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Flying Fish Café at Disney’s BoardWalk to Be Reimagined in 2016 at Walt Disney World Resort

January 31 is the last day to dine at Flying Fish Café on Disney’s BoardWalk, as the signature restaurant will close for several months as both Walt Disney Imagineering and the culinary team reimagine one of the most popular places for dinner at Walt Disney World Resort.


You can expect a whole new look, and the team will be working on a new menu (but no worries, the potato-wrapped snapper remains and seasonal approach stay the same).

The reimagined dining room will still have an onstage kitchen and an airier design, with more room for the popular Chef’s Counter and wine dinners.

Stay tuned for more details as the work gets under way.


  • We feel in love with the Boardwalk after a very memorable diner. We strolled the boardwalk after diner watch a few performer entertain the delighted crowds. That was over 10 years ago and we return every year to a fabulous meal and a stroll. I don’t know how it could be improved and I wish you all the luck. Don’t make the same mistake you made with Spoodles. Good Luck

  • Please keep the vegetable sushi roll!!!!

  • While I really like FFC, I wouldn’t mind a dining room makeover. If the snapper is staying and the rest of the menu stays on a ‘seasonal’ rotation, then it seems not much is changing other than the decor. So what’s the big deal? Other than it will be closed for a while.

    Personally, I’d love to see the menu at the Brown Derby change. Naturally, don’t take away the Cobb salad and grapefruit cake signature items, but the rest needs to be switched up. I don’t think I’ve seen a menu makeover in 10 years! You also need to bring back the vintage players there. It was so great to see the old movie moguls and starlets in there. Of course, since Hollywood studios is getting a total makeover, who knows what it will be like in the future?

    I think change is good, but keep some the same so we still feel like it’s the same WDW we love and it feels familiar. As a DVC member, it should feel like ‘Welcome Home’ not ‘we changed everything’.

    Just my two cents.

  • I too agree with James and Elizabeth. As to reservations being easily obtained, well, I’ve been told that FF was pricey. That may be why the reservations are/were readily available.

  • I am not sure that Cheshire Cat’s cupcakes were ever “extremely popular”… maybe mildly popular. I cannot recall one item, restaurant, attraction, etc that was actually popular being taken away in recent years. Sure some things have ‘cult’ like followings, but that does not make them popular with the masses.

    Almost all of the time anyone is able to get a reservation at FFC, thus making it not one of the most popular restaurants.

  • This is one of our faves! Hope to see an expansion and building on the already AMAZING menu!

  • I agree with James. That’s how I feel about the constant changes. I don’t get to visit Disney on a regular basis. It’s been many years since I was last able to go. And we are going next October (2016). Lots of things that I had put into my list to try, have either been changed or taken away forever, just in the recent year. Complete menu changes (Pecos Bill’s), deciding to stop making certain foods that were extremely popular (Cheshire Cat’s cupcake cups in Magic Kingdom, for one) . I’m all for change, but only when the change is necessary, not when it takes away something extremely popular and beloved. You might say that I can’t miss something that I never tried, but that only works if I had never known of it’s existence to begin with.

  • This is one of oru very favority restaurants at Disney, had wonderful Barrel Fish there Valentines Day 2015 and enjoyed it again in May (Same waiter both trips and he remembered us) I hope the wonderful things about Flying Fish arent changed, and that the same waiters return,

  • PLEASE keep the mussels!!!

  • James’ wife here – I guess the only thing constant really is change. Sometimes though too much of a good thing, there is/are a LOT of things growing, changing, modifying at WDW and Disney Springs, will the Boardwalk lose that appeal?
    It’s fun and exciting to experience new dishes and new looks but there are so many to take in just at the newly imagined Disney Springs and within Hollywood Studios, World Showcase etc that sometimes the familiarity and that comfort level is nice to have stick around too.
    I’m going to take a guess that maybe a little slower pace on change is what people want and need….maybe it’s just me but I think enough for now, let us enjoy what has changed and absorb it all, not everyone gets to go to WDW on a daily basis.


  • Will the new place still have a “Boardwalk” theme?

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