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11 Insider Tips for Disney Cruise Line Dining

We had a recent cruise on the delightful Disney Dream and returned with a new appreciation for the talented Disney Cruise Line chefs – and some of our own tips worth a share for making the most of culinary opportunities on board.


  1. Petites Assiettes de Remy. Petites Assiettes means “small plates,” and this little gem is offered during the early evening hours of the first day of each cruise on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Sign up as you board for a taste of the haute cuisine and a peek at the stylish Remy dining room. Six dishes in all, each perfectly paired with wine. $50 per person. What an elegant way to start your vacation!
  2. Brunch at Palo or Remy. This is fine dining with exquisite service for a nominal charge. Take your pick: Remy offers an elegant Champagne brunch on sea days and select port days with a six-course, French-inspired repast. In Palo, a gorgeous spread of small bites, from caviar to croissants, starts the meal, followed by made-to-order dishes (freshly made pasta, anyone?).


  1. Speaking of Palo, order the chocolate soufflé for dinner Enough said.
  2. We forget that you can skip the dining rooms and nosh in Pub 687 on Deck 4 on the Disney Dream. Watch the game and indulge in Wagyu beef sliders, tempura shrimp, bangers and mash for a nominal charge.
  3. Dine and Play. Parents, you can check the kids in for evening youth activities without leaving the dinner table. Families can enjoy dinner together, then counselors show up to whisk the kids away while adults finish dinner, take a post-prandial stroll on the deck or dance the night away. Offered for ages three to 12 during the second seating in all main dining rooms.


  1. Pompidou’s Patisseries Dessert Experience. On both the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream, this is an indulgent, fun way to wile away an afternoon at Remy. The chefs greet you with stories and a tasting of six to-die-for desserts. $50 and includes a wine, Champagne or cocktail. Calories don’t count on vacation.
  2. We are in awe of the seemingly endless food stations at Cabanas on the Disney Dream. Take a few minutes to walk the entire buffet, and you’ll find all sorts of wonderful tastes not to be overlooked. For instance, for breakfast we discovered build-your-own granola and a surprisingly delicious seaweed and tofu soup. Be adventurous!


  1. The best classic gin martini on board, hands down, at Meridian on Deck 12 on the Disney Dream. A fabulous escape with an outdoor terrace.
  2. More fun with spirits: sign up for a tequila, rum, cognac or Champagne tasting – whatever is being offered. Disney Cruise Line has some serious experts who will teach you how to navigate the world of craft cocktails. We promise you’ll learn something you didn’t already know.
  3. If you’re feeling lazy, order room service. It’s free! And the bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich is a good bet.
  4. Walk or run the deck! It’s a pleasant way to burn some calories — three laps equals one mile. You could head to the fitness center, but ocean air is a bonus.


  • Those are all good suggestions, though I would hasten to add a few more:
    1) Add wine tasting to the list of classes, or our favorite, Mixology class where you learn to mix 5-6 tasty cocktails with a few other people or couples. Fun, informative, and well, you get cheap(er) drinks.
    2) Plan to ride Aquaduck (or Dunk) when at a port of call as the lines will be far shorter since so many folks get off the ship.
    3) And my favorite tip: Before you explore the ship or head to Cabanas once you’ve embarked, go straight to Guest Services for any extra reservations you might want such as an excursion, restaurant, tasting, etc. Sometimes, they have a few openings for things you thought you’d missed out on, and they often have classes or other sessions (such as a tour of the galley) not listed on the website. And the lines are usually quite short since everyone else is exploring the ship or heading to Cabanas. 😉

  • I think Disney is going to get better when it comes to things like vegan and gluten-free because more and more people are adopting those diets.

  • For Benjamin – My family is also vegan. Our first Disney cruise was a bit frustrating at times, but the last one was very good in terms of vegan options, both at the buffets and at the sit-down restaurants. We were also able to get some vegan pizza. I am cruising again on the Fantasy next month and look forward to some good vegan meals! Be sure to indicate that you are vegan when you book the cruise – and I find it helps to send a reminder as the sail away date gets closer. We had vegan burgers on Castaway Cay (plus plenty of fruits and vegetables).

  • This is awesome!! Thank you we leave 38 days!!

  • Do the cruise lines have a lot of vegan options as far as protiens, snacks and desserts?

    My whole family is vegan and the fear that we wouldn’t have anything to eat is the one thing that has kept us from booking a Disney cruise.

  • Thanks for the timely Blog Entry! I read it and promptly called to book our Pompidou Patisseries Dessert Experience, for our February cruise on the Dream. How can you go wrong with a meal solely of desserts?!

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