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Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast Experience Coming to Disneyland Park

A wild and once-in-a-lifetime experience is coming to Disneyland park. The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast will take place on select dates from September 21 to December 2, 2015.


Your Sunrise Safari will begin with a welcome from the Jungle Navigation Company, Ltd., before you dive into breakfast on the African veldt of the world-famous Jungle Cruise attraction in Adventureland. I would be “lion” if I said this wasn’t a special opportunity — it’s not everyday that you get a chance to dine in the attraction.

Your roaring hunger is sure to be satisfied with an assortment of fresh pastries and scones, exotic fruit and chia parfait, eggs cooked to perfection, glazed pork belly bacon, pan-seared sausage and roasted golden potato-and-onion hash. Quench your thirst for adventure with an assortment of juices, freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas.

Following breakfast, you’re going to get a crash course in Jungle Skipper training before getting behind the wheel of your own boat to recite that famous spiel. Upon your Initiation into the elite “Fraternal League of Secret Skippers,” you’ll receive an exclusive keepsake—a tribal mask inspired by original concept art for the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Reservations are extremely limited and are now being accepted. Make yours here.


  • Doesn’t look like there are many dates available. We are coming in Sept 25-28 and its all grayed out. I wish there were more dates available to choose from.

  • It would be nice if they at least let you stay in the park afterwards but it says that you will be escorted out and you will have to wait for the park to open to re-enter. I love Disneyland and I’m all for special and unique experiences but I will pass on this experience. It sounds cool but not at the price for THAT particular venue. I don’t really care for the jungle cruise. Do a dinner at the Haunted Mansion and I’m there! Ooh, that would be awesome, please please Disneyland!

  • How long does this adventure last? And is there anyway to get around the 5:30 a.m. default, or is that the only time reservations are taken?

    I agree this is pricey but for a wedding anniversary gift, maybe. On our honeymoon in 1968, a Jungle Cruise boat was held for us … we were the only ones there to ride!

  • So, my wife was looking at the page of this and saw where it said

    “The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast experiences may be cancelled due to inclement weather without notice. ”

    Can we have a little clarity here, would the purchasers get a refund or re-schedual?

  • It does not say you are going to take the boat out and ride as Skipper. It just says “you’re going to get a crash course in Jungle Skipper training before getting behind the wheel of your own boat to recite that famous spiel.” I bet it’s going to be a photo-op, with you behind the wheel, making the spiel, with the boat tied to the dock.

  • It’s all fine and dandy until you’re the one that is priced out. What a society we’ve become when only the rich people are allowed to have fun and entertainment, and the rest are told too bad. In other words, yes, this is too expensive. Poor people are Disney fans, they go to work everyday too, and they’re still people.

  • It’s all about personal choices and comfort level.

    If this sounds like a good deal to you then great, go and have a great time.

    What I would ask is that after your experience please come back here and tell us what it was like. This also means to cover the good and the bad without glossing over any problems.

    Thank you

  • @Karen – it is not yet sold out. There is still space available for some dates. I checked yesterday & no availability showed for any dates but there is for most dates today.

    Thanks to those who provided comments about how special this will be. I was wavering, but after rereading your posts, I just booked as I decided this was too special to pass up. Special access & experience in one of my favorite attractions? Wow! Yes it is early, but has to be to be there for sunrise. And, the opportunity to walk through part of the park way before anyone else, that will be special too. I can’t wait!!

  • Oops! Only the Oct dates were sold out 12 hours after posting… Not the Sept dates. My mistake!

  • @Andrew, that’s exactly my point too. This is 100% about the experience and not the actual food… Which will still be delicious!

    A lottery isn’t the business Disney is in! They provide a variety of experiences that cater to several different audiences. This is one of those high-end, more expensive experiences that not everyone can participate in. How many people can actually fit on the African veldt for one breakfast 10,16 maybe 20? So of course the price is going to be high, and the more I think about the $600 i spent for this… It’s at the very top end of what I could tolerate but am still willing to pay. It will be worth it!

    I booked Oct 1 about an hour after it was posted, and when I checked back at 12 hours after posting – all dates were sold out… so obviously Disney got it right!

  • That is amazing. $300 is expensive but maybe not expensive enough. Premium experiences like this help fund the park for the rest of us.

  • @Mitch

    are you staying at DAK?this event is Disneyland California

  • I think a lot of people are missing the point. You are not paying $300 for a “basic” breakfast, you are paying $300 for a once in a lifetime experience. Being a skipper on an opening day attraction and being a part of something that Walt loved is well worth the $300. The breakfast to me is free. Wish I was a Disneyland local but I’m stuck in Florida.

  • Jungle Cruise? No. But do this at Pirates of the Carribean or Haunted Mansion and I’ll be the first to sign up!

  • Is it sold out?

  • Just tried to book and every available date said no availability.

  • People complaining about the price- Im ok with paying $300. Makes it more exclusive and not something that’ll sell out soon so I can go. I know it sucks but not having everything be accessible to the public makes it more alluring. Just like collecting a limited edition item or going to a high end restaurant. I never got spoiled with things when I was younger, so this kind of thing helps me spoil myself as an adult. I just hope the food itself and the set up make my money spent worth it and Disney has yet to disappoint me 🙂

  • Does this include park admission of do you need your own way into the park on top of the $300?

    • Hi Erin, The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast will take place before the park opens, so park tickets are not required.

  • I’m not surprised at the price. Not for everyone but think of it, it’s your big chance to say “the backside of water” or “you’re in denial”. Cool!

  • We are visiting from the 27th November to the 4th December and staying at Animal Kingdom, I tried to book for the 3rd of December but couldn’t ! Upon reading the other comments …is the price really $300 U.S per person?

  • why is it so expensive? is the breakfast special? what are the details I cant find any details?

  • Who came up with ridiculous price?
    Do you eat on a boat? Do you have to eat it by the time it goes around the ride? What if it rains?
    I’m still shocked at the price. $600 for two people. You better sell me gold butter with that price.

  • I realize reservations are only accepted 60 days in advance, but can you at least provide the dates in November and December that you will be releasing? Obviously if you have an end-date already you must know what dates you’ll be selling. Thanks.

  • I see the cancellation policy: “Reservations must be cancelled 72 hours prior to the event to avoid a full price cancellation fee.” But is there a partial price cancellation fee if we cancel more than 72 hours prior?

  • At first I too was shocked at the price, but it’s actually not that bad considering it’s such a unique experience and appears to be during a time when the park isn’t open yet to the public or even hotel guests.

    I can definitely see this as a very special gift (e.g. as someone mentions above, Christmas presents to each other).

    I don’t think this event was “designed” to be like say a character breakfast, where you take your entire family.

    • Hi Ricky, you are correct. The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast will take place before the park opens. 🙂

  • @John, the refund rules are outlined in the details on the web page. As of now, it states that you must cancel within 72 hours to avoid a full price cancelation fee. Though it doesn’t state any details as to how much of a refund you’ll get. It also states that the event could be canceled without notice due to weather. I’m hoping that if Disneyland has to cancel, that would entail folks getting a full refund.

  • Is this a group event? Will a boat be full of participants and we each get a few minutes behind the wheel?

  • Is it refundable if we cancel?

  • I just booked, but I don’t know if I can get anyone else to pay $300 to go with me, so I guess I’m going solo.

  • This looks amazing! What an incredible opportunity for Jungle Cruise fans.

  • Was wondering why the calendar defaulted to 5:30 AM. Didn’t realize the cost; no way we’ll be doing it.

    But seems like it’s already booked up for end of Sept? Calendar is not showing any available time slots. So either a glitch in the system, or it really has been booked up this fast.

  • We just booked ! So excited. These are amazing opportunities. Hopefully there will be more – maybe Haunted Mansion 🙂

  • Why is everyone getting so upset over the price? It’s not at all about the food, which I’m sure will be delicious, but about the whole experience of going backstage & enjoying an unforgettable experience!

    I’d expect it to be expensive, because it’s rare & special… And in demand!

    It was a big cost, but we still can’t wait to go! It’ll be my wife & I’s Christmas gift to each other!

  • I am so so excited to do this with my husband and kids! I don’t think the price is too much for such a magical experience!! Can’t wait for the November dates to open to book this once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • OMG! Just booked this for me & my son. I may be crazy, but Jungle Cruise has always been one of favorite attractions. Eating inside the ride during sunrise!!! I just couldn’t pass that up!

  • $300?? That’s way too much for a hotel-style free breakfast and a ride on the river. That’s too bad, as well. A friend of ours used to be a Jungle Cruise Pilot, and he’s planning on going. We were hoping to ride on his boat.

    Oh, well.

  • 300$ for scones and pastries. There’s nothing on the menu worth that money I get the experience but $300 is outrageous

  • any surprise? too much cost for breakfast!

  • Please bring this to Disney World!!!!!

  • Rachel — Since this breakfast lasts until December 2nd, does this mean that we will not get the Jingle Cruise holiday overlay this year? Or can it be installed while keeping the ride open?

  • I just booked! It’s so expensive, but will be such a special opportunity!! So happy right now!!

    • Enjoy! 🙂

  • No weekend dates? I’m willing to spend the money but I can’t miss work.

  • Wow!!! Such a great and unique opportunity. Would love to do this.

  • $300? I’d say you buried the lead.

  • WOW! Sounds awesome but $300 per person and only at 6:30 in the morning?! I’m sad I have to pass – it’s my husband’s favorite ride too! We love meeting all of the skippers.

  • Any chance there will be a Jingle Cruise breakfast following December 2? We’re coming mid-December, so we’d love to experience this!

  • Wow! This would be such an AMAZING experience! Too bad I won’t be in the parks until December 9th!

    • Enjoy your visit!

  • Price is $300?

  • It says through Dec. 2 but no dates are listed after Oct. 28. Are they all booked or just not posted yet?

    • Reservations open 60 days prior to the date, check back soon! 😀

  • How cool is this but tried to make a reservation and it won’t take anything for november or December. bummer. is it not up and running

    • Hi Debbie, Reservations are available 60 days in advance, check back soon for availability. 🙂

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