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Unforgettable Happens Here at Disney Parks, Starting With ‘The Proposal’

The code word was “French kiss”.

When our video director uttered that phrase, it was Marc-Andre Lavoie’s cue to do what he’s wanted to do for years: propose to his future bride, Katherine Fox, in front of Cinderella Castle.

And our cameras were there to capture it.

During one of their many visits to Walt Disney World Resort, the Daytona couple was selected to participate in a commercial. They were cast as lovebirds who share a kiss in front of Cinderella Castle. While chatting with the director, Lavoie revealed he was planning to propose to Fox at Walt Disney World Resort on a future date.

He says he was easily convinced to move up the date so our cameras could be there.


“I think I screeched a little in my voice. (I said) ‘Katherine, I love you so much,’ and I did a fourth of my prepared speech, and did the most important part, ‘will you marry me?’” Lavoie recalled.

“I said ‘yes’ over and over and over again,” Fox said.


We know many of your big moments – many unforgettable moments – happen at Disney Parks. The heightened moments that bring families together and create indelible memories you share and cherish forever.

This year, we’ll share with you the moments our guests experience every second, every minute, every day, at Disney Parks.

Lavoie and Fox told me Walt Disney World Resort has been as important in their relationship as each other.

“Disney makes us the happiest. It was a no brainer to make the big moment happen (there),” Lavoie said.

Congratulations to the elated couple!

What are your unforgettable moments from Disney Parks?


  • Every moment at Disneyland is unforgettable for me! But the most unforgettable will be next month (December) when I take my kids and surprise them at the Park with my husband, their daddy, coming home from overseas! They have no idea and I know this will be so special for them, and so magical especially at Disneyland! I can’t wait!

  • My memories at Disneyland center around my Downs Syndrome brother. He loved Disneyland. The roller coasters were his favorite! He did not however like BUG’S LIFE! The air turned blue during that. Lol! Kerry passed away 6 years ago. My mom, son and I have yet to return to Disneyland. It holds fond memories for all of us. Everyone was so kind and understanding of Kerry’s special needs. Maybe this Christmas well get there. That was his favorite time along with Halloween.

  • On March 24th 1974 I was on the first date with a girl that lived down the street from me. We were at Disneyland and had our first kiss near the water fountain in front of It’s a Small World. Little did we know, we would be married three years later. We have been married for 38 years, have two married children and are two weeks away from having our fifth grandchild. Next April we will be taking the entire family back to Disneyland for a family vacation. Back to where it all started 41 Years ago. Thanks Walt Disney.

    p.s. I was born in 1955, the year that Disneyland opened. It must have just been fate.

  • I’ve been going to Disneyland since the early 1960s. I have so many special memories but my favorites have been those with the cast members. There have been times when they went out of their way to make an older couple very happy. Like the time we were checking into the Paradise Pier Hotel for the Disneyland 50th anniversary. Never having stayed at a Disneyland resort hotel before, I mentioned it to the cast member who was checking us in. I told her we couldn’t afford to stay until now and I was very excited to stay there. She told us our room wasn’t quite ready yet and to come back later in the afternoon. Imagine our surprise when we came back, got our key, went up to one of the top floors and found our room was upgraded to a suite! What a special time we had. The suite was beautiful. Or just this last September, we went to the 60th anniversary and our first Mickey’s Halloween Party. I love the Haunted Mansion and I had gotten matching Haunted Mansion shirts for us and the matching apron for me to wear during the the Halloween party night. Unfortunately when we went to get in line for the ride, the line was too long so my husband asked one of the cast members if he could just take a few photos of me in front of the mansion because I loved the ride so much. She very graciously unhooked the rope and allowed us entrance. After taking the photos, we were walking down the aisle to leave when she turned to me and said “don’t you want to ride it?” I smiled and said yes but the line was too long. She immediately said “follow me” and up we walked to the front of the mansion, right into the lobby. This small kindness meant the world to me. We will be in our 70s for the 70th Disneyland anniversary but we are planning to be there.

  • My love and I just go engaged this last June at Disneyland in front of the Castle. It was the most magical wonderful overwhelming experience I could ever have. I couldn’t believe that through the financial hardship we were going through she found a away to make my dream come true she is truly my princess.

  • One of my favorite moments at Disneyland Park was that of the adoption of my 2 1/2 year old son! I met my lil boy through an LA county foster/ Adoption agency, and the adoption became final on 4/16/2009- we left Edelman Children’s Court and headed straight to Disneyland!! My son is now 9 years old and Disneyland has played a magical role in his life, ever since…. We are known to our friends as the ones that “can’t get enough,” “you two go to Disneyland more than anyone I know!”…. Yes, ma’am – we are THAT family, and proud of it!

  • My husband of 19 years, this week, proposed to me in front of The Wishing Well. It was, by far, the happiest moment of my life. We met while working at Disneylsnd seven years earlier. Thank you Disney for helping me find my Prince. All my dreams came true at Disneyland.

  • During Christmas of 2001 my husband proposed to me at Snow Whites Wishing Well on the side of the castle at Disneyland! It was so romantic. We are both such Disney fans, we had a Disney themed wedding and then went back to Disneyland for our honeymoon where all the Cast Members made us feel so special. We have been married for 13 years and both still love Disney!

  • 1999. In front of the castle. “At Cinderella’s castle where dreams come true. Chad proposed to Tracey. Now they are set to say I do”. That was my wedding announcement.

  • My best Disney memory was when we took our grandson to WDW for the very first time, June 23, 2005, he was 5 years old. All day long, as he got off each ride he said, “Let’s do sumpin else”, by moving from ride to ride he hoped to keep us from deciding it was time to go home. After the fireworks that night, as we made our way to the front gate, he took my hand and tugged, then whispered in my ear, “Nonny, dreams really do come true.”

  • My Husband proposed to me in front of Cinderella’s castle July 7th 2001.
    I will always cherish that moment.
    Disney is a love we share and we go back almost every year.
    We don’t have any children but we have now experienced it with our
    Beautiful Niece Valerie. We had a great time.
    Disney makes you feel like a kid and it is both my Husband and my
    Favorite place to go.

  • My husband now , purposed to me on December 7th 2013, in front on Cinderella’s castle. Here is what happened We were watching wishes. He was signing wishes in my ear holding me and we both were in tears. After the show was over I turned around and hugged him. I whispered in his ear I love you. This was the 1 st time I ever told him. I didn’t get a I love you back because he was hard headed and swore he could not love again. Long story short. I eventually got I love you back. He then decided to do something super special and dear to both of our hearts. He took me to the same place I 1st told him I loved him. He looked at me and said this is where you first told me you loved me and this is where I’m going to tell you I want to spend the rest of my life with you. He then got down on his knee and asked me to become his wife. Our honeymoon was at Disney for a week :).

  • My wife and I love Disney, and it was one of the common interests we shared when we first met and got together. Even though we are both Baton Rouge, LA natives, we made the choice to move to Orlando full time in the summer of 2010. Our best Disney story (and we have tons) came back when I proposed to her on the WEDway People Mover. I had thought about other rides (maybe Pirates of the Carribean- but what if I had dropped the ring?) and as I’m sure many will agree, you can’t beat the castle views from that ride at night. Having that decided, I ordered M&M’s in our favorite colors (green and purple) that said “I love you” and “Will You Marry Me” on each one. My plan, as you could probably guess, was to have her be eating candy on the ride and then read them, and then I would pull out the ring. Only problem is, she never read the words on the candy! The ride ended, and I panicked. We left and a few hours later I convinced her to ride again, pulling out the candy one more time. Even though she was pretty sick of candy by that point, I pulled out the ring and we kissed just as we were passing by the castle. Since then (almost 7 years ago), we’ve done an Adventures by Disney Italian Honeymoon and a Disney cruise for our anniversary. Great moments, great memories, and every time we go to Magic Kingdom, we always start in Tomorrowland and the Peoplemover. It’s a ride that will forever have a special place in our hearts.

  • I proposed to my girlfriend 21 days ago (October 7th 2015) at the right side of the castle in the photopass station towards Cosmic Ray’s starlight café. Nobody knew about my plan but I had it all in my mind almost a year in advance. I wanted to surprise her while taking a picture in front of the castle but that particular day there was a very heavy crowd in that place so I had to search for another place. We are from Costa Rica so I had to plan each and every detail and hide and protect very well the ring. The photographer was very nice (just as each and every Cast Member) and played along with my “improvised plan” and even though there wasn’t much buzz other than random people and the photographer applauding (as far as I can remember because I was so nervous) it was just as I had foreseen it. We got the “Happily ever after…” pins and a great moment to remember for such an important event.

  • My NOW fiance took me to Disney World for OUR 2 yr ANNIVERSARY.. February 2015 I thought that was my present little did I know he planned a proposal at the castle during the fire works show.. I cried and asked several times if he was serious lol.. I am now 3 months away from being his WIFE ❤

  • My husband and I got married in 1989. Our honeymoon was at Disney Orlando. Every year when our children had birthdays, that was their present. We are hoping that for our 30th wedding anniversary, we can afford having our vows renewed. While we would love to have this done at Disney, our second honeymoon visit will be good enough. Let’s see what we can put together. I only have 4 years left. Got to save up.

  • Now that Disney owns the new STAR WARS franchise…I had my friends who work in Hollywood help me put the perfect Star Wars proposal together and propose to my Princess aboard the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars Universe.

  • I didn’t get engaged there, but my husband and I did celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary at Epcot and then dinner at the Disney Yacht Club…We are now married 23 years!

  • My fiancé proposed to me where we met back when we were both on the College Program.

  • My unforgettable moment is both happy and sad. My family went every year in August on a Sunday. The year of my 8th birthday (1966) we were waiting for the train at the Main Street station; my parents, sister and I. My two older brothers went off by themselves, but as the train pulled in I saw them on it. We waved and they were waving, but wildly and then pointing to the back of the train. The announcement by the conductor was for everyone to remain seated until they were told to disembark. All of a sudden I looked to the left and there was Walt Disney getting off of the train, from the back, and walking off down the left stairs. Then the guests were told they could disembarked. When my brothers came over I said, “We saw Walt Disney!” They said yes, that was what they were trying to tell us that they rode the train with Walt. That was the happy part. The sad part was I heard my mom whisper to my dad, “He doesn’t look well.” I never forgot that and 4 months later when my mom told us Walt had passed, I was not as shocked as I would’ve been, even at 8 years of age. I remembered my mom’s words from that day.

  • Way back when, my sister and I were in the International Children’s Choir of Long Beach, CA. We were lucky to get to preform at the opening of It’s A Small World at Disneyland. Years later when they were refurbishing the ride, my sister was excited to see a photograph that had been taken at the opening ceremony and you could see her in it. She was a family star when she showed the photo to her grandsons!

  • My parents surprised my brother and I with a trip to Disney World when I was 3 years old. We have been going as a family almost every year since!

    This year, my husband and I visited Disneyland for the first time on our honeymoon!

  • These new spots are really sweet, makes me home sick for Disney World! Anyone know the pretty cursive font they’re using here for ‘Ever After”?

  • I proposed to my wife on November 6th 1994 inside of Cinderella’s castle. A group of tourists from Japan and England stopped to take pictures of us so I handed one of them my camera and had them take a picture of me on my knee. Still have the picture, and I have a fond memory of my wife watching the diamond sparkle in the sun as we sat on the Disney Skyway.

  • Proposed to my now wife on the draw bridge of the castle. When a park employee noticed she quickly congratulated and gave my wife a rare tinker bell pin. Later that night when we returned to our room we had a dated and personalized magical moment certificate waiting for us. We later married and honeymooned at WDW in 2006. It was an unforgettable experience. I especially enjoyed the trips to Disney to pick out the cake and food for our reception!

  • We came to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon in 1992 arriving the day before hurricane Andrew. We have been back with our 2 duaghters staying in PopCentury, Carribean Beach and AllStars 7 times 6 of which have been over Christmas. Ou next visit was due to be the Animal Kingdom hotel in 2017 for our Silver Wedding Anniversary, just the 2 of us until our eldest had twin boys, so now we are all coming to Art of Animation or PopCentury and it will be our Grandsons first visit who we hope find it as magical as we all do.

  • Hubby proposed to me on top of my personalized brick in the Magical Walk of Memories at DLR. Later that year we were married in a Disney themed wedding at home. Then we both visited WDW for the first time for our honeymoon. For our first anniversary I got him a brick in the Magical Walk of Memories (just before they stopped selling them) to commemorate. We are now huge Disney collectors, DVC members and we took up running because of runDisney.

  • I proposed to my wife in the Rose Garden in March 1999. I made arrangements through the then Disney Engagements. It was magical. She thought she won something at check in at the Boardwalk Inn. Just getting her to go to the park all dressed up was a challenge as we had Victoria and Albert’s reservations that night, but was finally convinced. The Rose Garden was roped off for us. I went down on my knee just as Tinkerbell flew above us at the start of the fireworks. Sparkling cider, truffles, stuffed Mickey Groom and Minne Bride, mickey and minnie wedding ears, crystal glass slipper with our initials and date, and a dozen red roses followed. We felt like royalty. I slipped the castmember my camera beforehand and we have in-the-moment photos that we treasure. We were able to stay as long as we liked. He then escorted us down Main St. where a white limo was waiting outside of the main entrance (where buses are now). We drove around the property and finally arriving at the Grand Floridian. Our driver told us to sit still as he would stand outside our door. When we were ready, we knocked on the window and he opened the door. I would say at least 30 people were wondering who was inside that he was standing guard. Way too funny. We arrived at Victoria and Albert’s to everyone congratulating us. My wife had no idea they knew. But what a great way to top off the evening. For our 15th anniversary last year, we renewed our vows at Ko Olina beach and had our anniversary dinner at Ama Ama at Disney’s Aulani Resort. Disney really knows how to do it right.

  • The single-most, best “Unforgettable Happens Here” memory of my life!

    My son who is Autistic and non-verbal, earned his highest, personal best score during “Toy Story Midway Mania!” When he came out of the attraction, he came up to me and told me, for the first time ever, “I love you, give me a kiss!”

    I was shocked and stunned beyond my wildest dreams and will treasure that moment always and forever!
    He has never said those beautiful words to me again, so I hold that moment deep in my heart.

    My son always makes the greatest developmental gains during our Disney Parks vacations and during our cruises with Disney Cruise Line. That is what keeps us coming back each and every time.

    “Unforgettable Happened Here” at Walt Disney World Resort, where each vacation shapes unique and memorable experiences on every visit!

  • Disney has always been our go to place to celebrate special occasions! Because “Once Upon A Time” my Husband and I celebrated our marriage and honeymoon in Disneyworld in 1974. The park had recently opened. In fact Space Mountain was still being built! We had so much fun that when it came time to celebrate 25 years we said, where else but Disney would we go! We recently celebrated 40 years now! I even turned 60 in Disney! Yup, go to place!!!

  • Did our proposal and wedding at WDW.
    Proposal was after dinner in the Queen Victoria room of Victoria and Alberts. She got a princess tiara and flowers , then off to the docks to see fireworks. (She LOVES fireworks especially Magic Kingdom) The last firework was a engagement ring and me on one knee. Best part, there was a little 6 yr old girl saying towards the end of the fireworks.. “Wait for it…! Wait for it!!!” As wife is looking at the last firework, up comes this shiny ring in her front of her.
    Took here 5 real minutes before she actually got the word “Yes!” out, but the answer was obvious. 😀

  • three years ago on my daughter ‘s birthday they were at magic kingdom her boy friend at the time surprise her with a engagement ring and a propsal which i happy to they just had their 2nd annveriy oh by the way it was country bears

  • So looking forward to going to WDW in November with my husband. Our romantic Disney story is that our wedding night dinner was at Club 33 at Disneyland, arranged by a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend–it was just us and my parents (a very small wedding). It was so special to have a wedding cake baked by the Disneyland bakery! I still have the receipt!! And our cake had Beauty and the Beast on it!

  • My husband proposed in the rose garden in 2005. In 2010 I told him we were expecting at Epcot. Later that year we opened an envelope in the rose garden to find out our baby was a girl. In 2013 we went back to the rose garden to open another envelope and found out we were having a boy. We will miss the rose garden! So glad we have everything on video! Disney is a very special place to our family!

  • On May 7, 2002, my boyfriend of three years, at the time, proposed to me while we sat at a table in the Blue Bayou, next to the waters of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. We’ve been married for 13 years now and have 3 great kids, who are also huge Disney fans and annual pass holders.

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