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Wildlife Wednesday: Meet Malosi at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We want to introduce you to one of the tigers you may see along the winding trails of Maharajah Jungle Trek—Meet Malosi!


Malosi is our newest tiger at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While Malosi, a male Sumatran tiger, gets used to his new habitat, he may be exploring both onstage and backstage areas on Maharajah Jungle Trek. You may see this curious cat cooling off in the water or resting in the sun.

As you may remember when we introduced you to Sohni last year, Sumatran tigers are the smallest subspecies of tiger and are found only on the small island in Indonesia where this tiger gets its name. Males like Malosi stretch 6.5-to-nearly-8-feet long, and typically weigh only between 220 and 310 pounds. While this may seem like a big cat, the Sumatran tiger’s cousin, the Siberian tiger (or Amur tiger, as they are also known), weighs between 400 and 600 pounds!


When you visit Malosi, Sohni and the other tigers here, keep these fun facts in mind:

  • Malosi and other tigers can see about as well as humans during the day, but when the sun goes down, their vision is six times more powerful than ours.
  • Can you wiggle your ears? Tigers sure can. Their ears turn independently of each other and in an arc up to 180 degrees, allowing them to pick up sounds from all different directions.
  • You may know tigers are pretty good swimmers despite the reputation of their domesticated cousins—the house cat. Tigers spend a lot of time in the water and even use water as a tool in hunting. They have been seen fishing in rivers and lakes.

Human impact has dramatically decreased Sumatran tiger numbers in the wild. They are critically endangered, with as few as 500 tigers left in the wild. Conservation organizations like those supported by the Disney Conservation Fund are working hard to make a difference. You can help tigers by donating to the Disney Conservation Fund at select merchandise and food and beverage locations on your next visit and don’t forget to say “hi” to our feline friends on Maharajah Jungle Trek.


  • Malosi is absolutely magnificent! I am so looking forward to seeing his babies at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


  • Thank you for featuring pictures of Malosi. He was our favorite at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington. His cubs are as striking as Jaya, their mother and their handsome father!

    I hope he is still being spoiled with whipping cream and attention; the ways to his heart!

  • Jackie, I had an Uncle who could wiggle his ears! I hope that means I’m at least distantly related to this magnificent animal! So happy that Malosi has joined the Disney family. :o)

  • Love me some Maharajah Jungle Trek, esp the tiger area. Thanks for bolstering the cat count Disney! And thanks also for the constant conservation efforts for these tigers and all the other fauna and flora you help to protect in the world.

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