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House of Cards – Haunted Mansion Holiday Style – at Disneyland Park

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Building a house of cards can be tricky (and sticky), especially if your hands are made of gingerbread! To show you, we created this time-lapse video, taped inside Haunted Mansion Holiday in Disneyland park. Laying all of their cards on the table, bakers, decorators and gingerbread workers construct finishing touches on the nearly 10-foot replica of the Haunted Mansion exterior made out of gingerbread.


  • This is my favorite room. Me and my 4 year old were in heaven from the smell of the gingerbread house. I did enjoy this years house over last years.

  • This house of cards is my favorite gingerbread house to date in the Haunted Mansion. I’ve seen it a few times on the ride now but really enjoyed this video and some up close details I’m not able to pick out from my doom buggy. And I must mention it smells wonderful!!

  • Loved to see the time lapse of it being built. It was neat to see a couple of weeks ago and I loved the little gingerbread men construction workers- really awesome touch.

  • I love the video. I can’t wait to see it in person. is this referring to house of cards on Netflix ? Will there be more behind-the-scenes of this great attraction? I love haunted mansion holiday and the regular I always go on it every single time I go to Disneyland Big fan of the ride

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