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Retail MagicBand on Demand Opens in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Guests now have a new option to create and personalize retail MagicBands at Walt Disney World Resort. We recently opened a new retail MagicBand on Demand station inside the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. location near Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park. This new option for guests is similar to the D-Tech on Demand boutique first introduced in June 2014 at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs Marketplace (as seen in this video).

Retail MagicBand on Demand Opens in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park CAPTION

At the Tomorrowland location, you may choose to create either a retail MagicBand or a D-Tech phone case. If creating a retail MagicBand, we offer your choice of eight different MagicBand colors including purple.


There are also approximately 40 graphics to apply to your custom MagicBand. There will be a few MagicBand graphics that will only be found in this location that salute classic Magic Kingdom Park attractions and icons (the first image in this story has a few examples).

In addition to artwork, the retail MagicBand can be personalized with a name printed on the outside.


Once designed, the retail MagicBand is printed in the location. The printers use UV ink which dries immediately and requires no cooling time.

For the final step, the custom retail MagicBand can be either associated to your My Disney Experience account, or you can give it as a gift to friends or family who may be visiting Walt Disney World Resort soon.

Retail for a custom retail MagicBand is $24.99 while a personalized retail MagicBand is $32.99.


  • Are these magic band printers also at Disneyland?

  • is there an alien from toy story magic band?

  • Does this system print names on the inside of the MagicBands?

  • Do you know if the D-Tech store in Tomorrowland will be open during Very Merry Christmas Party?

  • I seen a magic band with rhinestones on it. Do you have any of those at this location? If not, where can I find one?

  • Is Marie an option? She is the cutest kitten and I love her!

  • Any Rapunzel options?

  • The new bands are just beautiful. I wish the purple was available last month.
    If I purchase a purple one, I understand it will be linked with My Disney Experience.
    My question: If I purchase a new Magic Band in November, will I be able to use it when I go back in March? I am not a Annual Pass holder.

  • Is there an option to print Dopey on them? The wife loves Dopey but there is a serious shortage of Dopey merchandise, but oodles of Grumpy.

  • Can I make a custom phone case on line?

  • We got ours when they first came out and are so much better than the cards. I wish they would last longer but technology does improve all the time. I think they told us they were good for about 2 years and then we would need a new one but hey when you go on vacation you usually set aside money anyway. These new ones seems alot better being able to personalize them and so many more choices. Great concept and Im glad they decided to stick with them. Kudos Disney

  • Any muppet options? I would love to have animal on my band.

    • @Chris – There are no immediate plans. I am, however, loving “The Muppets” on ABC. 🙂

  • How long can they be used as my room key, park hopper, etc. once they are activated?

  • Any idea if this will be an online option anytime soon?

    • @Chris – There are no immediate plans for this to be offered online. If that changes, I’m sure I’ll have a Disney Parks Blog article about it. 🙂

  • How long do these bands last? If you buy one this year and use it while there can you bring it back next year to use again?

  • I hate to waste park time but love the new bands. I hope that they plan to make this available as an option to customize and order online. It would be even better if you could order them as an add on if you are staying on property and the customized bands would come instead of the regular ones.

  • This is very exciting! I would love to see a custom magic band based on the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom key card. Since many people now play using their magic bands instead of key cards, it would be so cool to be able to unlock the portals with a magic band that has a key on it!

  • Hey Steven, any Donald Duck options at the on demand station?

    • @Calogero – A Donald Duck design is currently available along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto. Daisy Duck may be added at a future date.

  • It would be wonderful if there were designs for DVC and Annual Passholders!

  • I’m digging this. Do you think any sort of non-graphic features could come down the road (lights, sound, In-Game Infinity extras)? Also, I second the Orange Bird request.

  • can we customize our existing magicbands?

    • @Dina – Unfortunately, we are unable to customize existing MagicBands.


    Well, maybe not the absolute coolest, but it’s up there. Can’t wait to try it out! I’ll have to set a budget, so I don’t blow all my money on Magic bands.

    And purple, too!

    I know some MagicBands come with light and sound effects. I would gladly pay an up charge to add those to an on demand band, if it becomes an option in the future.

    One question: any Star Wars options among the current choices?

    • @Trinna – There are no Star Wars options at this time for retail MagicBand on Demand in Tomorrowland.

  • I love the purple Magic Band…hope to see it as an option for regular Magic Bands soon.

  • Hi Steven! Do you know if we will have the option of uploading our own creative designs?

    • @Alex – I’m sorry to report that is not an option.

  • I hope purple becomes an option for the bands that come with an onsite reservation soon. Also hopeful for more customization options for those bands as well. I’d be happy to pay a few dollars for a cool design instead of a free plain band.

  • Are there any plans to open a MagicBand on Demand station in Epcot? The availability of the purple MagicBand sounds like they might be planning for customized Figment MagicBands in Epcot. Hopefully!! Thanks for keeping us up to date Steve!!

    • @Stephen – Since today is the first day for the Retail MagicBand on Demand station in Tomorrowland, we are currently only focused on that location. I don’t know of plans for additional locations at this time. I’m sure I’ll cover it on the Disney Parks Blog if expansion happens. 🙂

  • Is Tomorrowland P&L the old arcade? What’s in there now (besides the band shop)?
    Good to see some new doses of cool in the building, now that video games may be on the decline.

    • @Eric – You are correct. The location serves as the exit to Space Mountain and we currently have a shop that now offers D-Tech on Demand and Retail MagicBand on Demand.

  • What is the cost of these – are they the same as the ‘regular’ bands we’ve been able to buy, or is there an up-charge to creating your own?

    • @Kacey – Retail for a custom retail MagicBand is $21.95 while a personalized retail MagicBand is $29.95.

  • Purple! Yay!

  • This is awesome Steven! I hope it ends up being popular. I’d love to see it expanded to other parks and locations.

  • Will they be able to add graphics to plain Magic Bands that came with our resort reservations? That would be a nice option to spice up our Magic Bands!

    • @Jonathan – Unfortunately, we are unable to add graphics to existing MagicBands.

  • Any word on Magic Band coming to Disneyland and DCA? It would be magical.

    • @Laura – I’m not familiar with any such plans at this time.

  • Can these bands be linked to your reservations and fast passes?

    • @Amber – Yes! You can associate these MagicBands to your My Disney Experience account. They are sold in a “linked later” state which means you can also give them as a gift to others.

  • Any word on when the plain purple MagicBand will be available for selection when booking a trip?

    • @Emily – I’m not aware of any immediate plans for that option.

  • Is this a sign that maybe now we’ll see purple bands as an option for guests who book packages? And maybe down the road guests can customize bands online when they book a package?

  • I wonder what all designs are there

  • Where can we find all of the different options?

    • @Chad – You can see all the different options at the location when designing a retail MagicBand.

  • The “it’s a small world” Magic Band is adorable! I’m not sure why, but I’m really digging all the small world merch this year, and was already planning on picking up the t-shirt, tote and blanket. Definitely adding this to the list! Five days to go!!!!

  • Don’t suppose Orange Bird is one of the 40 graphics… Please say yes!!!

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