All New ‘Frozen’-Inspired Stage Musical Coming to Disney California Adventure Park in 2016

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Disney’s blockbuster musical “Frozen” has become a true phenomenon around the world and soon, the story of “Frozen” will come to spectacular life in an all-new theatrical production in summer 2016 at the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure park.


This new show will immerse you in the world of “Frozen” as never before, with elaborate costumes and sets, stunning special effects and surprising scenic transformations.

“Our stage production of ‘Frozen’ will stay true to the heart and soul of the film,” says Dana Harrel, Portfolio Creative Entertainment Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering. “Anna and Elsa will carry the audience on an emotional journey that includes show-stopping production numbers and a few unique theatrical twists. We can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

With a new show set to open at the Hyperion Theater, it’s time for Aladdin to make his final wish and set the Genie free, as the cast of the award-winning “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” prepares to take its final curtain call on January 10, 2016 after nearly 14,000 shows.


“Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” has taken millions of guests wonder by wonder since its debut in January 2003, bringing with it such fantastic theatrical delights as Aladdin’s entrance on the elephant, a magic carpet ride over the audience, an original song by Alan Menken and the ever-evolving, tour-de-force performance of the wise-cracking Genie. To this day, the incredible talent of the show’s captivating cast has made every turn a surprise, every moment red letter.

“Thanks to our amazing cast and the many, many fans, ‘Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular’ has enjoyed a longer run at Disney California Adventure park than we could have ever imagined,” said Kris Theiler, Vice President of Operations for Disney California Adventure park. “Today, we are excited to share more exciting news about another story that will soon come to life for guests at the Hyperion Theater. With larger-than-life musical numbers, wondrous scenery and lovable characters, ‘Frozen’ will begin entertaining guests in 2016.”

“Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” is scheduled to be performed several times daily through January 10, 2016, so fans of the show still have plenty of opportunities left to catch a magic carpet ride to Agrabah. Additionally, the Broadway production of “Aladdin” continues its successful run in New York. Stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog in the coming months for details on how we plan to celebrate the Disney California Adventure park favorite before, as Genie says, he’s “outta here!”


  • I wish you guys would have announced this before the 60th anniversary so that those of us that could only do 1 trip per year could have made sure we went to see it again one last time when we were there for the anniversary week. I will forever miss this fantastic show and wish I could have seen it one more time. My last magic carpet ride was in February 2014, far too long ago and I’ll regret not seeing it in the 2 trips that followed every day.

  • I do not want this show to go ….. Only if being replaced by Tangled ( mostly Flynn Rider) Show .. K bye (:

  • I think maybe it is time for a change, but as popular as Alddin is bring it to Walt Disney World. The Hollywood Studios can use a big stage show.

  • This show needs to stay!

  • Please keep Aladdin!

  • I’m so disappointed. Frozen is a fad and Aladdin is a classic.

  • Aladdin is such a fantastic show and I hate to see it go. However, if they have to replace it, put a show like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, or Tangled. There is definitely enough Frozen and I was so sad to hear this news. Luckily we are going in a week or so and I can see Aladdin again. I love that show and I love seeing it from all different locations in the theater. Not a good move at all in my opinion.

  • I’m really really sad to see Aladdin go. That Genie was one of the most entertaining aspects of the original DCA and still holds his own today with his topical humor. It’s never the same show twice.

    I’m sure that whatever Frozen show they put in this theatre will be good, and hopefully it will have the same repeatability that Aladdin did.

    If this absolutely has to happen, and it absolutely has to be Frozen at least hopefully the exterior of that theatre will get the attention it deserves. Any chance they’ll build in a full lobby instead of making the audience wait outside in the elements?

  • I’m okay with more Frozen coming to the parks, but the fact that the Aladdin show is leaving? Please keep Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at the Hyperion!

    Fred –
    The reason why people are upset through using social media is because it is one of the main outlets we can use to voice our opinions. There are thousands of people who absolutely love this show. Frozen has replaced various attractions and shows. When has there ever been a huge outrage and petition about Frozen taking over an attraction? This is by far a big one when it comes to taking away the Aladdin show. Yes, Aladdin has been running for a good 13 years, it has been running because there is a large community at Disney who LOVES the Aladdin show.

  • Darn it… this is the final correction. I meant “What about 2001-2002 when the Aladdin Musical didn’t even exist?”

  • Allison–

    Oops! I made a mistake in my dates. My apologies.

    I meant of course; “What about 2001-2004 when the Aladdin Musical didn’t even exist?”

  • As one final comment, it seems very clear that it is only the social media crowd that it outraged by this news. That is not necessarily an accurate indication of how the general public really feels. There are millions of people who not not use social media. And it it is pretty clear from the past that most people will only make comments on social media (such as Facebook or YouTube) when they want to be negative.

  • Jessica–
    “I understand putting in a new show, but why does it have to be Frozen?”

    Why not?
    It has been firmly established that Frozen is popular. There has definitely been a big public demand from the general populous for Frozen content, Disney is simply responding to the demand.

  • ..Oops, I have to correct my previous comment (#110)
    I didn’t mean that Tiki Room was a ride, but given the fact that Walt Disney personally funded the Tiki Room show, it has obvious staying power.

  • All you have to do is look around when you are walking though the Disneyland Resort theme parks. Almost everywhere you look, people are wearing Frozen apparel. As stated before, Disney is responding to the public demand.

    And again, it seems likely that the Frozen sing-along will close by the time the Frozen-inspired musical opens. So Muppet Vision is likely to return, (or hopefully a *new* Muppet attraction).

    If you objectivity look at everything that Disneyland park has to offer (in terms of rides and entertainment) Frozen has not “taken over” the park in the slightest.

    And by the same token, if you objectively look at everything that Disney California Adventure has to offer in terms of rides and entertainment, Frozen has not “taken over” that park either.

  • Michael–
    That’s not the same thing at all. It’s a Small World, Tiki Room, and Peter Pan’s Flight are rides. The Aladdin Musical is a stage show designed for a venue that is intended to change out shows. Entertainment in the Disney parks is always changing an evolving.


    “Taking away Aladdin is like taking away the castle from Disneyland. There. I’ve said it.”

    No, it’s not. How can do you figure that?
    The castle has been in Disneyland park since it opened in 1955. California Adventure opened in 2001. The Aladdin show only premiered in 2003. What about 2001-2004 when the Aladdin Musical didn’t even exist?

    Entertainment in the Disney parks constantly changes and evolves, especially for a venue of this caliber.

  • I am super excited to hear that the new Frozen show will be moving in to the Hyperion Theater. Aladdin was a good show, but it is time for something new. I can’t wait to see this new FROZEN production show on stage!!!!!

  • I am so sad about this news. My son and I will be visiting DCA in April of 2016, so we will never get to see it again. My son loved Genie’s jokes and the production was spectacular. This show was really popular. I don’t see why it has to leave.

  • Taking away Aladdin is like taking away the castle from Disneyland. There. I’ve said it. Please keep this classic at DCA like Fantasmic is still at DL. Ever since this news released on the internet, I’ve felt constant sadness and heartbreak. I cannot take my mind off this depressing news. Please keep Aladdin, Disney! Please listen to your fans!

  • Extremely disappointed! My family is going to DCA for the first time in September 2016, this was one of the biggest reasons we were so excited. Frozen is good, but is not to the caliber of most of the classic movies and other newer ones like Tangled.

  • I am happy to see Aladdin make way for a new show. It’s played for many years, longer than nearly any theatrical show the resort has ever performed, and long past my personal interest in it. Also, I am anxious to see what becomes of the former Muppets 3-D Theater. Thank you for trying to keep Disney California Adventure a fresh experience.

  • Great opportunity to bring the Aladdin show to WDW!

  • As much as I love Frozen, it has taken over quite a few shows in Disney World and Disneyland. Frozen is an awesome movie, however it is difficult to find a live show that involves Aladdin content. Without Frozen at the Hyperion Theatre, people can STILL find Frozen entertainment throughout the parks, let alone you can find an abundant amount of merchandise all over the parks compared to Frozen. I’d love to see a longer run of Aladdin. Aladdin is the highlight of my many trips to Disneyland, the reason why my family and I drive down. It is hard to say this, but it would probably be a long time before I visit the parks if Frozen takes away Aladdin. At least keep this beloved classic and then build Frozen all around the parks! Aladdin rules!

  • I understand putting in a new show, but why does it have to be Frozen?

  • Very disappointing to see Aladdin go. It’s been extremely popular, and still gets a major crowd. For those that say 12 years is long enough, well a classic at Disney is still a classic. No rush to close Peter Pan, the Tiki Room or Small World!

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