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New Menu Debuts Tomorrow at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café in Magic Kingdom Park

Howdy, partners! Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café will open tomorrow with a reimagined menu, featuring tasty Tex-Mex cuisine.

New Veggie Rice Bowl from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café in Magic Kingdom Park New Beef Rice Bowl from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café in Magic Kingdom Park
New Burrito from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café in Magic Kingdom Park New Southwest Chicken Salad from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café in Magic Kingdom Park

New entrees include rice bowls and burritos with your choice of beef, chicken, or veggies. Fajitas sizzle with delicious steak or chicken. For a lighter option, try the Southwest Chicken Salad. Fans of the fixin’s bar needn’t worry, it’s back and better than ever with tasty sauces, salsas, peppers, onions, cheese and more.


Look for traditional tortilla chips and Chicken Enchilada Soup as scrumptious side dishes. For dessert? Mini churros with dipping chocolate and Sopapillas (a crispy, puffy, fried pastry) make for a perfectly sweet ending to your meal.

Come and get it!


  • Very disappointed about the menu change. Bring back the old menu!

  • In addition to my previous comment – we actually thought Pecos Bills was closed when we first walked in. Why, because there were no customers. I guess we aren’t the only visitors who want the old menu and not beans and rice.

  • I am very excited to get into Liberty Tree Tavern the week of December 16-20. I know that they are closed now, how can I find out when they start to make reservations for that week?

  • Disappointed in the change – friends just returned and said the food was not as good as before and had to trek back to the other side of park to feed their kids. It is still labeled as American – but menu does not reflect that. Pecos Bill’s was our favorite place to eat. Doubt that we will be eating there this trip.

  • Totally disappointed in this change. Pecos Bill’s has been a must-do on every trip for years and years for me. I won’t be going back to Bill’s until they put a burger option back in. What a bummer! And I, too, am getting sick of all this change. Just stop. Let some stuff stay the same for awhile. I like to go back to the Parks for some things because they are consistent, and because there is nostalgia. It seems what Disney is forgetting that nostalgia is a big part of what keeps some of us spending money.

  • My husband and I always made it a point to go to Pecos Bill for the “All American” burgers and the tacos. We were VERY disappointed to find the change. Won’t be going there again.

  • I can’t even believe this sad and tragic news. Our vacation starts in 11 days and I planned our first day at the magic kingdom on the left side of the park ensuring that we left lunch open for Pecos Bills. We have taken our kids to Disney 5 times in the past 4 years. This was their favorite restaurant in the magic kingdom because they loved the cheese fries almost as much as the mouse. I get that Starlight still has this option but if you are trying to split up the park by days, this is a inconvenience. This trip we are going with other family members and this is their first time at Disney. I’m sorry they will miss out on this and I’m not sure how this new menu fits with the western theme. Bring back the bbq

  • I see that there is a vegetarian rice bowl, which is great considering that the parks generally ignore their vegetarian guests.

    I have to ask though, are the beans and/or rice made with lard or chicken stock, or are these items suitable for vegans as well?

  • Pecos Bill without a burger topped with mushrooms from the fixings bar is no longer Pecos Bill. You’ve taken away our favorite Magic Kingdom spot for a good late lunch.

  • It just doesn’t make any sense to me to have completely have eliminated burgers and fries – even if Cosmic Rays still continues to offer burgers and fries, you can bet now they will be busier then ever as a result of this change. Very poor planning on Disney’s part. I for one will be not be eating anymore at Pecos Bill’s.

  • I won’t be eating there anymore.

  • So i won’t be eating here any more….. Don’t eat Mexican food. Guess ill have to wait to see what BBQ comes out next door……

  • I’m delighted to see a new menu here! Whenever we stop there we are usually let down with the ho hum-ness and the “not even trying” vegetarian options for my wife. They gave her lettuce on bread once, come on. There are still burgers and fries in the park for those types of eaters. I really hope the menu is as fresh and healthy as it appears in these photos. I salute the Disney team for trying new things. If the steak is tasty and done right I’m sure it will be a winner!

  • I am super sad about this! We have a tradition to get a burger (w/onion rings on top!) at Pecos every trip and watch the parade go by. Not one thing on this menu sounds good to anyone in my family. I know a lot of people will be into this change, but seems like I’m not the only one who isn’t. Maybe mix it up with SOME mexican foods, but please bring back the burgers!

  • Loved Peco bills burgers tried it last year for the first time and loved it so much we ate there twice in our 5 days. I like mexican but im disappointed that the burgers are gone. Why change a good thing.

  • Pecos Bill is my fave place in MK. Are the taco salads still available? That was my meal of choice. My nephews loved the burgers there… no plans of bringing them back either?

  • Wow… Pecos had my favorite burgers in all of WDW, with the grilled meat! And even though you switched to that weird thick bun, it was still good. Guess I’ll have to make new plans in order to catch lunch somewhere else and THEN go back for the parade. :/

  • Nooooooooooo! The ground beef taco salad was our favorite meal in WDW. And the salad bar with those gorgeous mushrooms – all a thing of the past. Please, please Disney, leave things that work, and are popular, alone.

  • Pushed to be my favorite restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Nothing on the new menu I care to eat. Really disappointing.

  • Loved the location and Burgers at Pecos Bill’s! I’m not totally against Mexican food, but I tend to not like dishes with heavy bean content (several of the pictures look like they would be heavy on the beans). Not just for myself, but it also seems to not be a great option for many kids now.

    I guess on the plus side, this means I will probably end up trying Cosmic Rays someday (or possibly Tortuga if the new announcement for it’s menu is something I like).

    I will miss Pecos Bill’s though. I’ve always liked it since the first time I tried it.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait to try it…

  • Very disappointing. My family either doesn’t like or can’t eat items from this menu. The burgers with the fixin’s bar were something we looked forward on every trip. It just won’t be “our place” anymore.

  • My family and I are really saddend about the new menu change. It was a tradition for our family to go to Pecos Bill every visit to Walt Disney World.

  • I am sorry, this menu does not have something for everyone. It looks good for some folks and a regression to some of us. This was my favorite in the Magic Kingdom. I will try it once on our next trip. From what is shown, It does not look good. It reminds me of the bland wheat buns. Bad change.

  • I also agree with most comments on here they should keep the burgers! I have been going to Magic Kingdom since shortly after it opened & Pecos Bill’s has always had a burger & fry option. I also think that they should just keep the Tortuga menu & keep it open for more than just lunch! Make one fixin’s bar for both & keep the menu at each. Haven’t the Disney folk ever wondered why Pecos Bill & Cosmic Ray are always so busy? They should keep a burger option on each side of the park

  • The new menu looks amazing!! I’m so excited for more fresh food options in Magic Kingdom!!

  • Have to agree with a lot of the comments. Having to hike all the way back to Cosmic Ray would be a pain just to get a burger. A lot of people simply don”t care for Mexican food(I’m not one of them). However, I’m sure it will continue to do a booming business. Just should keep the burger option.

  • Bummer. Looks like I’m avoiding Pecos Bill’s.

  • Looks great! We’ll certainly give that a try while we’re there Columbus Day week!

  • This is very disappointing. There is already a Mexican restaurant right next door – Tortuga Tavern. Why did the great menu of Pecos Bill’s have to change to Mexican? I cannot eat spicy foods or cilantro, so I guess I won’t ever be visiting my favorite Magic Kingdom restaurant again. I loved the barbecue, burgers and pulled pork!

    • If you love barbecue, you’ll love the new menu coming soon to Tortuga Tavern.

  • Is this a Quick Service location or do you need reservations?

    • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café is a quick-service location. 🙂

  • Can we just have some place that serves “normal” food? What was wrong with the old menu? I guess we’ll have to find somewhere else to eat at the Magic Kingdom.

  • This really looks like the menu at Tortuga. I thought Pecos Bill’s had a great menu. We liked to go there. This menu will most likely make us pass it by now.

    It takes away the option for standard fare on that side of the Magic Kingdom.

  • This looks identical to Tortuga Tavern’s menu? And they sit next to each other.

    I miss the taco salad 🙁

    • Look for menu changes coming to Tortuga Tavern soon!

  • Do they still have burgers and barbecue pork sandwiches on the menu or is it just rice and burritos.

  • The new menu looks great! Good choices, something for everyone

    • It’s delicious! Personally, I’m a huge fan of the rice bowls. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to try the new menu!

    • 😀

  • I hope the taco salad makes a come back. That was my favorite thing to eat at Pecos.

  • Is there a plan for Tortuga Tavern? Tomorrowland Terrace? Golden Horseshoe? These restaurants sit closed most of the year in the worlds busiest theme park. We need more dining options!

  • Is there non-cilantro’d rice for us cilantro haters?

  • As a transplanted Texan living near the Magic Kingdom, this is music to my ears. (Would that be mariachi music?) For the burger lovers in our house, will burgers and fries still be available? See you for lunch this weekend!

    • You can still find burgers and fries at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café in Magic Kingdom. See ya real soon! 🙂

  • This looks similar to the menu at Tortuga Tavern. Is that menu changing too?

    • Stay tuned – new items will be coming to Tortuga Tavern soon!

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