Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast Experience Coming to Disneyland Park

A wild and once-in-a-lifetime experience is coming to Disneyland park. The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast will take place on select dates from September 21 to December 2, 2015.


Your Sunrise Safari will begin with a welcome from the Jungle Navigation Company, Ltd., before you dive into breakfast on the African veldt of the world-famous Jungle Cruise attraction in Adventureland. I would be “lion” if I said this wasn’t a special opportunity — it’s not everyday that you get a chance to dine in the attraction.

Your roaring hunger is sure to be satisfied with an assortment of fresh pastries and scones, exotic fruit and chia parfait, eggs cooked to perfection, glazed pork belly bacon, pan-seared sausage and roasted golden potato-and-onion hash. Quench your thirst for adventure with an assortment of juices, freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas.

Following breakfast, you’re going to get a crash course in Jungle Skipper training before getting behind the wheel of your own boat to recite that famous spiel. Upon your Initiation into the elite “Fraternal League of Secret Skippers,” you’ll receive an exclusive keepsake—a tribal mask inspired by original concept art for the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Reservations are extremely limited and are now being accepted. Make yours here.


  • Rachel, any chance you will offer this again? We will be at Disneyland January 8-11. Would love to experience this!

  • Just completed the Safari Breakfast. The Premiere Experience crew dialed down to the most minute detail. Made this an unforgettable experience. Well worth the cost. I will never ride this iconic ride again without flashing back to marvelous memories.

    • Congratulations on becoming an Honorary Jungle Skipper, Sherri! I’m glad you enjoyed the Sunrise Safari Breakfast. 🙂

  • Just got home from our JC sunrise safari breakfast. What a great experience – as only Disney can do it!

    • 😀

  • Digital photos just arrived! What fun this was!

    • Hi Judith, I’m glad you had fun! Congratulations on becoming an Honorary Jungle Skipper!

  • Will the Mickey & Friends structure be open that early for parking? How do we get into DL before it’s open?

  • “All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.”

    -Peter Pan

    I am hoping the blog moderators do NOT post a lot of details about the experience, for I don’t want to see them before my safari breakfast. I want to be surprised! I have faith in Disney, and trust Disney, that the experience will have lots pixie dust Disney magic and be worth the cost for those who are fans of the Jungle Cruise and Disney imagineers.

  • @John and @Randall – have either of you received email regarding digital pics we were promised? I agree it was unique and worth the money! I did not anticipate the food being downright excellent, and we had great breakfast companions, Gary and Christine. We certainly would be interested in knowing about similar events in the future, though living out of state can be problematic!

  • @Bridgette-rather than spoil for those who may be interested with a picture,the masks were specifically designed for this event. It is on my mantle as we speak.

  • Hi John or Randall glad you enjoyed ! How about the tribal mask ? Can you post a picture or describe it ?
    Thank you ! Looking forward to going next month !

  • Can anyone who went on the breakfast jungle cruise give more details. If you don’t skipper the boat, what do you do? Do you share the boat with others? I am thinking of booking it. Thanks

  • You don’t get to skipper the boat—you go behind the wheel for a photo op, but there is more to it than that. The whole experience is a little less than 3 hours. If you love Jungle Cruise, you’ll love this experience. The price point may not be for everyone, but then again, the same could be said about the price of admission to the park. I feel I got my money’s worth given the substantial effort that went into this special experience.

  • @john/9/22 – thanks for the teaser report – I can’t wait for my safari next month!!

  • Agree with John, did the experience and it was worth every penny for my wife and myself. Rather than detail what when on, just trust that Disney continues to demonstrate their expertise in creating a magical experience.

  • We LOVE Disney & LOVE being Annual Passholders, but never would we lay-out $300 a person for something like this! Sad way to keep excluding people…

  • Just finished! Worth. Every. Penny.

  • I was so excited reading about this new dining experience and then I saw the price. Ouch!

  • What about kids 2 and under? Do they need a ticket too?

  • I also want to know if “getting behind the wheel” means you’re going to be able to actually skipper the boat in motion, before we throw down $600 for the two of us. That is too vague. $300 is too much for breakfast otherwise. Please have this clarified. Thanks!

  • I wish to lend my support towards doing this at Haunted Mansion or Pirates as well. Surely you could drag a few bodies through the dining room per night?

  • does sound like a fantasmic experience but if they ever do it in the haunted mansion or the pirates probably be $500 a person

  • I need someone from Disney to explain how much piloting of the boat we will get to do. The whole course? We get to do the whole spiel?

  • This sounds like a lot of fun! Bummed I’m all the way in Florida.

  • Tried logging on several times to get my reservations and it just stayed stuck. I tried 9/5/15, 9/6/15 and 9/7/15.

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