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Force Friday Midnight Event at Disney Parks Now Open to All Guests on September 4, 2015

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

We have an exciting update about the midnight Force Friday event at Disney Parks. Due to overwhelming guest demand, the Force Friday event on September 4, 2015 is now open to Star Wars fans of all ages – and will no longer be a ticketed event.


Guests who attend this midnight release party will be some of the first to find new Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed merchandise. In addition to items guests may find at The Disney Stores and select national retailers, we will be releasing several items found only at Disney Parks including apparel, pins, toys, retail MagicBands (Walt Disney World Resort only), Vinylmation figures, and more. Please note that purchase limits will apply.

Two merchandise locations – World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort and Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort – will join stores around the world opening their doors at midnight for a special celebration of all things Star Wars.

Beginning September 3, fans across the world will get a sneak peak of new product inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens via the world’s first-ever global live toy unboxing event on the Star Wars YouTube channel. The live stream kicks off with the first unboxing in Sydney, Australia at 7:45 a.m. local time on Thursday, September 3 (5:45 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 2), and concludes with a grand finale at Lucasfilm in San Francisco at 8 a.m. PDT (11 a.m. EDT) on Thursday, September 3.

Guests are encouraged to document their experience using the hashtag #ForceFriday.

Looking forward to seeing you at Disney Parks!


  • i have a question how much is it for a disney hotel?

  • so excited!!!!!!

  • Hi Michelle, I’m in CA going to the the event at World Of Disney. I emailed the email address from the Force Friday communications earlier today, but did not receive a response. I also called the # listed but they were closed for the day. Ugh. How do I reach the Disney Event Services team?
    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi Michelle – will Once Upon A Toy be carrying the Black Series action figures?

  • Thank you so much for your patience with all this. Just a quick question to clarify. If I previously registered for the Force Friday event, will I also be able to purchase the limited edition pins or will I have to wait separately at 5am for a wristband for those pins? I’m really hoping they will be available at the Force Friday event I’m already attending at midnight. Thanks!!

  • Hey Michelle – will Once Upon a Toy have the standard 3.75 action figures? I want to check out the pins but don’t want to miss out on the regular stuff I could be getting at Target.

  • What steps are being taken to prevent this from interfering with those doing the Disneyland 5K? After all, it begins not that long after the merchandise event starts.

    • Hi Christopher! That is just of the many reasons we are asking our non-registered guests attending the release to queue in Simba Parking Lot, as we want to ensure the safety of our runners taking part in the 5K.

  • Hello, you answered my refund question yesterday. I was notified by friends of the changes BEFORE I’d had a chance to check my email yesterday. I noticed the refund has not occurred and is not in my pending transactions.
    As far as tonight, I do have a pre-assigned number, but I might not be able to arrive until after midnight. Will I still be able to check in and receive the amenity gift and will I be able to “pass the line”?

    • Hey Anthony! The refund should be processing, I know the teams were working hard to get them completed. If you don’t see it by tomorrow, I would inquire with the Disney Event Services team and they should be able to see the status and/or figure out what’s happening. Which Resort are you attending the event at? We will certainly be on hand to get you your amenity. Based on your pre-assigned number we will see where the Guests are at and where you can fit in. If you are attending in Walt Disney World, I will give them a head’s up as well.

  • What is the beginning check in time for non-registered guest?

    • Hey! There is actually no specific check in time for the non-registered guests. The queue will probably begin to form this evening I’m sure.

  • Hi Michelle,
    I wasn’t able to pre register for this event and planned to oome in the early morning for the 7 am opening. If I understand correctly the non-registered guest will now be able to shop starting at 3 am, is this correct?c

    • Hi Joni! That’s probably a pretty good estimate on time, given the number of previously registered Guests. We’ll be open!

  • Hi Lori! The trams will stop running to Mickey & Friends at some point. While I know that Simba lot is a bit of a stretch it’s actually probably the best place for you to park and is closer in proximity for when you are finished shopping.

  • Michelle, your professional responses to all these questions and comments are wonderful! Many props to you for your patience and courtesy.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for all the work you’re putting in to answering our questions! I have a pre-assigned number as someone who had previously paid to register. Do you have an idea of about how many people will be let into the store at a time at Disneyland? I’m trying to gauge how long it might take me in case I can make it to other stores afterward. Thanks!

    • Hi Roger! It’s hard to base how long Guests will take during their shopping experience. It would probably be safe to say all previously registered Guests would be done by 3a.m. or so.

  • Hi Michelle. Thanks for your patience thru all this. Our e-mail recommends we park in the Simba Lot. Will Mickey and Friends be open and available? I’m concerned about parking in the structure around 8:30 to register at 9:00 but not moving the car until sometime after midnight when we finish shopping.
    Thanks again. Lori

    • Hi Lori! I’m so sorry, I thought I replied to you earlier. The trams will stop running at some point, I would recommend sticking with Simba parking lot. While I know it’s a stretch, it will be the closest in proximity to you after your shopping experience. If you welcome to park in any available resort parking lot, but I think the Simba lot will ultimately be the best.

  • How will the parks be tonight? Are people already lining up for the event at Disneyland?

    • Hi Manuel! No one is lined up. I just try to keep reminding everyone that there are pre-registered Guests who will enter the location for a shopping experience before anyone else is let in, so that does impact the time if non-event Guests think they will get in at midnight.

  • Hi,I wanted to attend this even as I am a big star wars fan but I’m coming down on October 17 for food and wine so can’t do both. My question is will there be Star Wars merchandise available at that time or am I out of luck? I went to the Star Wars Weekend and picked up a few things but would like to get more if possible. Thank you.

    • Hi Carole! I have no doubt that Star Wars merchandise will still be available then, there might even be new items. The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is such a wonderful event and a perfect time of year to enjoy it.

  • Oops, meant tomorrow night!!

  • Hi, Michelle; very excited about the new merchandise! I cannot be at the party tonight, but wanted to know if I can purchase items from the “Shop Disney Parks” app on my phone? That would be so awesome!! Thanks and hope everyone has a great time tonight.

    • Hi Shannon! Not quite yet as far as the App, but I would say keep watching.

  • Excited for this, thought I may have missed out 🙂 Is this event starting Thurs night going into Fri or Fri going into Sat?

    • Sean, it will start tonight into tomorrow.

  • Hi Michelle, Will annual pass holders and Cast members be able to use their discounts?

    • Hi Ryan! Yes, Passholder discounts and/or Cast Member discounts will apply to merchandise purchases.

  • Thank you for answering everyone’s ?’s once again Michelle. I was so happy when I got that email this afternoon. Refund PLUS we get to keep our preassigned #, Made my day

    • Hi Fil! I’m so glad to hear that! I’m not sure which coast you will be joining us on but if it’s at Disneyland Resort I look forward to seeing you! Have a great time!

  • What time will the store close in the morning, or will it stay open from 12am Friday morning all the way until Friday evening?
    I’m trying to figure out logistics of parking for the 5K on Friday morning (start time at 5:30, so I was planning to arrive around 4am).
    If it wasn’t for the 5K, I would have registered for this 🙂

    • Hi Karen! The current plan is for the location to stay open from Midnight tonight through tomorrow evening, end of day.

  • I plan on coming to the event at Downtown Disney in Orlando after I get off work (about 9pm). Where should I park and will there be wristbands for pins at this location as well or is that just in Disneyland event?

    • Hi Timothy!

      Whether or not you are a pre-registered event attendee you will need to park in the Sun Trust parking lot. The pins among other items will be available to purchase at Once Upon A Toy. If it’s just the pins you seek, tomorrow morning they will also be available at the following locations.

      ◾Disney Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney® Marketplace starting at 10:00a.m.
      ◾Pin Central in Epcot® starting at 9:00a.m.
      ◾Watto’s Gratto in Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ starting at 9:00a.m.

  • I am a little confused about parking at WDW. Did you mean before and after 8 PM for parking? Also is there a start time letting people join the general queue? I don’t want to show up @ 9pm and wait in line all night long with hundreds of people in front of me to get the leftovers. I wish there was still a way to signup for this event and get a number. I tried to signup 1st thing this morning. Thanks!

    • Hi Andrew! Guests who plan to attend this evening’s release into tomorrow morning prior to 8a.m. are being asked to park in the Sun Trust parking lot. Any Guests joining us after that time, will just need to use the Downtown Disney Parking Garage as normal. This is due to construction that is happening in the area, as you know. At this time there is no general time for Guests to queue. I do know that many pre-registered Guests will be checking in around 9 p.m. and 11p.m. They will be the first to shop followed by non-ticketed Guests. It’s hard to say when Guests will begin to queue. Once Upon A Toy will be open throughout the night and tomorrow. Depending on what you are looking to get, Watto’s Grotto and Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, among various other locations throughout the Resort will offer products as well, beginning at store opening.

  • Hello, so I’m a non-ticket holder and will be at Disneyland way before this event on Thursday. So if I want to attend and I’m already in downtown Disney will I be able to get in because I saw you posted that non ticket holders will have to park in Simba lot and will be driven to downtown Disney for event ?

    • Hey Melinda! So as a non-previously registered event Guest, you need to park in one of the available Resort parking lots. The queue they are setting up for non-ticketed Guests is in the Simba Parking lot, close to the Disney’s Paradise Pier parking structure. Keep in mind that the previously registered Guests will have access to the store first, followed by non-ticketed Guests. By morning, the queue may move, so depending on when you decide to visit, please inquire with Cast Members in that area.

  • Hi Michelle, Some of us have paid for the Party in the Park. The private portion of this event runs from 9pm to midnight. Will we need to leave this party in order to check into this event? It’s kind of a waste of my money to do so (that event was $99 and I’d like to enjoy as much of it as I can). Thank you.

    • Hi Sharon! We totally understand! I would recommend that you try to check in by 11p.m. to 11:30 or so. Please enjoy participating in the Party in the Park. You already have your pre-assigned number so it should be a fairly quick process for you.

  • OK let me rephrase what I’m asking is the same amount of merchandize that was originally set for the ticketed event still going to be at the stocked levels without sending said merchandise to other stores you will be opening for those not able to obtain a ticket. 2. what is the current amount of tickets that where given out to the ticketed event? Where the tickets issued first come/buy first serve? The amenity gift is great but will my place in line due to “availability” have me left with only star wars pens left to buy!?!

  • Maybe some of you missed this in the email that was sent to those who purchased tickets, but: “Please note, your event experience will not change and you will still be among the first to enter Once Upon A Toy based on your pre-assigned shopping number”

    • Hey Amy! Thanks for calling that out! It was definitely communicated to all who previously registered. I know it’s a bit confusing, but it will be a great experience and you all are going to be amazed at the product that will debut! Have fun and enjoy it!

  • For those of us who registered, you should have received an email with more information; ie:
    Because of the popularity of this event and the passion of Star Wars fans, we are making this event available without an additional event fee. As a result, we are refunding your $50 on September 2. The refund will be processed to the original credit card used when you placed your online reservation. ** Please note, your event experience will not change and you will still be among the first to enter World of Disney® Store based on your pre-assigned shopping number. **

    So the number is your place in line, ahead of those who did not preregister.
    The email also says: The event amenity gift will be distributed during on-site registration.

    • Hi Shannon, yes, that is correct. As a previously registered event Guest you will receive the amenity gift when you check-in. There is no change to your overall event experience except for the fact that the ticket price has been refunded to you.

  • Hi Michelle, I commented earlier in the week on taking a leap of faith and buying tickets for the event even when the majority of comments where skeptical because of the lack of info. I did receive my email with refunds and my number for the event so if this is now open to everybody why the number? I understand keeping a line for the ones who registered but as stated by this post its open to everyone now so is it also first com first serve? and if our location is still by number only for those who registered are there we going to be limited in items because of the other locations? like I said before I have a little understanding into the logistics of this event (especially to outside retailers) and its hard to me to grasp that Disney World was able to obtain “more” “limited items” for release in its other shops without skimming the event I’m going to. please respond

    • Hi! Thanks for your patience as I continue to respond. As a previously registered Force Friday event guest you will just need to check in at the location specified in the e-mail that you received. Since you have previously registered, you will be the first to shop in the location, based on your pre-assigned number. Any non-event Guests will be directed to specified queues based on the respective coast.

      The only change to your experience is that you received a refund for the price of the ticket. All other elements of the event are proceeding as planned, including the pre-assigned below.

      Based on your additional question below, purchasing limits will continue to apply on both coasts and in all resort locations that will be selling the merchandise. All units of merchandise planned for the event and then some, will still be available in the location.

  • Thanks, Michelle! This is great news. Where should I park to get in line for the Force Friday merchandise event. Will there be a wristband distribution for pins??

    • Hi Elaine! I’m glad you’re excited. So are we! You ask great questions. If you are joining us at the Disneyland Resort and you have not previously registered to attend then event we ask that you please park at any available Disneyland® Resort parking lots. Guests who wish to attend the product release at World of Disney® Store will be asked to queue in the Simba Parking Lot and will be escorted over to the location accordingly. Please note, previously registered Force Friday event attendees will be the first Guests allowed into the location, followed by non-registered attendees.

      As for the Star Wars themed pins, Guests who did not previously register to attend and who wish to purchase pins being released in association with Star Wars™, will need to obtain a wristband prior to entering the World of Disney® Store location. The wristbands will be distributed in the Simba Parking Lot, while supplies last. Please note, this is the general queue for the Force Friday, World of Disney shopping experience.

  • What about those of us that paid the $50?

    • Hi Anthony! As a registered event Guest, you should have received the e-mail indicating where to check-in, where to park,among other details. As a registered event attendee you will be the first to shop at the location based on your pre-assigned number.

  • thats fine and dandy, but what about the emails you sent with our #numbers for the event. is that still in effect? now I’m totally confused.
    please clarify

    • Hi Linda! If you received an e-mail it is because you are a previously registered Force Friday event Guest. Please follow the instructions provided in the event details that you received. Previously registered event Guests will be the first to shop in the location based on the pre-assigned number you received. Please be sure to check-in any time after 9p.m.

  • This is great news! I’m a super Star Wars fan and I can’t wait! Do you know where we need to park? Also, where can I line up if I decide to come early? Sorry for all of the questions, so excited for tomorrow night!

    • Hi Megan! If you are joining us at the Disneyland Resort and you have not previously registered to attend the event we ask that you please park any available Disneyland® Resort parking lots. Guests who wish to attend the product release at World of Disney® Store will be asked to queue in the Simba Parking Lot and will be escorted over to the location accordingly. Please note, previously registered Force Friday event attendees will be the first Guests allowed into the location, followed by non-registered attendees.

  • Will we still be receiving the gift bag that was going to be originally given out to ticketed guests? Also, will this be a first come, first serve event now that tickets aren’t needed?

    • Hi Nicholas! If you registered to participate in the Force Friday event, you will receive the amenity gift (messenger bag). Those will be only distributed to the Guests who previously registered. The event attendees will be the first to shop at the location, followed by non-registered Guests.

  • Will it still be random numbers for lining up in Downtown Disney at Disneyland as previous? Or do we need to start camping out now?

    • Hi Ken! Any Guest who did not previously register for the Force Friday event at the World of Disney at the Disneyland Resort will be directed to queue in the Simba parking lot to participate in the release.

  • Will this event at the World of Disney in DLR conflict with that morning’s rundisney event? What hours will this event be running? I think runners go right past this store…

    • Hi April! You are absolutely right! That’s why we are encouraging any of our Guests who are planning to come out for the product release and who did not previously register, to queue in the Simba parking lot, as we do not want to impact any of the area in front of the store being utilized by the runner’s on Sept. 4. I believe the race is pretty early that morning. You’ll no doubt have fans there cheering you on.

  • Will those who signed up and paid the fee get priority registration?

  • What will happen with the messenger bags that were to be the “amenity gift”?

    • Hi Gregory! The “amenity gift” for the event will be distributed to those who previously registered for the event itself.

  • Hi Michelle

    I know you got slammed with complaints about the fee last week so I will take it easy on you! Will those of us who paid the fee and signed up get priority registration on Thursday evening? I received an email with my number but would rather not wait on a massive line to register.

    Thanks again for your patience and professionalism!

    • Hi Brian!! If you previously purchased the Force Friday ticket, you can register in person beginning at 9p.m. at the location indicated on the e-mail you received. We recommend that you check-in prior to 11p.m. As a previously registered Force Friday event guest, you will have the first opportunity to shop at the location based on your pre-assigned number.

  • so do those who paid get refunded

    • Hi Kevin! Yes, those who paid will get refunded, however the previously registered event attendees will still partake in the experience and be the first to shop.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Just a couple of quick questions. The Messenger bag that came with the original ticket, is that still going to be available? Will it be limited to those who purchased entry or will guests who just show up Friday night receive it as well? Will guests who bought tickets be guaranteed entrance before those who did not? Sorry I’m just a little fuzzy on how this changes everything.

    • Hi Janelle, great questions! The messenger bag will only be available to those who previously registered for the event.

      The previously registered event attendees will be the first Guests permitted into the World of Disney Store at the Disneyland Resort or in Walt Disney World at Once Upon A Toy.

      Any non-event Guests(those who did not previously register) who wish to take part in the product release will be directed to queue in the following locations: At Disneyland Resort, Guests will be directed to Simba parking lot and will be escorted over to World of Disney Store. At Walt Disney World, Guests will be directed to park in the Sun Trust lot prior to 8a.m. and the Downtown Disney parking garage after 8a.m., again there will be a separate queue set up for non-event Guests.

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