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7 Amazing Photos of Epcot’s Kitchen Kabaret

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Kitchen Kabaret was one of Epcot’s opening-day attractions at The Land Pavilion, which promoted nutrition through songs and spirited characters. The show was hosted by Bonnie Appetite who had flat out adorable costumes and a kitchen that came to life with song.

In honor of Epcot’s anniversary month, here are five photos that make us fall in love with this “attraction of the past” all over again.


1. The Kitchen Krackpots launch into a ragtime number called “Chase Those (Meal Time) Blues Away.”


2. Cool crooner Milk and his back-up trio, Cheese, Yogurt and Ice Cream were next up, singing “The Stars of the Milky Way” from inside their chilly refrigerator. (I loved their cute little outfits!).


3. But not to be outdone, we also heard from the grains section. When Toast piped “Boogie Woogie Bakery Boy” on his toast-sized trumpet, he was simply the coolest …


4. …and his swooning backup singers, The Cereal Sisters, totally agreed.


5. Stealing the spotlight from their surrounding musicians were the comic duo Hamm & Eggz. Eggz’s corny jokes eventually anger Hamm so much that he threatens to leave and join another protein group.


6. But perhaps the best song of all was “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit,” a Latin-inspired number played by the Colander Combo and Fiesta Fruit. Cha cha cha!


7. Because who doesn’t have a fireworks finale in their kitchen?


  • I absolutely loved it. My son fell in love with Bonnie Appetite when he was around 2 years old. He is now 31. We enjoyed the show tremendously. He was even dancing in front of his seat whenever a new song started. Please bring it back.

  • James’ wife here – Release them from the Disney vaults please! Time to rotate back the vintage, classic EPCOT – retro Disney ALL around!
    It opened when we were kids so now that we have kids it would be incredible and awesome for our children to encounter these wonderful characters and refresh our memories too 🙂


  • Another timeless classic! And it’s made even better when you find out that Broccoli was inspired by Barry Braverman. Just Google “Barry Braverman Today Show Dreamfinder” and you’ll find a great video memory. He comes in about 1:30 but if you fast forward, you’ll miss Dreamfinder and Figment.

  • Loved at the end when Broccoli’s Glasses rose up and he said cha cha cha!!!
    Really miss this little show, Horizons and World of Motion. Not a big Space fan at all. And for heaven’s sake return Journey into Imagination back the way it was. It’s just a sad shell of what it once was.

  • Aw, I loved Kitchen Kabaret!!

  • Jennifer, you are hitting them out of the ballpark. You get it. Why can’t the people over at Parks get it?

  • You’re killing me with these posts about the awesome EPCOT Center that has been discarded.

  • Thanks for this post!

  • Oh man, I LOOOOVED this attraction SO much. It was a not-miss every trip!

  • Loving your recent throwback posts Jennifer- Keep em coming!!!

  • With all the emphasis on good eating health these days and food nutrition, it would be great if the show could come back somewhere. Love this show and it is as relevant now as it ever was.

  • This was hands down my favorite attraction – I used to beg my parents to watch it repeatedly. I still miss it, but veggie veggie fruit fruit lives on in my memory forever!

  • Disney Blog is really channeling my favs lately…Horizons and now Kitchen Kabaret. Here’s hoping we also take a trip on Cranium Command! Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit forever!

  • We still sing the Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit song! A pure classic 🙂

  • Can we add an 8th picture of my beloved Bonnie Appetite?

  • This was always one of my kid’s favorites. Now they are 31 and 28 and still talk about it telling my granddaughter (and anyone else who will listen) all about it. They still sick the silly song!

  • I loved Kitchen Kabaret! A lot better than that rock n roll thing they replaced it with.

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