Spider-Man Arrives at Disneyland Park November 16 in the New Super Hero HQ

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

When the reimagined Super Hero HQ opens this fall at Disneyland park, everyone’s favorite web slinger is swinging in for the occasion. That’s right! Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will be making his Disneyland Resort debut in a heroic new character greeting location, where you can snap a photo, grab an autograph or just thank him for keeping us safe from the likes of Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin!

Spider-Man Arrives at Disneyland Park November 16 in the New Super Hero HQ

Super Hero HQ is the West Coast home base of some of the greatest heroes in the universe. It’s the place to go, not only to meet some of those heroes, but to discover the super hero in yourself. You can tour Treasures of Asgard and cross the Bifrost to come face-to-face with the mighty Avenger, Thor. Virtually suit up as Iron Man and check out the Hall of Armor at Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries, play some of the latest games in the Game Center and pick up some Super Hero gear to take with you on your journey home.

Super Hero HQ Opens at Disneyland Park November 16

Super Hero HQ opens November 16 in the Tomorrowland Expo Center at Disneyland park.


  • Is this picture of Spider-man, by any chance, how his costume will look in the new Marvel movies he will be appearing in?

    • Michael – Spider-Man’s look has certainly evolved over the years, but for his visits to Disneyland, he’s sticking more closely to his comic book roots.

  • If I am not mistaken, November 16 is also the launch of the new Star Wars additions including Hyperspace Mountain, Launch Bay, and additional Ep 7 scene for Star Tours. So exciting!!

  • Will Thor be away from November 12 through November 15?

    • Gregory – Thor will be participating in events as part of Avengers Half Marathon Weekend on those dates.

  • Oh no! If Cap is leaving on the 11th I won’t be able to take a picture with him with my medals from the races!

    • Courtney – He will also be appearing at some of the runDisney events during the weekend.

  • Awesome! This will be the first time that there will be a Spiderman meet and greet in a US Disney park. This is sure to be popular.

  • Will Captain America still meet as part of the Avengers Half Marathon at least? I hope to also meet Hawkeye and Black Widow on that run too!

    • Christine and Todd – Have no fear, True Believers! Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be out in force, at several events during the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend.

  • Matthew from CA has a good question. Will he be talking?

    • Matthew and Alex – You’ll be able to have conversations with both Thor and Spider-Man during your visit to Super Hero HQ!

  • Will Captain America be available to meet until the 16th? Or is he already gone? My son was hoping to meet him and I would want to tell him now if that won’t be possible 🙂

    • Gregory and Sidne – Captain America will continue greeting Guests in the Tomorrow Landing area through November 11.

  • Shawn, is Spider-Man considered a “face character” – meaning, will he be able to talk to guests?

  • Shawn – So the Super Hero HQ will be ongoing? We are coming at the end of April. Hope to meet Spidey, but if not, maybe one of Earth’s Mightiest!

    • Tracy – Yes. Super Hero HQ will be a new, regular attraction in Tomorrowland, so you’re in luck for your April trip. Excelsior!

  • Will Captain America be at Tomorrowlanding through November 15?

  • Really disappointing that this is opening the day after the Avengers Half-Marathon Weekend. That’s a big missed opportunity. 🙁

  • Will the “biggest” heroes, Hiro and Baymax, be at Super Hero HQ for a meet and greet? I sure hope so!

  • Is asimo going to return or is it just going to be just super hero?

    • Brandon – ASIMO will not be part of this experience.

  • That’s awesome. Spidey is may favorite superhero. Shawn, will he still be there in January? That’s when we are planning our trip to Disneyland!

    • Bob – The greeting spot inside Super Hero HQ is being designed to host different heroes from time to time. Spider-Man will be there beginning November 16, but at this point, we don’t have a schedule for who might replace him or when.

  • Wait, so he’s going to be inside the old Innoventions building? Phew, that’s a relief. I doubt Spidey would feel comfortable in our Cali weather, considering he’s from New York.

  • Does this mean Captain America is leaving Shawn? There is no mention of him.

    • Kyle – Captain America is leading the Avengers on a new mission and won’t be available at Disneyland this fall, but we do expect him to return in the future.

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