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New Backstage ‘Flavor Lab’ Opens in October at Walt Disney World Resort

Ever wonder how a new dish makes it on the menu at Be Our Guest Restaurant? Or how a cocktail comes to life? A new, behind-the-scenes “Flavor Lab” brings the Walt Disney World Resort chefs, front-of-house managers, sommeliers, mixologists and more together in a state-of-the-art research and development facility.


The 7,000-square foot Flavor Lab serves as a hub of new product, packaging and equipment innovation for food and beverage programs across Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

While it’s not open to the public, Disney guests will be the ultimate benefactor of all the testing, measuring and collaborations that will happen in the expansive new space. Before Flavor Lab, Disney operated a small test kitchen, but most of the culinary operations were spread across the Vacation

“With increasing new projects, we needed space,” says Jean-Marie Clement, director, Food & Beverage Concept Development. “This new facility will provide a professional, creative and collaborative workspace for sharing and showcasing new ideas, concepts and best practices.”

Nearly three years in the making, about 18 culinary, front of house and project design team members will work there full time, but the building will be bustling. “When we open a new concept, we’ll be able to train cast members on new equipment,” says Jean-Marie. “We can test a new equipment and keep up with trends and technology.”

“From product testing and cast training to food photography and vendor presentations, “we’ll have the best-of-the-best Disney talent under one roof,” says Jean-Marie.


  • My wife works in a test kitchen in recipe development, she will LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing

  • Maybe included in a tour one day???

  • What a brilliant and innovative concept! People often connect innovation with technology, and innovation is so much more than that. This is a fantastic concept and what a wonderful opportunity for those who can use the facility to create and imagine!

  • As a lover of food and having enjoyed some incredible dining experiences at Disney World, I will anxiously await the addition of a ‘Flavor Lab’ tour!

  • I know it says this won’t be open to the public, but I have to say that I’m hoping that eventually that will change someday. This sounds AMAZING.

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