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Top Ten Favorite Items for Halloween 2015 at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

As Halloween returns to Disney Parks, here are my top ten items to celebrate the season.


Figaro in Mickey Mouse Jack O’Lantern Plush
This 11-inch Figaro plush may be my favorite Halloween item this year (maybe it’s because my black cat looks almost like him).


Light-Up Pumpkin Necklace
This LED light-up pumpkin necklace is a simple-yet-festive Halloween accent, especially if you want something easy to wear when attending Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Resort or Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World Resort. Look carefully to see a new Haunted Mansion-inspired shirt for this year.


Halloween Apparel
I like this logo t-shirt with the new Halloween 2015 artwork for Disney Parks. The shirt also glows in the dark.


Halloween Candy Bags
The consumables team introduced adorable mini-Halloween candy bags. Each bag contains new Halloween 2015 artwork and contains a variety of pre-packaged candy options.


Halloween Lanterns
Each side of these Halloween lanterns picture Mickey and his friends having a frightfully fun time, whether it’s “Terror in Tomorrowland,” or “A Night of Horror in Adventureland.” Each lantern measures approximately 12-inches tall and are intended for battery candles (which are not included).


Halloween Headware
I like the two new Halloween headware items this year including a fun Minnie Mouse headband and an ear hat that contains flocked inserts on the ears and a embroidered, padded topper.


Mickey Mouse and Friends Halloween Mug
I plan on using this decorative Halloween mug to lift my spirits each morning. The mug contains new Halloween 2015 artwork with characters enjoying a night at Disney Parks.


Trick-Or-Trade with Halloween Pins
The pin trading team introduced several new open edition pins and accessories for Halloween. There will be additional limited edition pins coming to Disney Parks. Check DisneyPins.com for the latest release dates. New pins are typically introduced each Thursday in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.


Lounging Around
I may trade in my costume this year for these comfy cotton cobwebbed lounge pants with spooky “Boo” print.


Minnie Mouse as a Witch Antennae Topper
This antennae topper features Minnie Mouse dressed as a witch. We are also offering a matching kids costume and hat this year.

Guests can find many of these items using the new Shop Disney Parks mobile app. See this Disney Parks Blog article for details on how to download and use the app. You may also be able to find select Halloween items on our Disney Parks online store.


  • THANK YOU for letting me know an LED necklace is available. I let my 3.5 year old know we are going to Disneyland and since then he has been talking about how we are “going to disneyland to play in snow and get new necklace.” He has strong, happy memories of the Frozen Playland and Christmas necklaces at WDW last year. To his disappointment the necklace stopped working (even with new batteries) a few days after the trip. I am working hard to convince him there is no snow, but I am happy that his second hope can be fulfilled in some fashion.

  • I was wondering if you have any information if the monthly Wonderfully Wicked pin collection will continue into 2016? With Yzma, Kaa, And Cruella being the upcoming Villains through December; there are quite a good amount of notable villains missing from the set. (i.e Jafar, Queen Of Hearts).

  • Halloween season at WDW is my favorite! The Magic Kingdom is already magical enough, but adding that fall factor just takes it to a new level. Any idea if there will be possible Hocus Pocus merchandise available with the new Sanderson Sisters show?

  • will there be a new party magic band? will it have any effects like last years?

  • Will the 60th anniversary shows still be going on during new years time?

  • Will any of the Halloween shirts be available in the parks in the larger sizes (like 4x or 5x)?

  • How much is the Mickey Halloween glow in the dark shirt listed for?

  • I know what I will by buying: the pumpkin necklace! I have a similar necklace I purchased last year with Christmas lights and I got stopped constantly by people wanting to know where I got them. So the pumpkin light up necklace is my must-have, especially for safe trick or treating in the dark!

    • @Danielle – Awesome 🙂 That Christmas light-up necklace is fantastic. It will be returning to Disney Parks this holiday season. It was a very popular item last year so I’m glad you got one.

  • Love it all!!! Do you have a price on Figaro?

  • Those lanterns look fun! Steve, do you know the price on these?

  • I bought my son the bag of Candy Corn the 2 weekends ago at Disneyland. He loves Candy Corn. I picked up a new set of Halloween ears to go with last years ears. Will definitely get him this years Halloween shirt and that Figoro. Can’t wait for the Halloween season at Disneyland this month!!

    • @Liz – That’s wonderful! I love Halloween at Disneyland. The decorations are so festive. I hope you have a great time during your next trip.

  • Great, thanks! It’s awesome that you guys are so responsive to our questions. Keep up the good work.

  • @ Steven Miller – Any word on when Michelle Harker will be posting about the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and if there will be a new magic band (with lights and sounds) like last year?

    • @Michael – I don’t have a confirmed time yet I believe an article is in the works. Please stay tuned.

  • Steven, any idea if that necklace can be opened up (unclasped) to make a string of lights, or is it pretty much a continuous closed ring? Thanks for the great suggestions, as always.

  • Is the Shop Disney Parks app available for Disneyland, or just Walt Disney World Resort?

    • @Lisa – Currently, the Shop Disney Parks app features items from Walt Disney World Resort. Future updates may see items from Disneyland Resort yet I don’t have an timeframe as to when that would happen.

  • My favorite is the Hatbox Ghost limited edition T-shirt I was able to pick up in 2013. Will wear that to celebrate our first Halloween Time Disneyland trip later this month.

    • @Ricky – That’s a great shirt! I hope you have a delightful time 🙂

  • I think my favorite is the lantern!!!

  • Any good Evil Queen merchandise this year?

  • Hi. Im going to be at 2 parties this yr. First time to MNSSHP and excited. My question. Is the t shirt only available during the parties?

    • @David – The t-shirt pictured is not specifically for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. You can find it in many places at Disney Parks and online (see responses above). There will be different apparel items offered during the party at Magic Kingdom Park. Stay tuned for more details in a future Disney Parks Blog article from my fellow author Michelle Harker.

  • When will this stuff be out in the stores??

    • @Maria – The Halloween 2015 items are now available in a variety of merchandise locations at Disney Parks.

  • Love the Haunted Mansion inspired T-shirt pictured with the light up Pumpkin necklace. I didn’t see it when I was at Hollywood studios last Sunday, where can I find it?

  • How much are those bags with candy in them? Is the price dependent on the candy selection?

    • @Elizabeth – The retail is $6.95 each per bag. There is candy corn, candy pumpkins and chocolate.

  • I want to take Figaro home!!! 😛

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