Explore the Disneyland Dream Suite

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

Part of the magic of a Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise (a charter voyage that enhances the already extraordinary Disney Cruise Line experience with custom décor, in-room gifts, and a diverse lineup of special shows and experiences created just for members and their guests) is its unique ability to take some of Disney’s biggest fans to places beyond those on the ship’s itinerary. Whether we’re “traveling” behind the scenes with filmmakers or into the minds of artists, back in time with historians or into the future with Imagineers, some of these voyages’ most memorable moments don’t involve a port of call.

While these unique experiences typically play out on the ship’s numerous stages, the revelations periodically extend to stateroom televisions, where exclusive content allows families to further explore a topic or place featured in an onstage presentation.

Our August 2015 voyage, for example, featured a rare look inside Walt Disney’s private apartment above the Disneyland firehouse as part of a special celebration of Walt in the ship’s Buena Vista Theatre. Upon returning to their staterooms, Members and their Guests explored another planned Walt Disney residence through an on-camera tour of the Disneyland Dream Suite, a stunning New Orleans Square hideaway once envisioned as a more spacious apartment for Walt and his family.

The 9-minute video features the perspectives of renowned Imagineer Kim Irvine, explores the suite’s uniquely themed rooms and demonstrates the charming effects that come to life in surprising fashion.

To help more Disney fans enjoy this imaginative space during the ongoing Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, Disney Vacation Club is pleased to now share that video with all of you here on the Disney Parks Blog.

We leave you to enjoy the tour while we continue planning our next Member Cruise, sailing September 28 – October 2, 2016, out of a new port for the event – New York City! The Big Apple is inspiring some big ideas for this voyage, which our Members will begin booking on November 15.


  • WOW! We did the Walk in Walt’s footsteps and really enjoyed it! Disney really out did themselves on this!

  • This was such a wonderful video!! Thank you! I will be making my first ever trip to Disneyland in less than two weeks, I am so excited to see so many things Walt himself was part of.

  • Being avid DW fans…we decided to visit Disneyland for the first time this past June. My family and our great friends decided to head West and had a great time seeing Walt’s Land. We took the Walk In Walt’s Footsteps Tour and got to see the beautiful Dream Suite as part of that tour. It was so amazing and I just wanted to stay there for the night. We saw all the Magic that they Suite has and it is treat to see. I would recommend taking that tour to anyone that visits because it is a great tour and seeing the Dream Suite is just the icing on the cake!!!

  • That is FANTASTIC! What an amazing use of that space!

  • This was great! One day I hope to take a tour of this place too!

  • The Dream Suite is a very magical place hidden inside a magical park. I had the chance to stay in the Dream Suite on Aug 31, 2013 as a gift from Disney presented by Tom Staggs, for completing 366 consecutive days of visiting Disneyland in 2012. Then in Oct 2013, as part of the Limited Time Magic, like Sherri from CA I too had chance to tour the Dream Suite with an Imagineer and learn more about the details and magic put in to bringing the Dream Suite to life as Walt had once planned on. #Disney366

    I have heard that those guests that take part in the Walk In Walt’s Footsteps Tour get to tour the suite since his apartment above the Fire Station has been removed from the tour.

  • The Dream Suite is incredible. Thanks for posting the video.
    I hope to someday stay in the Dream Suite and Cinderella’s Suite at Walt Disney World. That would be a Blessing indeed!

  • This video made me tear up, the details are absolutely incredible. I hope someday to find myself in this space in person, it’s amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  • I never knew about this and loved watching the video. The whole area is amazing and to think that special guests get to experience this is incredible. I also had no idea about the Cinderella suite at Disney World either and it too impressed me. How do guests get to experience these fantasy suites? Or even to get a glimpse of them? I would love to see them.

  • Two years ago I was stunned to open up an email from Disney Parks Blog to find my name was drawn from thousands to join a special tour of the Disneyland Dream Suite with Kim Irvine. It definitely was a dream come true. Kim is creative, gracious and full of so much knowledge of Disneyland. I never will have the opportunity to spend a night in the Suite, but I truly feel having the tour with Kim was just as wonderful. Thank you Disney Parks blog for that fantastic opportunity!

  • I really, really enjoyed watching this! It is my dream to stay in the Disney Dream Suite.

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