retail MagicBands are carried in several merchandise locations. Check the main retail locations in each Disney Theme Park or Disney’s Pin Traders at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

  • Question… will the theme park bands only been sold in their respective parks? Or will they be available resort-wide?

    • @Ethan – All of these retail MagicBands including the Disney Theme Park inspired ones will be carried in multiple merchandise locations.

  • Love the Figgie band and will definitely get him but it looks like the main band color is blue. Any reason Disney hasn’t released any bands (even plain colored ones) in purple? I know quite a few people who would love a purple band!!!!!

    • @Debra – I’d have to ask. Good news is that we continue to offer a variety of new retail MagicBands each month. Sometimes wishes do come true 🙂

  • … oh, yeah… would also love some villain bands – especially Maleficent in purple!!!

  • I read the MagicBand info page but I’m still not completely clear on how the custom ones work. I will be visiting in November and staying at a WDW property (and I’ll likely have a Premier annual pass). I really want the Winnie the Pooh band, but since I can only buy it after I arrive, will I be able to transfer anything I set up ahead of time to the new band?

    • @Chris – You can manage your MagicBands via your My Disney Experience account. This is an FAQ which may help answer some of your questions. I also invite you to visit Guest Relations upon your arrival should you need additional help. I know I have been able to turn on or turn off which MagicBands I want to use via my account.


  • I am literally sqeeing! Figment! Yay!

  • I’m so excited to see a Figment Magic Band! My son *loves* Figment, but it can be very hard to find merchandise with Figment for him (no kids’ shirts with FIgment in the Journey Into Imagination Gift Shop? Come on!). Definitely looking forward to this!

  • I’m visiting WDW in late September… Really hope I can get a Figment band to match my costume for MNSSHP!! Looks awesome. And I’m really excited about the new Figment comic series too, have subscribed to it at my new local comic shop. YAY

  • Do they have rechargeable batteries yet?

  • I oddest see these bands or sliders on the disney website, is there another way to order them?

    • @Jenn – We will continue offering select retail MagicBands and accessories online in the coming months. I would invite you to keep watching this page: http://www.disneystore.com/magicband/mn/1024701/

  • These are great!! ❤️ I’d love to get one for our next trip!!

  • Ok I would like to purchase these before I go to disney. Can I do that and if so how? I tried the link you posted and it says OOPS the page is not available.

  • Also are they going to be offered at the disney store online?

  • Is there any way that a magic band purchased by a cast member may be used for their maingate pass?

    • @Anthony – Yes. I have done such a thing with mine. You can manage your MagicBands via your My Disney Experience account. It was very easy to set up.

  • Hi Steve, I see the Steamboat Willie band is available in select locations. Do you know how long this will be on the market? Visiting in late October. Is there any other way to get them if I am not in the area, before they are discontinued? Thank You!

    • @Michelle – The Steamboat Willie MagicBand will be carried for awhile. You should be able to find it when you arrive.

  • Would love to see resort bands for each Disney property. Or how about a Disney Vacation Club band. Pass the word on.

  • Can you tell us if the park specific bands will be available outside of their respective parks (ex. will Figment/Epcot be available outside of Epcot, will Mickey/Hollywood studios be available anywhere outside of Hollywood studios)? It would be great if those would also be available at DTD or resort gift shops so we could purchase them before our first park day! Thanks for any info.

    • @Mary – These MagicBands will be carried in many merchandise locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Will we be able to purchase the slider Minnie Mouse watch online or only at the parks? I’m hoping to have mine before our trip in September.

    • @Melissa – That MagicSlider may be offered online at a future date. I sadly don’t have an ETA as to when that will happen.

  • Tigger! Tigger! Tigger! Tigger!

  • Steven, there you go….making my day again. Figment magic band. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Please keep the Figment merchandise coming!!!!!

  • hi!!!
    i have already book my holidays at disney in orlando, hotel (century pop) and ticket to the parks,
    i would like to know if these new designs for magic bands are elegible for the regular visitor or if this new magic bands are sold apart,


    • @Fernando – I hope you have a great trip. The MagicBands featured in this article are for sale. You will receive a solid color MagicBand for booking your stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. We offer retail MagicBands (like the ones shown above) in a variety of retail locations.

      If you want, you can purchase one of the retail MagicBands and associate it with your My Disney Experience account. Here is more information about MagicBands that may help you: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/bands-cards/

  • Thank you for sharing these images! My husband loves Jack Skellington in his “Sandy Claws” hat. Are there any plans for that coming soon? We will be at WDW with our son in military leave at the beginning of December.

  • Hey Steven, Does the Pin Traders at Downtown disney Carry all available Magic Bands? Or will I have to go searching at different locations for different Bands? What Location has the widest selection of Magic Bands?

    Thanks for this blog!

  • Dopey slider!! Can we please have a Dopey magicband? 🙂

  • Mr. Miller, do you happen to have a round-about date on when the Jack Skellington bands will be available? Thank you!

  • I’m a little sad as the Disney Store website doesn’t (yet?) sell the Figment MagicBand. I tried calling Disney Parks merchandise and they don’t sell them over the phone and referred me back to either the website or purchasing in person in the parks. Unfortunately, I won’t be going to Walt Disney World until October 2016 so it seems my hopes of wearing Figment during my Disney Cruise Line stop to Epcot is not likely to happen.

    Here’s hoping that the Disney Store online adds the Figment MagicBand, and soon! I would really love to wear my favorite Disney character!

  • Hi whete can you get the magic band sliders? I looked at the store online and they don’t have them.

  • I want a stitch one .

  • Are there any plans for Disney to release a new Christmas magic band for the 2015 holiday season?

  • When do the 2015 christmas magic band designs come out?

  • Any chance they will be coming out with any magic bands that have the characters from Up or Brave?

  • Can you tell me if there are any new MagicBands coming out shortly? We are visiting on Jan 2.

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