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Experiencing the Enchantment of Ireland with Adventures by Disney

Terry Brinkoetter

by , Public Relations Director

Recently I told you about some of the awesome sights that our group experienced on the Adventures by Disney Ireland trip. In spite of all we saw and did, sightseeing didn’t top the list of my favorite things about this itinerary.

Dromoland Castle

The real adventure was all the experiences that connected us to this magical land and to one another. Among the trip highlights were three nights spent visiting Dromoland Castle. As I mentioned in an earlier post, spending the night in a castle was what most people in our multi-generational group were looking forward to experiencing. Suffice it to say, it exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even the greeting upon our arrival at Dromoland brought many of us to tears.

Handling a Dromoland Castle Grounds Owl

Moments like that were in abundance all week long. A “Hawk Walk” took us across stately grounds where the magnificent birds would land on your arm tempted by a tasty morsel. The Cliffs of Moher gave me goose-bumps, with a shimmering afternoon sun causing the sea and towering cliffs to glow. Contrast that with our visit to an idyllic Irish farm where young and old alike were mesmerized by the herding skills of the sheep dog, eager to feed little lambs, and kept in stitches by the matriarch of the homestead who taught us how to make scones before serving up one incredible lunch.


It’s that combination of places and people that make traveling with Adventures by Disney so special. By end of week, we hadn’t just visited Ireland; we’d lived it. We stood in awe of the sights. We laughed and learned together. And you could sense members of the group reconnecting with loved ones and making new friendships that would last a lifetime. What started as a band of friendly travelers had become like family – our very own Clan Disney.

There’s nothing that compares with the emotional high of visiting the world’s most amazing destinations and sharing the experience with family and friends. And nobody brings those experiences to life like Adventures by Disney.

For more about visiting Ireland with Adventures by Disney, visit the post below:


  • “By end of week, we hadn’t just visited Ireland; we’d lived it.” Now that just says it all right there. Way to go ABD and Clan Disney!

  • For those of you, like myself, who have never considered IRELAND a bucket list option, I suggest you reconsider. There are moments in life where you feel that time stands still and this entire trip felt this way to me. Following the loss of someone dearly loved in my life, I forced myself to carry on with the plans I had made to visit IRELAND with Adventures By Disney. This trip was no coincidence. Ireland with ABD was exciting, inspiring, and healing and truly some of the best moments in my life. I encourage you to STOP and make time for these moments to happen in YOUR life…. just be prepared to make friends you will have forever.

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