Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou: New Premium Dining Experience Coming to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Park


This year, a new premium Halloween dining experience hosted by Dr. Facilier is coming to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland park: Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou. The evening begins at 7 p.m., with an intimate, spooky dining experience with a themed three-course menu.


During dinner, Dr. Facilier will be conjuring his friends from the other side, bringing them to life in Blue Bayou Restaurant for a wickedly good time. After dinner, guests will receive a limited-edition custom lithograph featuring art from Disney Animator Eric Goldberg before the Shadow Man bids his guests adieu and they are escorted from the Blue Bayou Restaurant to a special viewing area for “Halloween Screams” fireworks.

The special menu—available only during Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou—includes your choice of:

Crab Cake with Creole slaw and Remoulade sauce
Warm Goat Cheese Tart with baby spinach, golden beets, prosciutto and dried cherry vinaigrette

Braised Short Rib with Danish blue cheese whipped potatoes, baby carrots and huckleberry-pinot noir reduction
Bourbon Glazed Chicken Breast with smoked aged white cheddar polenta, asparagus and thyme jus
Red Fish with crispy rock shrimp, green beans, Louisiana long grain rice and étouffée sauce

Dark Chocolate Crème Brule with salted caramel macaroon
Almond Praline Cheesecake with petit honey beignets

Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou will begin September 25, and be offered during Mickey’s Halloween Party through October 31. For reservations, click here.


  • What is the cancellation policy for this premium event? We have a reservation for 3 but one of us will not be able to make it any longer. Will I still get charged the additional $150?

  • Where is the fireworks viewing area? Is it seated, or standing?

  • I just wanted people to know I did this experience on the first date. Even though pirates was closed there was no boarding up you still had the atmosphere and they did great decor inside. The entertainment was nice and the food was good. You get a bag of Halloween candy so it is like you trick or treated without having too. They give you mardi gras beads, the lithograph, and souvenir glowing ice cubes. We did have to wait outside and they let us in not until 7:10 pm, but it was still nice. I would highly recommend this event.

    Mike: there are only so many tables and only so many work for just a table of two.

  • Why is it that Disney dining has nothing to do with making reservations? My wife and I tried booking a reservation to on October 27th (to celebrate my….cough…40th birthday the next day) but it says nothing is available. I looked at other days as well and we got the same result. It seems odd to me that it would be all booked up this far in advance. I called Disney dining and was informed that they are not involved in reservations with the event and that it is solely online.
    Can anyone assist in getting us a reservation for October 27th? Thanks

  • Just got my tickets! They were sold out for two people on my date last week, but somehow they have them today, so keep trying if you have trouble getting them!

    I would love to hear from someone here who has already experienced this!

  • It says when you go to book that the cancellation policy is 2 days.. Cancelling within 2 days means payment will be forfeited and full amount charged.
    It also says that you can put in special dietary requirements.

  • Ricky… The event says these tickets are not refundable

  • Jacquelyn, you need tickets to the MH party

  • Booked my reservations and we have premium passes. Do we need to purchase the Mickey Halloween party tickets too?

  • This is more expensive than my 5 course dinner at Club 33. Ridiculous!

  • @Steven, yes, these posts are sometimes rarely answered. And once the first day passes, odds of answers being posted drastically decline. I ususally just call in to an appropriate department (e.g. Disney Dining) to get the answers.

  • Seems like questions are only answered the first couple days these blogs are posted. Should at least be the first week!! Just a suggestion.:)

  • @Janine(#31), this is a Mickey’s Halloween event exclusive which requires a separate admission from the passes.

  • According to Disney Dining, if you cancel 24 or more hours in advance, there is no charge. So we’ll check out the venue when we arrive on the 27th and see what type of construction may still be going on. If all is well, we can keep our reservation. That’s for a standard lunch there. I don’t know the cancelation policy for this dinner special event. According to Disney Dining, a separate department is handling reservations.

  • Awesome!! I cannot wait to try this out!! Unfortunately we had to break our family’s 8 year streak of passes to experience Disney Cruise and Aulani next year.. But hope to be able to renew and try this later next year!! So exciting!!!

  • @eric..sorry it sounds like a Disneyland only thing.

  • @ Eric (#18) this is only for Disneyland.
    @Alyxandria (#9) Nope prices are not mixed up.You are already paying for a ticket into park for the Halloween party which is either $69 or $77 or $84 depending on the night you go,god forbid they should charge $300 for this dinner like they have done with the Jungle Cruise Breakfast.

  • Can we please have confirmation about the first two nights (25-Sep, and 28-Sep) regarding Pirates of the Carribean being under refurbishment? Will the area be boarded up (Lofty’s Landing area of the attraction) and thus the ambiance would be different?

    The calendar currently shows it offline starting around 14-Sep all the way through 29-Sep. Why not move that window of downtime up a bit? Or, is it being planned to have Pirates of the Carribean be back online before the 25th?

    Thank you.

  • Is the Fireworks viewing going to be seated or standing, and where will the viewing spot be?

  • Now this one I will do (as opposed to Jungle Cruise breakfast). Party of 4 reserved, can’t wait!

  • @Linda, Paint the Night will most likely only play once per night (as currently seen on the calendar for dates up to 21-Oct as of this writing). You’ll ultimately have to pick and choose what you’d like to do.

    The good news is that Paint the Night plays every single night. So you’d be able to check it out on non-party nights.

  • What about the Paint The Night Parade? Will you miss that if you attend the dinner or will they be showing it twice that evening?

  • Stephanie (#21 above) — You have to have Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets in order to do this Mystical Spirits event. Even though Mystical Spirits is a separate event, it is technically part of Mickey’s Halloween Party.

    From the Mystical Spirits page that Rachel linked above: “To attend the Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou premium dining event, you must have already purchased a ticket to Mickey’s Halloween Party for that same day.”

    Also from the Mystical Spirits page, where the price is mentioned: “$150.00 per adult/child (ages 3 to 9), tax and gratuity included. Must be paid in full at time of booking. Price does not include Mickey’s Halloween Party admission.”

  • Hi there – I am having problems booking for one person as the website doesn’t seem to accept “party of one”. It will accept party of two, three and four. I have the number to call and all I get is a message to leave a message. Is there any other ways I can access this to book the event. I’m getting frustrated.

  • Wondering if we need to buy Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets to attend this event? Or can we just purchase tickets to this dinner event? What are the prices?

  • I took my Mom to the Villain Experience last and it was wonderful but it was for older kind not little one the whole night was remarkable the food some of the best we have had at the parks if this is half as good its worth every penny have a Great time

  • yes, Katy and Michelle, they can do substitutions if they don’t have a dedicated vegetarian option, but this is a special meal with special event food options. Substituting a veggie option that you can get year round isn’t really special. It would have been nice if there had been a vegetarian option specifically for this event.

  • And is this private villain dining experience taking the place of Lady Tremaine’s villain bash at Cindy’s Table at the east-coast WDW party last year?

  • Something is not right about this. Pirates of the Carribean is slated to be under refurbishment during the first two party nights (scheduled to resume on Wed, 30-Sep). We are most likely going to cancel our lunch at Blue Bayou that we booked for Tues, 29-Sep. I called Disney Dining and they confirmed that the attraction area (water) would basically be boarded up. So definitely a change to the ambiance.

    Thus, how can this special event start on the 25th when the attraction isn’t up and running? Is there a chance that the refurbishment will be complete before the 25th of Sep?

  • I’m also wondering about the vegetarian options…. I assume they have *something* but it would be nice to know what it is.

  • I agree with Steve–would be a great addition to POR or POFQ!

  • Heidi: I would certainly hope this this could be an adults only adventure. No kids would be great.

  • I’m also wondering if this means that Dr. Facillier won’t be available to meet during the party this year?

  • I just bought my tickets. I’m so excited! I love tours and events though, and it’s just me and mom. Could understand how families with many kids would find this cost prohibitive. Oh, and Danielle (#1), I’m gluten free; Disneyland is really good about accommodating special dietary needs.

    I hope to see some of you there – I’ll likely be dressed up as Sadness from Inside Out!

  • Danielle– Disney will always have a vegetarian option if you request it. I was a vegetarian for years and Disney restaurants always fed me! They take food issues very seriously.

  • So does this mean that Dr.Facilier won’t be available for meets for other MHP guests as he has been normally?
    And do Friends from the other side mean other Villians?

  • So it’d be around $219 (Event and Ticket) for each person who wants to go for Blue Bayou quality food, a meet n’ greet/Show w/ a character that’s rarely seen, a collectible lithograph, and special seating for the fireworks. While on the other hand it’s 400$ for Carnation Cafe quality food, and a Tiki mask collectible for the Jungle Cruise Breakfast.

    I just have to ask. Did someone mix the prices of the two around? The two just don’t add up.

  • Really that’s a great deal, considering that the price of MHP ticket is less than a 1 day 1 park ticket. Plus you get 8 hours of Disneyland total (3 hours before the party starts) with a yummy meal and a villainous atmospheric experience. I go MHP every year and this is a real treat to try a hauntingly new experience.

  • Will this conflict with the Paint the Night Parade? I can’t find times for the entertainment.

  • Any info on how much the menu will cost?

  • Do any AP discounts apply?

    • Hi Jonathan, Annual Passholder discounts do not apply to Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou.

  • Wait, so it’s $150/person on top of the $69/person admission to the Halloween Party, but we miss almost 3 hours of the 5-hour Halloween party?

  • Is there a menu for kids?

    • Hi Heidi, There is not a separate children’s menu for this event.

  • This would be a wonderful addition to Port Orleans (Fr. Quarter or Riverside) once it finished it’s run at Disneyland.

  • Wish they had a vegetarian option for an app & entree

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