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  • Will the churro’s look like light sabers, with a handle and colored dough?

  • Regina– Ha! I love that idea. 🙂

  • I still can’t figure out why anyone would be excited about Avatar/Pandora. I totally understand the standing ovation when Bob Iger announced Star Wars Land(s) because I was jumping up and don at home when I saw the live tweets about it!!!

  • Do *we* have any idea yet when they will (if ever) announce DHS’s new name? I was hoping to hear something during D23.

  • That’s really great that all of that was announced. I will be in Disney World when Star Wars Episode VII is released, on December 18th. Is there any information about whether or not there will be a special event in the parks or Downtown Disney?

  • We thought it was weird they did not announce D23 Expo 2017. They announced this years at the one in 2013.

  • Lot of great things coming! Can’t wait for Star Wars though I would love more Disney features/animation/Pixar to get their own lands and rides too (at Disneyland Resort).

    Any word on changes for DCA?

  • Tyler–
    Personally, I think that Avatar is overrated. However, I do think that Avatar Land has the potential to be very cool and successful. The models look very impressive and the attractions sound cool.

  • Like Avatar or not it’s still the #1 movie world wide in box office numbers, it’s very popular. While that obviously doesn’t make it the best movie ever it was decent and like Fred says it has the potential to be pretty awesome in the parks.

    But yeah Star Wars! 😀

  • No plans for a people mover renovation @ DLR?

  • People mover most likely will never come back, new safety regulations would require exit stairs too frequently on the tracks which would create a mess. (this isn’t any kind of official word obviously) :-p

  • Will there be a new Star Wars stunt show?

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