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New Bijutsu-kan Gallery Celebrates ‘Cute Culture’ at Japan Pavilion in Epcot

Over the weekend, a new exhibit opened in the Japan Pavilion that celebrates the country’s culture of cute. “Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culture” explores how it’s become a way of life in modern Japan.

Check out the new Melty-Go-Round statue of Harajuku Girl designed by Kawaii artist and designer Sebastian Masuda:


Kawaii is rooted in Japan’s Shinto past, and is a means of self-expression, from schoolhouses to construction sites. The Bijutsu-kan Gallery features a replica of a modern Tokyo apartment and historical artifacts that illustrate kawaii’s origins.

What item would you want to express your “culture of cute”?


  • I would say from Disney’s stable of characters, that Sofia the First is emblematic of Kawaii. I would also add the Palace Pets, from Whisker Haven Tales is quite cute in its own right. (And yes I have a little daughter, as you might be able to tell!). Very nice looking exhibit Disney!

  • “Kawaii” does mean cute, but does not come from Japan’s Shinto past; that’s “bi-jutsu” (fine arts, lit. “beautiful arts”).

  • Also does this mean we could see some 6% DokiDoki in the parks…? 😀

  • How long will this last?! I LOVE Sebastian Matsuda & his clothing brands, I’d love to see this!

  • I like seeing the museum exhibits in the pavilions (keeps the World’s Fair feeling in the Showcase), so it’s nice to see Japan’s exhibits changed a little more often–
    And I kept looking for Hatsune Miku merchandise at the Japan store on the last trip, but looks like I was too early for the “cute” exhibit..

    And yes, I want that Totoro bathroom too. 🙂

  • We loved Spirited Beasts and it is the perfect spot for quiet respite from the rush of the park. We were VERY excited to see this new exhibit yesterday and really enjoyed it! So Kawaii! As usual, interesting information presented in a pleasing way. Still a peaceful spot to pop in for some A/C, a brief rest, and a super-cute visual display. (and I need that Totoro bathroom…)

  • My 9 year old is a huge Kawaii fan and she will be thrilled about this! Thank goodness I have Tokyo Dining booked for us during our visit 🙂

  • These walk through exhibits at the pavilions are underrated offerings. Did this change replace the Spirited Beasts display or was this an addition to it?

  • hello! how long will the exhibit last?

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