The Little Man of Disneyland and His Adventureland Home

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Have you ever noticed the tiny house built into the trunk of a tree in Adventureland at Disneyland park? Many guests have wondered who its diminutive resident could be.


Well, our friends at D23—Disney’s official fan club—have the answer! The story of the Little Man of Disneyland, Patrick Begorra, was first told in one of the Disney Little Golden Books. Published in 1955 – the same year Disneyland opened – “The Little Man of Disneyland” introduced the leprechaun, who lives in a tiny house at the roots of a Disneyland tree.


Click here to read D23’s story about Patrick Begorra, and stop by to say hello next time you find yourself in Adventureland at Disneyland park!


  • I was A member of the Disney Club when I lived in Canada Iin the early 50’s and I had this book The Little Man of Disneyland. My mother read this book to me every night and I still have the book! About 10 years ago I travelled from my home in Scotland to Las Vegas and drove to California to Disneyland. With tears iin my eyes I walked through the gates and went straight to the information office to find out where Patrick Begorrough’s house was. Imagine my disappointment when no one had even heard of him.y childhood memories were shattered. As I’m 63 now I don’t think I will be able to go and see the 60th Anniversary celebrations but am so glad he is going to get the credit he deserves.

  • My son and I found it over the weekend. He was so thrilled. He kept checking back to see if Patrick was home. He recruited people to “guard” his house in case he came home while we weren’t there.

  • Samantha is absolutely correct. There are a couple of other Disney trivia about this location.

    First, right across the walk way into the IJ cue, practically leaning up against the Jungle Cruise cue is the “Dominguez Palm” “This hundred and ten year-old Canary Date Palm, towers above the other Adventureland flora.

    When Walt Disney Enterprises purchased the land from the Dominguez family, keeping this tree was one of the stipulations. Planted in 1896, the Canary Islands date palm was presented to the Dominguez family as a wedding gift. When Disneyland construction began in 1955, the date palm was moved to its current location in Adventureland.” – Finding Mickey

    Secondly, although this Peter Begorra home is new, there was an original one in the first years of Disneyland. You can see what is left of it as you exit the Jungle Cruise. You will see a fake concrete tree with a sealed hole that is meant to look like a branch had fallen off. It is all the way to your right up on the dock.

  • My 9 yr old daughter and I found it in Sept. Its very cute and fun to find. We did have an interesting encounter with other guests looking for it. A young lady thought it was Yoda’s house. After letting the lady know the story behind it, my daughter pointed out Yoda would be way to big to fit in that tiny little house. LOL

  • I guess I am heading to Disneyland tomorrow to find that tree. Now, I need to find the book. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi
    We are heading to Disneyland in April of 2016, I was wondering if this is permanent. I would love to read the story of the little man, then have him find the little home

  • The little man of Disneyland’s home is at the base of the tree that holds the Indiana Jones ride sign.

  • Well I thought I’d seen it all in Disneyland…!! We’re heading down in November and I’d love to show my girls. Where is this tree located?

  • Where exactly in Adventureland is this tree? I want to check it out on my next visit to the Park. I actually own the book. It’s a cute story.

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