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Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration September Pin Releases

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

If you have been collecting the Diamond Decades pins for the past several months at the Disneyland Resort, be sure to mark your calendars as final releases in this series are set to debut this month. On September 10, add to your collection with Cars Land, Soarin’, Star Tours and Toy Story Mania.


On September 17, look for additional releases from the series including “Fantasmic!,” Grizzly River Run and Paradise Pier.


Pins will be available to purchase on their release dates at the following locations:

Which Diamond Decades pin is your favorite?


  • Fantasmic for sure. Will it be a normal count pin that I can go into the parks on the 17th and not have to worry?

    • I would think so Alyxandria, but I think that Fantasmic pin is going to be very popular.

  • I really like the fantasmic one. What does it look like closed?

    • Hi Jennifer! When it’s closed it’s actually the dragon wings that cover Mickey.

  • Great looking pins will the pins be for purchase online at anytime?

    • Hi Ron! Not at this time, however, in approximately 30 days you can inquire with Disney Merchandise Guest Services as to availability.

  • I would love to get the Fantasmic! Pin when I go on September 22nd! Do you think it will be possible?

  • Is there a limited number of each pin being produced?

  • I was wondering if you have any information if the monthly Wonderfully Wicked pin collection will continue into 2016? With Yzma, Kaa, And Cruella being the upcoming Villains through December; there are quite a good amount of notable villains missing from the set. (i.e Jafar, Queen Of Hearts).

  • Hi Michelle – I know the third “decade” from the Decades collection was recently released for 1975-1984. I was wondering if pressed pennies of that decade, and 65-74, were ever released like the first decade was at the Disneyland Resort. Will we see any more pressed pennies based on the Decades collection?

  • Hi Michelle – Will there be any Diamond Decades Pins for October?

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