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Disney’s Night of Joy Expands in 2016

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

We’ve just gotten through the whirlwind of two sold-out evenings of Disney’s Night of Joy 2015; and now we have some exciting news to share about next year’s event.

In 2016, we’re expanding Disney’s Night of Joy. The concerts will be hosted in great indoor and outdoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and Night of Joy guests will get admission to Magic Kingdom Park for fellowship and fun, with access to favorite attractions.

Hosting the concert portion of Night of Joy at the Sports Complex will allow more guests to attend the event, and indoor stages should make for a great music experience regardless of the weather.

Plus, dedicated transportation will be provided so that guests can easily move from Magic Kingdom Park to the Sports Complex.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more details.


  • What Artists are gonna be playing there this year?

  • Do we know the dates for Night of Joy 2016? In addition, will the Magic Kingdom remain open for day guests during Night of Joy or will it still be special event guest only? I do have to voice my concerns about the efficiency of transportation from the Magic Kingdom to the Wide World of Sports Complex in time to enjoy both the Magic Kingdom and the concerts. In addition, by moving the venue to the Wide World of Sports Complex this looses the “magical” atmosphere of being inside and enjoying all that Magic Kingdom has to offer while being surrounded by the artists.

  • what are the dates for night of joy 2016?

  • This is a big disappointment! Being at Magic Kingdom made it magical.

  • This is very disappointing news. The magic of listening to multiple Christian bands in multiple locations throughout Magic Kingdom makes the whole Night of Joy experience a once-in-a-lifetime. Our youth have many opportunities to see Christian bands in various venues throughout the year. So this change will mean that Night of Joy will lose its special magic!

  • Is there any information yet on the dates for Night of Joy 2016 yet?

  • I love everything Disney, but this is NOT good news. It will be logistical nightmare for any student ministry that has a sizable number of students attending the event. The Magic Kingdom is now better suited for the event given the expansion of the HUB. Why move it? The Magic Kingdom and the Wide World of Sports Complex are on opposite sides of property. Transferring from one point to another will be roughly a 30 – 45min process. I am afraid this is a poor move.

  • I thought it was nice when it was at Disney Studios park because there were venues for seating. They used the Beauty and the Beast theatre, Lights, Motor cars, Action venue, and some others.

  • I do agree that there is something special about seeing the musicians in the park, but I am excited because it seems every year (this year, being the exception) it rains on this glorious weekend. Having more indoor alternatives is wonderful!

    Just think – maybe someday we can do BOTH venues! 🙂

  • Every year it gets better and better looking forward to next year change is good

  • This is highly disappointing! The main draw to Night of Joy is seeing your favorite bands/artist IN the park. That’s the whole MAGIC of it! 🙁 This sounds far too complicated and far less magical. Count me out.

  • Will Magic Kingdom remain open to day guests or will it only be open for the special event guests?

  • What about those of us traveiling from other parks to Wide world of Sports. Will there be transportation available or will we have to make our way to the MK to get there? I have other concerns but will address those directly with Disney.

  • This is great news! Now more people can enjoy the Worship music and it won’t be so tight and crowded…with the bonus of MK!!

  • I don’t know how I feel about this. I think it’s great they are expanding it and all, but my favorite concert of Skillet is when they were on the castle stage. It was amazing! I went in 2011 and wanted to go this year, but now I might just catch them when they’re around my area instead if they’re not going to be in the park.

  • That’s a little disappointing. I always hoped to get to one of these nights and the idea of the concert being in front of the castle was one of the main draws. But I guess if you are selling out you need to get a bigger venue, just too bad the experience suffers a bit imo.

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