Three Things to Know About Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is just around the corner! As you plan for the spookiest time of year, which runs September 11 through November 1, I’ve got some things you should keep in mind.

‘Paint the Night’ Parade at Disneyland Park

1. Halloween Time Dazzles During Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration – We’ve added three new nighttime spectaculars during the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, and you can see them all during Halloween Time!

Please note: Guests visiting with regular admission during Mickey’s Halloween Party dates will not be able to view “Paint the Night” parade or either fireworks spectaculars. If you plan to watch “Disneyland Forever” fireworks, please check the calendar at to be sure you are attending on a non-party night. All show schedules are subject to change.

Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland Park

2. Get Your Mickey’s Halloween Party Tickets Early – Even with 17 available nights, Mickey’s Halloween Party is sure to fill up fast! Purchase your tickets in advance here.

And as you’re getting your Halloween costume ready to show off at Mickey’s Halloween Party, don’t forget to check the costume guidelines here.

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland Park

3. Daytime Fun During Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort – If you do not plan to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party, we’ve got fun in store for you during the day:

  • Haunted Mansion Holiday
  • Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy
  • Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Read more about Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort here!


  • @Sherry, Ah ok; understood. That is indeed quite a bit that will be missed.

    @Gabriela, on nights that have a Halloween party, there are ultimately two types of tickets available to you. First is general park admission to Disneyland or a hopper ticket. Such a ticket will let you be in the park up until the starting time of the party (either 6 PM or 7 PM). To attend a Halloween party, you’ll need to purchase a party ticket; that’s the separate event admission ticket they are speaking of. That ticket will let you enter the park up to three hours before the party starts and then stay until the party ends (either 11 PM or midnight).

    This ultimately gives you three choices on party days: 1. Only purchase a general admission ticket or hopper. 2. Only purchase the party ticket. 3. Purchase both tickets.

    @Gregory, yes that a bit confusing, but the count shown (now at 62) includes all the replies from Disney staff.

  • Webmaster – there are “60 Comments”, but the last one is #47.

  • Very disappointed about Halloween Carnival being gone . And especially sad no pumpkin carving. It was Highlight of the Halloweentime at Disneyland .

  • Hello thank you for answering my previous question Erin and Gretchen!
    Just one more thing is so what is the other ticket for? The “non party ticket” that gives you access to Disney? It is also around the same price. I’m sorry I’m just confused because on the bottom of the page when you are about to buy the ticket it says “purchase of a separate event admission ticket is required to attend”… what I’d the separate event ticket?

  • To Julie (#26 above) — Mickey’s Halloween Party is not taking place on Friday, September 11th. September 11th is the first day of the Halloween Time season, but the first Halloween party doesn’t take place until Friday, September 25th.

    To Ricky (#34 above) — Unfortunately, the Halloween Carnival involved quite a few different elements, including the pumpkin carvers (who are absolutely amazing and a true highlight of the Halloween Time season!), the Conjure a Villain tent, Pirates League, a fortuneteller and other entertainment, Halloween crafts, games, wonderful autumnal decorations everywhere, and characters in Halloween costumes.

    Additionally, if the Ranch is closing it takes with it the adorable animals in Halloween bandannas, the Scare-Dy-Crow Shack, all of the fantastic “pumpkin people” stationed around the area (such as the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans pumpkins)– and more wonderful rustic Fall décor.

    That entire area was fantastic for Halloween, Holiday/Christmas and Spring/Easter celebrations.

    So, when Melissa refers to the things that will not be returning this year, it is actually much more than it may seem. Yes, it is great that the Diamond Celebration festivities will still be going on, but for those who are specifically going there to enjoy Halloween Time, the offerings are not quite the same as they were.

  • I can’t find any times listed on the site for world of colour between 28 sept and 01 October – is World of Colour not showing during those dates? We are coming all the way from Aus especially to see that show – please tell me it’s on…..

  • Hi it is my 60th birthday on Halloween is there any way my husband and I can get tickets for that night?

  • Anthony — In a Disneyland press release I read the other day, it was mentioned that this year the Disney characters will not appear in their Halloween costumes outside of Mickey’s Halloween Party (so I am guessing that includes Skeleton Goofy, Pumpkin Donald, etc.). The outfits they will wear in the daytime will be their Diamond Anniversary-themed attire.

  • @Ricky – Why waste time “searching through past posts” when I can ask my question right here and get an answer?

  • Will the Fab 5 still be out in their Halloween costumes during the day for Halloween Time? Like Skellington Goofy?

  • Will the Ultimate Happy Haunts tour (which includes party ticket) be available this year? If party tickets sell out, will they still be available as part of the tour? I think the tour tickets are only available 30 days in advance so party tickets may be sold out by then.

  • Will the villain be out and about during the day when it’s not the Mickey Mouse Party

  • @Ricky Thanks so much! Sounds very exciting!

  • @Allison, I’m not sure the logistics, but I think you may need to head to say the main gate area to ensure you get a proper wrist band for the party. I have no idea if you can get that wrist band earlier in the day when you first arrive during regular admision.

    Some rides will not be available during party times. I don’t know if there’s a published list of those.

    Regular admission tickets are the same price as for any other day. The nice thing though is that the park will open slightly earlier on party days. If you’re a hotel guest, that will also move up the early morning hour a bit too.

  • Do you know why the Halloween Carnival will not be at Thunder Ranch this year? My grandchildren love it and will be terribly disappointed. Is there any chance that it will be relocated to a different area?

  • We have never been there on a party day, so I have a couple questions. We already planned our trip (two days at the park friday and saturday), and didn’t know one was happening.
    1. If you purchase a party ticket and are in the park durning normal admission ticket times, must you leave the park at 7 pm and re-enter with the party ticket, or will you be allowed to continue to stay in the park with out re-entry.
    2. Are all the rides open during the halloween party times?
    3. And lastly, normal admission tickets dont happen to be cheaper on those party days are they ha? 🙂

  • @Melissa, what do you mean? As far as I know, it’s just the carnival and shorter parade that have been removed. But the really nice thing is that many of the 60th celebration overlays to include Paint the Night will be there.

  • @Jackie, we have reservations in place at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ for Sept 27th. So it should be open during the season. As you may know, you can book dining reservations up to 60 days in advance. The web site currently shows availability there from now to Oct 20th.

  • Hi there! We’ll be visiting Disneyland in mid-January. Do you know if the Haunted Mansion will still be Nightmare-Before-Christmas-ified? Thank you 🙂

  • @Jenny. You’ll need to leave Disneyland at either 6 PM (parties occurring Mon – Thurs) or 7 PM (parties occuring on Friday or the weekend).

    California Adventure will not close early and should give you at least two extra hours.

    e.g. Monday Sept 28th’s party starts at 6 PM. Disneyland thus closes to non-party ticket holders at 6 PM. California Adventure is scheduled to be opened until 8 PM on that day. Hours do vary though especially on Friday and weekends (typically the park closes a bit later).

    @joanne, will be our first trip as well to this time of year. We are keeping our costumes very light and practical (for ease of travel as well as ease of going on rides, etc.)

  • Hi Erin, can you please clarify something for me? If we go on a party night, but don’t have a party ticket what time do we have to leave Disneyland park? Will Adventure Park be open, so we can see World of Colour? Cheers.

    • Jenny – It’s best to check the park hours schedule on for the date you plan to visit.

  • We just purchased our Halloween party tickets and we are so excited! We are Aussies experiencing the Halloween spirit in Disneyland for the very first time. Now, what to wear?!?! 🙂

  • HELLO, do yo happen to know if Big Thunder Ranch BBQ will be open during Halloween time and holiday Christmas season? – thank you

  • I am very disappointed that so many Halloween time offerings have been taken away with no substitute. We specifically planned a first visit to Disneyland to occur during October because of the good Halloween events and decorations, and now not even the carnival is taking place.

  • Hi Erin,

    Are tickets still available for the 11th of September? It doesn’t show that it’s sold out, just not available. Will more tickets for that date be released?

  • We’re going to the Halloween Party. When are we going to get more infor on the schedule of events for that day?

  • I was reading that you guys have a designated area where kids can trick or treat. At what time will that start and what area of the park will it be at? Thank you

    • Treat trails – for guests of all ages – are located throughout Disneyland park during Mickey’s Halloween Party. They are open during the entire party duration.

  • we are planning a trip to Disneyland from Australia next year in septemberjust wondering if anyone knows approx. when the haunted mansion will be closed for decorations to go up as it is one of our favourite rides
    thanks 🙂

  • @gabriela, the Halloween party ticket includes the party itself AND entry into Disneyland Park for 3 hours prior to the party event, so you get 8 hours of total park time!

  • Hello! I am very confused with the tickets. There are two tickets sold right? One is for the party from 7 to 12. And then there is another ticket to get access up to 3 hours earlier to get on rides and stuff?

    • Your Mickey’s Halloween Party ticket includes access to Disneyland park up to three hours in advance of the party start time.

  • Will there still be the pumpkin carvers and if so where will they be located?

    • I’m sorry, Jennifer – Pumpkin carvers will not appear as part of Halloween Time this year.

  • Am I correct that no Halloween Carnival means that Conjure Up a Villain will also not occur this year?

    • That is correct, Gregory – the “Conjure a Villain” tent will not be open this year.

  • Erin, I know you said that the Halloween Carnival will not be held this year but will there still be the Conjure up a Villain tent put somewhere else in the park or will we only be able to meet the villains during the halloween party this year?

    • Disney Villains will appear in Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A., during Mickey’s Halloween Party. Unfortunately the “Conjure a Villain” tent will not be open this year.

  • Erin — Thank you for confirming the info/news about the Halloween Carnival. I’ve actually known about it (or strongly suspected) for weeks (I’m a super sleuth when it comes to any kind of info about Halloween Time and the Holiday Season at DLR! Lol), but I think that it is so helpful to other people to hear the official word from Disney on it. 🙂

    I will greatly miss the adorable goats in their Halloween scarves. 🙁

    One thing I wonder, though, is about the Jingle Jangle Jamboree for the Holidays. Since I found out about the Carnival, my assumption has been that the Jamboree would not happen either. I know that the whole Ranch area is going to be used for the new Star Wars land and preparations must inevitably begin. It would be great to have ‘one last holiday hoedown,’ though.

    • I don’t have information on that to share just yet, Sherry. We’ll let you know when we can.

  • We are so excited to visit Disneyland for the 1st time during the Halloween Season… including Mickey’s Halloween Party on Sept. 30!

    I check everyday for the park hours schedule & entertainment times, any ideas how far in advance that info. is released? We’re now about 6 weeks away so I thought it would be published by now. Thank you Erin!

  • @Nicholas, I believe tickets went up only $7 since last year.

    @Christopher, you should consider going to a party. Keep in mind that party-ticket holders can enter the parks up to three hours in advance. I think that works out to either 3PM or 4PM. So it may not be a bad deal to get up to 8 hours in the park (granted, you need to stay up late!). Also, I hear that attraction lines are really not bad during the party. Though some attractions will not be available.

  • Dang. The 10th is my birthday. So much for my plans.

  • I can’t wait!!! We love that time of year at the park, and of course Christmas as well! Looking forward to seeing the park this October with the family. Always fun and exciting!

  • @joe, Disneyland is closing early that day, so that they can honor the cast members that are marking milestone anniversaries of working for the company, such as 10, 15, 20, etc. years.

    I do wish that Disney would offer the Halloween fireworks on at least one or two non-party nights each year, as really that is the only thing that I am really interested in as far as the party goes.

  • Correction to my above reply to Mary — *with an end date of 1/6/16 (not 1/6/15, obviously!).

  • While I know the answers to all of the above questions, I will just tackle a few of them:

    Mary — Always wait for an official announcement from Erin and the Disney Parks Blog for confirmation of the dates (because dates and schedules are always subject to change), but I will say that I would not be shocked if the official start date of the holiday season is 11/13 (or 11/12), with an end date of 1/6/15. 😉

    Joe — The reason why Disneyland is closing early on 9/10 is due to an private Cast Member/Disney employee event that happens every year.

    Isaac — As Ricky mentioned, Erin confirmed in a reply under a previous Parks Blog that the Hatbox Ghost is sticking around for the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay! So, he will be there when Jack Skellington takes over the Mansion, and Halloween and Christmas collide! 🙂

  • Thank you for the update. Is it me, or did tickets to the Halloween party jump up $20 from last year?

  • Thanks for update Erin, can’t wait but my daughter wants to know if Big Thunder Ranch will be part of Halloween this year since the area is going to close next year for Star Wars Land. PLEASE,,PLEASE AMSWER, she’s going crazy wanting to know.

    • I’m sorry, Shelley – the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree will not be presented this year.

  • Could someone from the Parks blog please answer Isaac’s question? 🙂 I’m coming for the Halloween party this year, and I cannot wait. I’ve also waited decades to see the Hat Box ghost though, and I’m very much hoping he will still be a part of the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. Please say he is??? 🙂

  • Very nice recap; thank you, Erin.

    We signed up early and have already received the physical tickets.

    @joe, I would expect the park to close early on the 10th to provide ample time to decorate and prepare for the Halloween time. That would give staff some daylight hours to do work (which I would think would be required for at least safety reasons).

    @Issac, I believe an earlier blog post or its comments section mentioned that the Hat Box Ghost would be there during Halloween Time. Best to search through past posts.

  • Hi Erin! Will daytime fun also include the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch?

    • No, Amy – the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree will not be presented this year.

  • I will be visiting at this time and am excited about Holiday Haunted Mansion, but I’ve also been looking forward to the Hat Box Ghost. Will he still be there during the layover??

    • Yes! Hatbox Ghost will appear during Haunted Mansion Holiday.

  • Hi Erin, Will the Ranch still be a part of the Halloween Time Celebration this year?

    • Lori – The Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree will not be presented this year.

  • Why is Disneyland closing at 5 on Sept.10th????

    • Joe – We are closing early that evening so we can celebrate our cast members in a special event.

  • Hey Erin,

    Do you know when they will post the Holiday dates for Disneyland?


    • We’ll have that information soon, Mary.

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