QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Disney Villains?

The Disney Villains have taken over during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort! How well do you know these famous fiends? Take our quiz and find out!

How Well do You Know the Disney Villains?

Who does Captain Hook trick into telling him Peter Pan's secret hiding place?
What song does Little John sing about Prince John?
Where does Brer Fox live?
What is Oogie Boogie's favorite pastime?


  • Captain Hook is a codfish! Why would he be the 4/4 ranking?

  • We need more villain questions! Madam Mim! Madame Medusa! Sykes! Ratigan! Chernabog! Firebird! Edgar! Maleficent! Denahi! Dr. Facilier! Hans!

  • 4/4 đŸ™‚

  • 4/4, which means I got the Captain Hook rating. Villains rock!

  • I love this quiz and all the others. It’s fun to see if I know Disney as well as I think I do. Keep them coming.

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