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PANDORA Jewelry and Other Popular Products Coming to Disney Parks This October

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


Each month, Disney Theme Park Merchandise releases new items at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. With the start of October, I selected a handful of my favorite new things that guests will soon find either at Disney Parks or on our Disney Parks online store. Select items may also be available using the free Shop Disney Parks mobile app (see this video for details about using the app).

Retail MagicBands for Haunted Mansion and Disney Villains
Two new retail MagicBands are coming to Walt Disney World Resort on October 9. The Disney Villains MagicBand is open edition while the Haunted Mansion-themed MagicBand is limited release. You may notice that both MagicBands are printed on a much requested purple-colored MagicBand.


Jungle Cruise-Themed Companion T-Shirts
From October 7-13, we are continuing our monthly series of companion T-shirts featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This time, they are dressed as characters from the world famous Jungle Cruise attraction in Adventureland. Guests can only find these limited release shirts online at http://www.DisneyStore.com/ParkEvents. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Carrie and Nellie Join Disney Attractionistas Collection
Speaking of attractions, two new Disney Attractionistas are due to arrive in October at Disney Parks. You may recall reading about these Disney Parks-inspired dolls a few months ago on the Disney Parks Blog. This month, guests will find Carrie, who was inspired by King Arthur Carrousel at Disneyland Resort and Prince Charming Regal Carousel at Walt Disney World Resort; and Nellie whose looks were inspired by the world famous Jungle Cruise.


Vinylmation – Haunted Mansion Series 2
The second series in the Vinylmation – Haunted Mansion collection will be released D-Street locations on October 30. The first series in this collection was originally released in 2012. This time, the limited release series contains seven known figures and one mystery chaser figure. There are also a few variant figures and the last of the three Hitchhiking Ghost figures.


Disney Parks | PANDORA Jewelry Collection
New Holiday charms from the Disney Parks | PANDORA Jewelry Collection are debuting on October 29-31 at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort. Don’t miss the chance to check these Disney-inspired charms off your shopping list to make the perfect holiday gifts.


  • @Lindsay-the wishes charm is available right now at shop disney parks. It and the Fantasia charm are supposed to be released on 11/13.

  • When will the pandora 2016 charm be released?

  • When will the Wishes Firework Show Pandora charm be available?

  • Will the jewelry store at the Magic Kingdom also debut the Pandora beads on Thursday?

  • Steven, will the Pandora Holiday Charms that are releasing tomorrow also be releasing at Disneyland on the same date? Or will Disneyland have a delayed release? Thanks, looking forward to them very much so!

  • You buy them extra at the parks or Disney Springs..$20.00. Your resort links them to your other band. Lots to choose from.

  • Great stuff! Any word on Wave B of this year’s Hidden Mickeys?

  • How much is the Haunted Mansion Magic Band?

  • Does Disney know that so many people are requesting purple for a Magic Band? You would think that since the Magic Bands are such a success that they would grant the visitors their wish! Aqua would be nice also. It’s about time they expand the color selection!

    • @Deborah – We regularly review feedback shared from guests and I share comments with development teams.

  • Any news on Olszewski Disneyland Miniatures new releases or rereleases coming up?

    • @Jeff – I would have to ask the collectibles team.

  • Will only two Pandora park exclusive charms (Minnie and the wreath) be released on Oct. 29th? Because my wife has heard rumors (from a veritable source) about a Wishes fireworks charm that is supposed to be released this season too. When will it be coming out? She wants it so bad and I’d like to get it for her as a Christmas present. If you could answer this, I would really appreciate it!

  • thank you for purple magic bands!! but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE gives us a solid color purple!! it would get all my vacations off to a magical start!

  • Thanks so much Steve! My daughter’s a tween and loves the original four dolls we ordered online from the Disney Store. They’re so well-made. I hope these latest ones will be at WDW while we’re there for fall break. The DL shoppers are so lucky to get them early!
    Thanks again,

  • Hi,
    We’ll be at WDW next week. Do you think the two newest Attractionista dolls will be released during this time (by Oct. 16th)? My daughter has been saving for these & they’d be perfect souvenirs.
    Thanks so much!

    • @Kim – I know they are now available at Disneyland Resort. I believe they will be arriving soon at Walt Disney World Resort. I don’t have a confirmed release date but I’ll keep watch.

  • Hi Steven,

    Do you know if you guys will bring out Aladdin & Jasmine Medium Figurine and Mickey & Minnie Wedding Medium Figurine?

    • @Isumy – I don’t recall seeing anything like those planned for arts & collectibles. If I hear of anything different, I’ll let you know.

  • Are there going to be any Pandora Star Wars Cgarms coming out anytime soon? If not we need some ASAP!!!!

    • @Debbie – I’m not aware of any such development. Sorry.

  • Will the Jungle Cruise t-shirts be available in stores at the Magic Kingdom? I’m headed down for the IFWF and am trying to decide if i should order one or buy on the premises.

    • @Kelly – The Jungle Cruise tees will only be offered online at this time.

  • Ooooooo, love the upcoming magic bands!

    When they first started doing MagicBands for annual pass holders, I just wanted one with my favorite character to use all the time. But now I’m finding I want one for each season or event. Those look great for Halloween!

    In that spirit, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Mickey & Friends beach design for summer (maybe to match the Dooney) and a Food and Wine themed one, too! You can also add my voice to those who want a solid purple band, please!

    Meanwhile, I’m not-so-patiently waiting for the possibility of Orange Bird. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for being such a good sport, Steven! It’s great how you answer our questions, listen to our requests, and address our concerns. Happy Autumn!

    • @Trinna – I’m always happy to respond when I can. Thank you for reading the stories.

  • Hi Steve.

    At the beginning of the year, you had commented that there would be 12 pins in the 2015 Piece of Spectromagic History Pin set.

    So far, 7 have been released (Cinderella/Prince, Jaq/Gus, Alice, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen, Dopey) and 1 is releasing later this month (Captain Hook). Are there still 4 more scheduled to be released with this year’s set? If so, any hints as to what characters will be featured?

    It only seems natural for a Snow White pin to go with Dopey & the Evil Queen, and of course a pin with the host of Spectromagic, Jiminy Cricket!

    Thanks for all of your great posts!

    • @Robert – I spoke with the Pin Team. They confirmed there are four remaining pins for this collection. Sorry, no Jiminy Cricket. Here they are by month:

      October: Captain Hook
      November: Pinocchio
      December: Minnie Mouse and Three Little Pigs

  • Is there any hope for a lion king magicband anytime in the future?

    • @Derek – Great question. I would have to ask the retail MagicBand team. I don’t specifically recall any such development.

  • Any price points known for the Pandora charms?

  • Can you share when the thanksgiving dining info will be released? Where should I check for it?

  • when will the plain purple magicband be offered as part of my disney experience?

    • @Dina – I don’t know of any plans right now for something like that.

  • @Christopher The Food & Wine MagicBand available this year is the special themed one given to guests who purchase the Premium Package.

  • Thanks for the update Steven! πŸ™‚ I’ve been desperately waiting for the release date to be announced.

  • Will there be a special edition magic band for Epcot’s food and wine festival? I would love to see and buy one for that event!

  • Can we get any more information on Shelly May’s arrival at Disneyland? Like when/if her outfits will be released?

    • @Natalie – Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog.

  • So no sneak peaks on the Pandora charms? Will they be Halloween or Christmas?

    • @Carolyn – The two holiday charms are featured in the image. One features Minnie Mouse and the other has wreaths and bows. Both have red and green accents.

  • Ah darn. Hopefully Purple will come soon! I also love these companion shirts! I bought the Haunted Mansion ones and now these. I hope they continue!

    • @Wisam – Glad to hear you like them. I’ve been buying them too. Next month’s is outstanding. A hint – the attraction opened in 1959 at Disneyland and was recently updated. πŸ™‚

  • Does this mean Purple is coming soon? #PurpleMagicBands

    • @Wisam – I am not aware of plans for an individual solid color purple MagicBand. I’m sorry I don’t have better news.

  • Anyone know how limited the haunted mansion magic band will be? And where it will be available? Such as Memento Mori or World of Disney.

    • @Zachary – The Haunted Mansion MagicBand is limited release which means it will be sold for a period of time. There is not a finite production number for that one. I don’t have a confirmed location list but I would believe you would find it where other retail MagicBands are carried. Most likely it will end up in Memento Mori at Magic Kingdom at some point.

  • Out of curiosity now that there appears to be MagicBands with a purple base color to them, will a solid purple band ever make it into the standard lineup? I know a solid purple band has been a request since the MagicBand launched.

    • @Ethan – There are no immediate plans at this time for a solid color purple MagicBand.

  • Do you know when Cogsworth will be released? Not October then?

    Do you know when this year’s PWP fleece throw be available?

    (Also, I replied to your older post about the app, but would you be willing to give me some more info on the Partners new ornament?)

    • @Jonathan – I will need to check with partners as I don’t have answers to your questions.

      As for the Partners Statue ornament, I’m unsure what details are needed. The item number is 400009440614 and retail is $21.95.

  • Any info on Cogsworth yet?

    • @Elena – I’ll have to ask the home decor team. At this point, I believe he is due to arrive in fall. I don’t have a confirmed release date.

  • Will the Villains MagicBand be available online?

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