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New Menu Debuts Tomorrow at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park

Avast adventurers! If it be barbecue you’re after, head to Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park. Keep a weather eye open, a brand-new menu debuts tomorrow, October 14, at the seasonal Adventureland eatery.

Grilled Chicken Breast at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park Roasted Corn and Vegetable Salad at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park
New Pulled Pork Sandwich at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park Sliced Beef Brisket at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park

New menu items include barbecue sandwiches with either pulled pork, sliced beef brisket or grilled chicken breast, all served on Texas toast with beans and cole slaw. Vegetarians, or anyone looking for a lighter meal will enjoy the roasted corn and vegetable salad, served with vinaigrette dressing. Barbecue beef brisket or chicken can also be added to the salad.

Which new menu item are you looking forward to trying?


  • Disappointed. Loved the previous menu’s with the top your own burritos… it was a good change from the other burger fare at a decent price. Why change it??? Guess it’s back to burgers.

  • I have to say I am very sorry to see they are not bringing back the taco salad in the edible bowl. My family all enjoyed that very much many times. Guess it’ll be a good excuse to head over to Pinocchio Village Haus or Columbia Harbour House two other places we don’t get to often because we just loved the taco salads.

  • I’d like to see Tortuga offer some adventurous items like jerk chicken. The quick service restaurants just seem so bland.

  • so if BBQ is going in here now, what is going to be at Diamond Horseshoe? Enjoyed the turkey and brisket there……

    Any place going to offer a KIDS Meal gluten free hamburger? Pecos Bills was the only place we could find one before and now they eliminated their burgers…….

  • So disappointing. The taco salads were my families favorite lunch at MK. We were at WDW back in June and discovered Tortuga Tavern was closed. So very sad to know that the taco salads will not be back. 🙁

  • So now no one will be serving the Taco Salad in the shell that Tortuga used to have. Pecos Bill used to and then they stopped. I am very, very unhappy with these changes. No everyone has changed their eating habits.

  • Noo! Tortuga Tavern’s burritos were my favorite thing in Magic Kingdom to eat. The menu at Pecos Bill is not the same. Very disappointed!

  • Is any of this gluten free or can it be made gluten free?

  • Whats with the all the thick bread? I like Texas toast, but a sandwich made from it, way to much bread. Looking at the pictures it basically is a bread sandwich with a little bit of stuff in the middle.

  • If not for the side of beans included with each, I could probably love any of the 3 new sandwiches.

    I’d consider giving this a try at least once(hoping there is some sort of substitution for the beans available, even if it’s just doubling the coleslaw instead), though being a former Pecos Bill’s fan with it’s old menu, I have to admit I have no clue what times of year Tortuga is open.

  • Hooray for all you vegans !!! More BBQ for me !!

  • So, Tortuga and Pecos Bill’s kind of traded….interesting. I’m sure there is some kind of reason for this that I don’t understand but I’m not complaining.

  • James’ wife here – When is the Tortuga Tavern open and closed during the year? That corn roasted salad looks delicious!


  • To echo others, yes please more and better vegetarian options… There are tons of things that could be done but instead mostly it is just salads and bland veggie burgers. Definitely need more protein and variety!

  • I will be there! I love the atmosphere of Tortuga, and I the salad with brisket sounds great!

  • I will have to forgo any food there, I get migraines from any smoked food….too bad, I rather liked this eatery the last 15 visits to WDW.

  • I have to agree with Courtney in comment #4. Better vegan options, please. We can get by on just about anything, but it gets a little old having to eat salads for three meals a day when we’re at the parks.

    Really all we’re asking for is more reasons to give you our money. 😉

  • Is Tortuga going to keep their mexican fare or is that going away with this change? If it goes away will there be anywhere in MK to get mexican food now?

  • The corn and vegetable salad looks great! Is it vegan?

    • The salad is topped with cheese, but without the cheese the salad is vegan.

  • maybe it is just me but it seems like Tortuga should have gotten the new Pecos menu and Pecos should have gotten the BBQ

  • Is the brisket being cooked onsite ? The smell of bbq will surely bring a crowd.

  • Please put more protein options on vegetarian meals! The past few menus released have one vegetarian/vegan item, and it’s only veggies and starch. Hoping for some tofu or tempeh soon!

  • Is there any plan to keep this restaurant open year round? It’s only been open once in my last 10 trips!

  • Any chance we could see this open year round? The Magic Kingdom really needs more dining options. Seasonal just does not make sense!

    • At this time, Tortuga Tavern will remain a seasonal location.

  • Did someone say brisket?!? Yes please and thank you! Fingers crossed that time allows for a quick visit to the park on our upcoming Orlando trip! If it does this will be a must since we won’t have an ADR!

    • Yes, I said brisket! Hope to see you real soon! 🙂

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