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Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine – Now Year ‘Round!

Recently, we announced Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine. Today, I’m happy to announce Minnie and pals will continue to host dinner at Hollywood & Vine year-round!


Minnie’s fabulous dinner parties celebrate the cheerful togetherness of the holidays, the glamour of Hollywood, the delight of spring, the excitement of summer and the frightening fun of Halloween. With each new season, look for unique music, décor, all-new costumes, menu items and interactive musical moments.

Reservations open October 27 for the next seasonal dine. From January 4 to March 20, Minnie will be hosting a dinner party celebrating the magic of the movies and the glamour of Hollywood.

Make your night even more magical by adding the Fantasmic! Dinner Package to your meal. For reservations, visit or call 407-WDW-DINE.


  • I am interested in booking this experience. When will the reservation window for May 2016 open?

  • I just booked the reservation but it mentions nothing about Fantasmic. ‘Minnie’s Seasonal Dine Dinner at Hollywood & Vine’ is how it shows up in MDE. I called 407-WDW-DINE and they mention ‘with Fantasmic’ has nothing available? I am not sure if there are two separate reservations. One with…and one without the Fantasmic.

  • Can the dining plan be used? Will it be 1 table service credit?

    • Yes, Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine is one table-service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

  • They have finally opened the next set of Reservations for the Hollywood & Vine Minnie’s Fantasmic! Dinner Package… lots of good times now available… go get’em while they’re hot!

  • When can I make reservations for the Minnies Seasonal Holiday Dine for March 26th? I can not do it online and I called Disney and they don’t know and I used the chat and she said it is only open through January 3rd???????

  • How is with Minnie???

  • Any news on when reservations will be opening for the spring edition, please?

  • I’m also wondering when the March 21-June 5th Fantasmic/dinner seating will open. Strange that it is past the 180 day window.. They really should post when each window will be available to book. Also, do you know if every night is the Minnie/character meal? Or is it a certain time frame per day or certain days of the week? Any information would be great!

  • Do you know when the reservations open up for March 21- June 5th seating?

  • When will reservations be opened for the remainder of March 2016 (the 21st through the 31st)?

  • I also am curious about whether the “Jedi Mickey” event will be offered at Star Wars Weekend next year…provided there IS a SWW next year.

  • I noticed that if I tried to just book a reservation for dinner at Hollywood and Vine in February, it says “Deluxe Dining Meals not accepted”. Could it be that this is the Seasonal Dine, or will it be listed separately?

  • Any word on when April Fantasmic packages will be available for booking? Looking forward to Minnie seasonal character celebrations!!

  • So it’s the 27th and reservations should be available to make. Yet when I go to DisneyWorld/dine to make them, I cannot make one. Please help; I’d love to go to this.

  • I also could not make the reservation.

  • I have tried to make reservations for this today and I am still not seeing it on the site. Do you know when they will become available?

  • At what time will the reservations become available on Oct 27?

  • Is November 7th still the first date this is available? Trying to get this in for a Vacation a few days before…

  • Will the TIW discount be available for this?

  • will Mickey, Donald, Daisy & Goofy be with her, like for the Holiday Dine? Price same as before $52.99? Call Disney Dining a
    few minutes ago, just for information, they had NO idea what I was talking about. I know it cannot be booked till Oct. 27th. Just want some info. Thanks.

  • Will this be affecting the Jedi Mickey dinner in 2016?

  • When will Miles from Tomorrowland be added to the Disney Jr. Play and Dine? When will he be available for Meet and Greets? Also, will Jake start greeting guests in Captain Jake attire going forward?

  • I had no interest in Disney Jr. but seasonal dining with Minnie is a great idea!

  • Do you know when packages for April will be available? We really want the Fantasmic Dining Package for our April vacation.

  • Are Tables in Wonderland or AP discounts valid on this? Thanks!

  • Do you know if there will be a Fantasmic! package offered with this meal?

  • The Jedi Mickey dinner isn’t being canceled for 2016 is it? We were planning to do that dining experience for my son’s birthday. Please tell me they aren’t taking that away!

  • Will the seasonal celebrations include the Star Wars characters as it has in years past? That was a big family favorite for us!

  • This is great as long the Disney Jr. characters stay of the other meals and the Jedi meal comes back.

  • We have reservations for Minnie’s Holiday Dine. Still no word on the menu. When will something be sent out or appear on the Disney website?

  • James’wife here – WOW! We have never eaten there and completely looking forward to setting up our reservations for this upcoming Spring 2016 vacation!
    I see it is buffet/family style – will this be opened for Mother’s Day, do you know? Do I set it up online as I would typically set up a dining reservation?



    • Yes, the location will be open on Mother’s Day–note that Minnie’s Seasonal Dine only takes place during dinner. Reservations can be made at 🙂

  • Will the Disney Jr meal still be presented for breakfast and lunch?

  • The seasonal variety sounds great! Are Disney Jr. characters continuing to host breakfast? We appreciate the variety and repeatability!

    • Hi Theresa! Yes, Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine will continue during breakfast and lunch.

  • Hi, does this mean that the Jedi Mickey dinner will not be offered next year? thank you

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