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First Look: Spellbinding New Halloween Novelty Items at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort

We’ve conjured up images of this year’s Halloween novelty souvenir items for an exclusive sneak peek on the Disney Parks Blog.

New this year, the Poison Apple Stein is sure to tempt you. The stein is available at several locations with a beverage, along with more options that will make you want to take more than just one bite.

At Walt Disney World Resort, look for the Poison Apple Stein at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


I’ve gone ‘batty’ for the new Vampire Mickey Premium Popcorn bucket, arriving in early October. Look for this premium bucket at popcorn carts throughout Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

'Lonesome Ghosts' Inspired Hot Mug at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort 'Lonesome Ghosts' Inspired Popcorn Bucket

A new Halloween popcorn bucket and hot mug design will be materializing as well, with artwork inspired by “Lonesome Ghosts,” a Disney cartoon from 1937.

A new version of the Zero Premium Popcorn bucket will fly in from Halloween Town this year, available at Disneyland park and Magic Kingdom park. This year Zero will glow in the dark!

“Witch” souvenir item will you choose?


  • Finally got the vampire Mickey popcorn bucket my husbands friend was able to purchase it yesterday but at California Adventure. I love it!!

  • Definitely Zero! Is there any chance at all that the Cinderella buckets are still in DLR? I completely missed those earlier this year!

  • I was able to find the poison apple at the Mint Julip Bar at DLR.

  • It’s been the third time I’ve been at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and I’ve been serching for the poison apple and no luck 🙁 .. I’ve seen people post in their Instagrams photos of this souvenir but when I go to the park and ask cast members they tell me that they’ve never seen the cup! Do this makes me confuse. Where can I get it? Is it only some nights? Is it around the park or only in one stand out is not being offered? I was really looking forward for this :/

  • Thanks for responding Alissa:). We will be at Disneyland Sept. 28 so I will let you know
    If We have any luck getting the Mickey Bat Popcorn Bucket. I’m hoping we do tho I’ve been
    Getting one since we started attending the MNSSP.

  • Bianna, yes we went to Disneyland on the 16th of Sept. and we looked at all the concession stands, and were told the Mickey Bat Popcorn bucket was sold out,and also the Zero bucket too. However one of our friends visited yesterday, and said they saw the Mickey Bat popcorn bucket being sold right outside the castle. Hopefully, you and I will be able to get ours before Halloween. Good luck and let us know if you get one. I will too. We will try and be at Disneyland at the begining of Oct.

  • Hi Rachel I’m still waiting for a response regarding the Mickey bat popcorn bucket thank you.
    Also Alissa did you go to Disneyland and they told you they were sold out already. Thank you.

  • We went and were told the Mickey Bat popcorn bucket was sold out. Also that the zero was sold out too 🙁

  • I love this Poison Apple Stein!! I was at DLR today and was told they are SOLD OUT park wide.

  • I am planning on going to WDW MNSSHP on Sept 27. Will the Mickey Bat popcorn bucket be for sale…..Last year it was delayed and not available when i was there…I need the poison apple stein too !!!

    Thank you in advance for anyone who knows and passes along the information !!!!

  • We were told the Poison Apple mug was at Hungry Bear at DLR, when we got they’re they were sold out but found it at Cafe Orleans. LOVE IT! The popcorn cart outside Haunted Mansion had the Zero popcorn bucket when we were there last week, fingers crossed they still have them for our visit today!

  • Is the Poison apple stein available at WDW?

  • What locations in Disneyland is the poison apple stein available at?

  • Rachel I ‘m going to Disneyland Sept. 28 will I be able to purchase the Mickey
    Mouse Popcorn Bucket? Or will it not be available yet?

  • Oh my gosh!! How cool!! I hope they have these or similar for next year as I won’t be there this year. Can’t wait to go to both Disneyland’s and Disney World’s Halloween parties. I love them as we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia. Go Disney!!!!

  • FYI ya’ll, Zero popcorn bucket is available. Saw it yesterday (Tuesday 9-15) at the Haunted Mansion popcorn stand and the one in front of the castle.

  • I heard that the Poison Apple Stein was already sold out at DLR. Is this true? Will they be getting more in?

  • Liz, I got my poison apple stein at the fruit market by the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. It’s totally awesome! I even bought a little electric tea light to put inside to have it glow 🙂

  • Where will we be able to buy the Lonesome Ghost hot mug? Will that be an option at our resort?

  • Will the hot mug be available during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, on Friday? If it is, where in the park would I find it?

  • Rachel, earlier you had a small list of what foods were being offered and where. Why did you change the post? It was very informative and helpful to people to get the food and locations of where to find them… What if I didn’t want to get Ice cream in my stein? I think that is not fair to play hide and seek with visitors to make us go looking for something and to find out that I has been sold out when we get there. You had posted a list of foods being offered for the Halloween time, different foods and their locations. Why is it good for one post but not for the other?

    • Hi Inez, The offerings you had seen are temporarily not available, they were removed to avoid confusion.

  • One thing I’d someday love to see the parks would be the many different flavored popcorns, like at Tokyo Disneyland. EPCOT would be the perfect place to pilot this, now that I think of it — imagine the flavors, available only at that particular country! And while being able to buy limited-edition refillable crossbody-wearable popcorn buckets like at TDLR may be dreaming too big a dream, imagine the possibilities!

  • Okay I am in love with all the products shown, so disappointed I will not be WDW this year. Disney has out done themselves.
    I would have to get at least 1 one of each, each scroll down the products just got better!!!!

  • I thought the Poison Apple stein was also available to DLR? Or is it something different there? If it is at DLR, can you please tell me where I may be able to find it? Thank you in advance!

  • When will the Zero Premium Popcorn bucket be available? I missed out last year so I want to make sure I get it this time!

  • Is the Zero bucket exclusive the the Halloween party?

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