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Duffy the Disney Bear’s Best Friend ShellieMay Coming to Disney Parks This Fall

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I’m excited to announce that ShellieMay, Duffy the Disney Bear’s best friend, will be coming to Disney Parks this fall. You may recall we introduced plush and accessories for Duffy the Disney Bear in fall 2010. ShellieMay debuted at Tokyo Disney Resort a few years ago, and was later added to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, in August 2014. She has been one of the most requested items from Duffy the Disney Bear fans at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts in recent years.

As the story goes, ShellieMay was made by Minnie Mouse and filled her with joy so that Duffy would have a best friend by his side. We will introduce a 17-inch plush bear along with several costumes for dressing ShellieMay. Guests may also find a “My First ShellieMay” 12-inch plush bear.

Costumes will include fun things like a two-pack of costumes for dressing Duffy and ShellieMay as Cinderella and Prince Charming (please note this item will be arriving in late fall at Disney Parks). Other costumes will feature a deluxe Minnie Mouse costume or a deluxe pajama outfit.

Guests should look for several 12-inch pre-dressed plush including ShellieMay as a cheerleader and another with her enjoying a day at Disney Parks.

Finally, we are releasing a hardcover book that tells the story of ShellieMay along with a plush pillow. Both items will be perfect for bedtime stories. Look for ShellieMay items next to where Duffy the Disney Bear items are offered at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. Guests may also find select items on our Disney Parks online store or from the new Shop Disney Parks app that is available as a free download from your favorite app store.


  • Hi Steve! My daughter got her first Duffy on our last visit, complete with Peter Pan outfit. I almost bought ShellieMay for her online from Disney Store. I hesitated, thinking she might enjoy buying her in person at the park this coming Spring Break. She will be very cute in her Tinker Bell outfit to go along with Duffy and his PP outfit. Now I feel a bit panicked as I did not order online and I do not see her anymore. Can you give me any idea of the availability in the parks? I know this is hard to do, but I am just hoping for plenty of ShellieMays! Would hate to think we missed out on her. We too loved getting our pics with Duffy in Epcot. Maybe due to popular demand he will make a reappearance with ShellieMay at his side! I guess my main question is, will ShellieMay be as easily obtained and available as Duffy was? I just love the fact that my daughter was 13 when she bought Duffy. Holding on to childhood as long as we can is all part of the beauty of Disney! The now 14 year old wants ShellieMay.

  • Is there any updates on the Cinderella/Prince Charming costumes?

  • I ordered a ShellieMay for my daughter for Christmas, and she is going to cry. My son, 6, has big plans to work at WDW when he grows up, working his way up in importance until he can get Duffy back into the theme parks. That’s his goal. So please add our voices to those who want a meet and greet with Duffy and Shellie!

  • Can you give us the UPC for the Cinderella and Prince? Spend all morning trying to local this and cast members have no idea where it is. (I’m currently at Disneyland)

    • @Amber – I will have to check with the team. This item may be arriving later. Please stay tuned. I received an update today. It appears the costume set will be arriving later this fall. I don’t have a confirmed date or item number at this time. My apologies for any confusion.

  • I can’t find the Cinderella and Prince Charming any place at Disneyland 🙁

  • I’m really excited to grow my Duffy and Shellie collection. I recently found one of the big Duffy tsum tsums at a local Disney Store, and my Duffy to Shellie ratio is so uneven!I was hoping to see Shelliemay items online and on the app today,but I couldn’t find anything. Any dates set for online forums?

  • Will we be able to purchase the ShellieMay products via the app on the 20th or will it be delayed?

    • @Jasmine and Heather – Select ShellieMay items will be offered on the Shop Disney Parks App and online at a future date. I don’t have a confirmed release date at this time.

  • What great news! I actually just left wdw yesterday, 2 days before her arrival! Do you know if it will be available on the disney shop app on the 20th as well?

  • I heard that Disneyland would only carry ShellieMay in the parks and not at World of Disney once the 20th comes. Is this true? I really hope its not.

    • @Anna – I’m unsure where you heard that information. From my understanding, ShellieMay will be found in several shops, including World of Disney, starting October 20.

  • Thanks for finally bringing Shellie May! When will Gelatoni be here? I knew Duffy before he was
    Called Duffy. He originally had no name, just Disney Bear

  • Gelatoni is my absolute favourite!!!! Wish he would come over. Thanks for adding Shellie May to the USA merchandise line.

  • Hi Steven – Have you any news on ShellieMay’s Cruise Line availability? I’ve got a little girl here who is bursting with excitement at the prospect of getting a companion for Duffy while on the cruise!

  • I’ll be signing my paychecks over to Disney now…lol


  • James’ wife here – I must admit I am kind of partial to the pink and purple cheerleader uniform 🙂
    I’ll be on the look out for her in that costume – might have to use that new Disney App for shopping…that app comes in handy for these sought after items!


  • Do you know if the skirt, seashell pendant, and sailor outfit available in Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland will be available in Disneyland or WDW? I read my daughter the book last week and she fell in love with the seashell pendant that Duffy gives to Shellie when he asks her to be his friend. Also thanks for the clarification on the release date. I was really confused because World of Disney told me to come back the 13th to buy the plush but she was already being sold inside the Disneyland park.

    • @Sharon – I have not seen any development for the things you mentioned. Glad to hear your daughter loved the book. 🙂

  • YAY!!!!!!! I have been wishing for Shellie May to be brought to the US Disney Parks for so long.

    I really like the idea of the set of prince and princess costumes sold together for 17″ sized Shellie May and Duffy. What a great idea! I hope other Disney couple costume sets like this are sold in the future. (Ariel and Eric would be AWESOME!) Do you know if more of these couple costume sets are planned to be sold in the future? Thanks.

    • @Lauren – I’ve only seen the initial assortment. I don’t know of any additional plans at this point. It doesn’t mean that other items won’t be added in the future.

  • Hi! Great news!! We are cruising in December. Any chance of ShellieMay being available to purchase on the Disney Cruise Line?

    • @Steven – Great question. Let me check with the team. I received a response from our Disney Cruise Line team. Select ShellieMay items will be coming to the Disney Cruise Line ships in the coming month or so. I don’t have a confirmed date as deliveries may happen at different times.

  • Isn’t this timing odd being that they just announced Duffy will no longer be doing meet & greets, and that they are removing much of the Duffy merchandise? Could you provide some insight on this? Is the removal of Duffy more of a removal from Epcot thing? Is it more of a transfer where maybe we’ll see him (and her) somewhere else, like HS? The original announcement sounded like they were fading him out altogether b/c of lackluster sales. Thanks for any info!

    • @Dana – I know that Entertainment frequently reviews all offerings and makes adjustments. Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise continues to be popular with guests visiting Disney Parks. We’ll continue to offer select items for Duffy and, now, his best friend ShellieMay.

  • Oooh! Do you have the SKU numbers for the book and 12″ pre-dressed Shellie Mays? My kids have loved their Duffy (and book) for years.

    • @Bethany – Here is the item number for the book – 400009533361. I don’t have the item numbers for the 12-inch bears as they have not arrived in locations. The official set date is October 20.

  • Good thing Shelly’s being released on either the 13-20th of the month. I will be at Disneyland this Friday! I’ll buy her first thing in the morning!

    • @Ashley – I hope you have a fun trip. Please note that the majority of ShellieMay items will be set in select locations on October 20. You may not find items during your upcoming visit.

  • Super cute outfits and we are so excited but like others really disappointed they removed them from the parks. My kids love them and we even had a friend send us Shellie May from Japan so we’ve owned her for awhile. My kids always wanted to see Duffy and we would love a meet n greet with Shellie May. I think we own just about every Duffy outfit and a few Shellie May.

  • I just returned from an amazing weekend at Animal Kingdom Lodge; and can confirm that as of this morning, there was ShellieMay merchandise in the Jambo House store. I didn’t notice a new stuffed plush animal (sorry I hadn’t had my coffee yet and wasn’t really looking for Duffy items this morning), but I did see both the Duffy book and the ShellieMay book on the same rack just this morning.

    • @James – I believe the book is already in several locations like you saw at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The majority of products will be set on October 20 in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

  • This is so exciting. I bought a Shellie May 17″ plush at Disneyland CA last week and a manager at World of Disney in Downtown Disney said that she will be released at that store on October 13. Can’t wait to see what else gets released.

    • @Sharon – I’m sorry for any confusion. The majority of ShellieMay products will be set in locations on October 20.

  • My daughter and I are so excited to add Shellie May to our family! Melissa – I heard from a cast member at Disneyland that Shellie May is being released on October 20th.

    • @Donna – The majority of items will be set in locations on October 20.

  • This is wonderful news! My wife is going to be SO upset next week on our vacation when she finds out Duffy has left (I haven’t had the heart to tell her!) but this might help soothe her sadness. Put us down amongst the “Please let us meet Duffy in the U.S.” crew!

  • This is so exciting, Steven! My daughter and I just LOVE Shellie May! I have a question about the 12″ pre-dressed bears. Is there any chance of a pre-dressed 12″ Shellie May being sold for next year’s Epcot Flower and Garden Festival or Epcot Food and Wine Festival (especially since there was no event Duffy for this year’s Food and Wine Festival)? We loved collecting the event specific 12″ Duffy plushes and would LOVE to have matching event Shellie May plushes in the future. Thanks.

    • @Lois – I’m glad to hear of your excitement. I’ve not seen any specific plans for the 2016 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. Since this year’s Food & Wine Festival is currently happening at Epcot, there has not been any work done on future events. If there was anything planned, I’m sure I’ll include details in a Disney Parks Blog story next year.

  • Do you have any idea of a price range? A friend is going down next month and I would like her to pick it up for my daughter. Thank You 🙂

  • Talking about best friends/companions, I see where Lumiere’s friend, Cogsworth, came out over the weekend for $74.95!! (and it looks like original shipments may have already sold out).

    Would you be willing to give me the SKU for future shipments? 🙂

    • @Jonathan – 400009443608.

  • Thank you so much for listening to our requests and making our wishes come true! I am so excited to finally buy Shellie May this fall! Are there any other plans for backpacks, magnets, or smaller keychain versions of Shellie May as well or are you only focusing on the 17″ and 12″ versions for now?

    • @Lynnae – You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear of your excitement. I’m only aware of the 17-inch bear and the 12-inch pre-dressed bear. There may be additional items added in the future but I don’t have confirmation at this time.

  • PLEASE bring Gelatoni to the US parks! I just got back from a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort and he is super popular over there and I would love to see him over here!

  • Why is this coming as soon as Duffy isn’t having meet and greets anymore?

    • @Kaleigh – We periodically review all entertainment offerings and make adjustments. Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise continues to be popular with guests visiting Disney Parks. In recent years, some folks have asked for ShellieMay products to complement their Duffy merchandise. I’m delighted that we will soon have some items in shops.

  • Hello I’m so excited I finally see the spelling of my name the way I spell it on something special awesome …this is a must have

  • I thought that Duffy was being retired? Is that true??

    • @Heidi – Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise will continue to be offered at Disney Parks.

  • Steve! Great news for Shellie May fans! My question is can the pillow plush be bought separately from the book? I just want to focus on that item in particular. Thanks!

    • @Pauline – Those items are sold separtely.

  • I LOVE that ShellieMay is coming! HOWEVER, I’m disappointed that this is happening after removing the Duffy meet and greet. We LOVE meeting Duffy each time we go to WDW. It would have been magical to have Duffy and ShellieMay greeting together.

  • Is there a specific release date for Shelliemay? I have a long drive to get there and I’d really like to be there when she comes out.

    • @Melissa – I would look for items to arrive on October 20.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that my Duffy Bear will finally have a new friend after all these years, but why now? I thought I read the meet and greet was just closed at EPCOT after being closed at Disney California Adventure a year ago? You take the character out of the parks, but add new merchandise from the franchise? Why?

    • @Gregory – Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise continues to be popular with our guests so we will continue to offer select items at Disney Parks. We’re excited to add ShellieMay merchandise as guests have been asking for her.

  • Will there be a version of the plush bear with more of a pink colored fur like in the cartoon graphic?

    • @Kimberly – The only plush I’m aware of are the ones shown in the article.

  • Could Shellie May possibly be coming to Walt Disney World for meet and greets as well?????

    • @Jonathan – There are no immediate plans for such an offering.

  • Is there an estimate of when this fall?

    • @Julie – Most likely, you’ll see items arriving this month on October 20. I believe the book is already in locations.

  • Hi Steve! It’s me the ‘Duffy Lady’ from the Food & Wine Blog party!

    I’ve been watching the Blog diligently for this post! You’ve made me and all my Duffy and ShellieMay fan friends so happy!

    • @Sandra – Great to hear from you. I hope you had a fun time at the meet-up. Glad to have taken a photo with your Duffy the Disney Bear collection. I’m happy to hear your feedback. Thank you 🙂

  • Please please bring Gelatoni too!!! 🙂

    • @Jennifer – Wouldn’t that be something? Sadly, there are no immediate plans for Gelatoni. Makes me want to go to Tokyo Disney Resort though. 🙂

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