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Caption This: Snake Up A Tree at Jungle Cruise

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Sure looks like this slithery resident of The Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom Park is enjoying himself today.


It appears that something has caught his attention, but what? You tell us! Go ahead and “Caption This” image in the comments section below.


  • “Pass over that turkey leg and nobody gets hurt.”

  • I want that citrus swirl!

  • “Hmm, I eat mice, but never ones that big.”

  • Pssssssst pssssssst, hey you, kid in the boat, you gonna eat that whole turkey leg?

  • Mmmm, I sssssmell Dole Whipsssssssssssss!

  • “Trust in me….”

  • “‘Trust in me,’ my agent said. ‘You’ll get great exposure,’ he said. Meanwhile, my cousin is working in Vegas with a dancer named Lexus Convertible.”

  • Another local resident’s snake got out.

  • “Look into my eyes… You will join the Disney Vacation Club…”

  • If this guy drives the boat past me one more time, it might just be time for lunch!

  • As soon as the Dole Whip place opens up, I’m on it like a duck on a June Bug!!!!! Yummmmmmmm!!!

  • Now you see how ssssssnake-like I can be!

  • Oh good, lunch is being delivered.

  • “Hey, miss–Try the candied apples, over on Main Street. You know you want ’em.”

  • Anybody seen Voldemort?

  • Who’s the leader of the band? Well, guess who’s the leader for wearing the most MagicBands!

  • I’m still wrapped up on the fact that Jon Favreau didn’t choose me to play Kaa in the upcoming Jungle Book movie. And have I mentioned I’m a HUGE Scarlett Johansson fan.

  • Humans, why’d it have to be humans?

  • Oh look, another sushi boat!

  • ‘SssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssUp?

  • I sssee a tasssty mouse!

  • “Nah, y’all won’t go to the Haunted Mansion”.

  • (as driver of the boat) now theres something you dont see every day but i do !!

  • Who writes these jokes, seriously?

  • #24 – Jeffrey

    Two of the written captions do, in fact, have a common subject matter.
    Read #14 – Eric from MA, together with #22 – Skip from FL.
    These captions – with a Disney twist – come from a book that tells us both occurred.

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