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Top 10 Vegetarian Meals at Walt Disney World Resort to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, and to celebrate we’ve picked the top five quick-service and top five table-service vegetarian meals served at Walt Disney World Resort restaurants. These meals make veggies the star of the plate and are tasty enough to win over carnivores, too.

Top 5 Quick-Service Vegetarian Meals


1. Watermelon Salad, Flame Tree Barbecue, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
A light and refreshing meal, this watermelon salad is topped with feta, arugula, pickled red onion and white balsamic vinaigrette.

2. Lighthouse Sandwich, Columbia Harbor House, Magic Kingdom Park
Drop anchor at Columbia Harbor House for this satisfying sandwich with hummus, tomato and broccoli slaw on toasted multigrain bread with house-made potato chips.


3. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Backlot Express, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Take five with this grilled vegetable sandwich with fresh mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, tomato and watercress piled high on basil asiago artisan bread, topped with cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto. Choose from carrot sticks or fries on the side.


4. Veggie Naan-wich, Electric Umbrella, Epcot
Broccoli slaw, edamame and tofu wasabi dressing on naan make this a Future World dish that’s not to be missed. As a side, choose between grapes or fries.


5. Fried Green Tomato Sandwich, Rosie’s All-American Café, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Fried green tomatoes, arugula, pepper jack cheese and jalapeño ranch dressing on ciabatta bread served with coleslaw or fries.

Top 5 Table-Service Vegetarian Meals


1. Layered Ratatouille, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom Park
Oven-baked zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes and caramelized onions are sliced and layered on quinoa, topped with a bell pepper sauce. It’s delicious. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.

2. Noodle Bowl, Hollywood Brown Derby, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Try wok-fried coconut tofu, soy beans, sugar snap peas, bok choy and shiitake mushrooms in a red curry broth at the place to “see and be seen” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


3. Farmer Lee’s Tomato Salad, California Grill, Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Perfectly ripe toy box heirloom tomatoes, tomato chips, jam, Mozzarella di Bufala, topped with charred onion vinaigrette. Pair this salad with a wood-fired flatbread or the famous Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli.

4. Vegetarian Falafel, Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, Disney’s Beach Club Resort
This falafel is served on flatbread with black olive hummus, cucumber, tomato and lettuce, and topped with a soy tzatziki-style sauce. On the side are house-made pickles and your choice of fruit or fries. Special tip: Look for a brand-new, house-made quinoa burger to hit the menu later this month.

5. Vegetable and Tofu Sambusas, Jiko – The Cooking Place, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
These tasty sambusas are served with mint-coconut chutney, coriander-tamarind yogurt and saffron-cashew rice.

What’s your favorite vegetarian meal at Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Another vegetarian family here who love eating healthy meals at WDW! In my opinion, the best veg meal in the entire world is the vegetarian falafel at Beaches and Cream! Since you mentioned a new house made quinoa burger- does this mean they are dropping the veg falafel off of the menu? We are praying this isn’t the case. While I’m sure we will love the quinoa burger-nothing can replace the Beaches and Cream falafel as our favorite WDW meal!

  • I love the Lighthouse Sandwich! My family always wants pizza from Pinocchio and I run over to get a Lighthouse Sandwich!

  • I am not a vegetarian but some of these options look so good!!

  • Thank you for this article, I will be visiting WDW in Dec with my 13 year old who is a vegetarian. I stressed about finding her food options that would not inconvenience others in the group.

    • Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  • I love all of the vegetarian options at the Yak and Yeti restaurant in Animal Kingdom. I just wish there were more options generally throughout the parks. Not every vegetarian loves salad.

  • I am vegan and I visit WDW every December with my family, will these options be available in December? Is there a link to any information on all Vegan/Vegetarian options in all of the parks?? That would be invaluable 🙂

  • I was just mourning the fact that I can’t get my favorite Fried Green Tomato Sandwich at Disneyland anymore, and then I see you have one at WDW. I’ll have to try it next time we’re in Orlando.

  • I agree with Isabel in comment 4. In addition I would like to add that 9 times out of 10 a vegetarian will also happily eat vegan items. On the other hand a vegan can never eat a vegetarian option. I say if you’re going to make something vegetarian you might as well go all the way and make it vegan. That way you can include everyone.

    It’s odd to me that Disney makes it so hard for vegan guests to give them money. 😉

  • These all look great, but in my experience most of them sadly contain eggs or dairy.

    Can any of these be made vegan? If so, why not make that the standard and let people add cheese or eggs if they wish to? It’s a lot easier to add than to take away.

  • As a vegan in an entirely vegan family that frequently visits Walt Disney World, while many of the vegetarian options at Disney World are vegan or can easily be altered to be vegan (which is amazing), it would be a dream come true if slight changes could be made to some other vegetarian options to make them vegan, so that we could have more options. The options we are given are great, but still, relatively few!

  • I love the grilled vegetable sandwich and the the Be Our Guest ratatouille that appear above. Other favorites are the vegetable tart at Kringla and the vegetarian moussaka at the Food and Wine Festival.

    I just wanted to let you know, though, that I very much miss the veggie burger with onion straws from Rosie’s All American. It was my favorite veggie burger in all of WAlt Disney World, and I believe it was replaced by the fried green tomato sandwich that appears in your list. Will you please consider bringing it back? (Two veggie items can coexist at Rosie’s!)

  • While the Grilled Vegetable Sandwich at Backlot Express is delicious, the Vegetable Flatbread at Sunshine Seasons in The Land at Epcot is even better. It also comes with amazing potato salad!

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 25 years and I love eating delicious meals at WDW. In addition to the tasty treats at Epcot’s World Showcase, I particularly love Sanaa and Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I am looking forward to trying Kona Cafe and Chefs de France during my visit this December. Many thanks to the talented WDW chefs who keep us all so happy!

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